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hi this Jim property inspector LLC in the greater Seattle area and we're looking at a house here with some siding about cement fiber board failure had not seen any really not good installation here in terms of putting nails too close to the corners and then butt joints not being cocked we've got a number of cracked areas on this house and this is actually a house it's actually in a dose of a house that I'm inspecting but as we run up where we've got heavy weather exposure you can see the growth that's coming out from behind the siding and so this is a major deterioration and a major failure happening behind this cement fiber board no particular brand it's all has to do with maintenance and if you're maintaining your paint here with your paint and your caulking you won't have these kind of issues but even cement fiber board is subject to failure have a great day get property inspector LLC

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  • Jeanne E. Wells

    April 12, 2019

    Wow!  That siding looks aweful!  Most people think that when you get siding on your home it doesn't need to be maintained, but from this video you can see that it does.  Good video, thanks!


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