Sean King – Fox 26 Spotlight – Finding the Best Local Contractor

this is Fox 26 Morning News at 8:00 a.m. plus home improvement without the hassle if you don't get the right guy for the job it could create more than just a headache how you can make sure you hire the right contractor for your needs you know the top two complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau are for contractors and here to discuss mistakes to avoid when hiring a contractor's home improvement expert and author Shaun King good morning thanks for being here great to be here Wow okay the top two complaints given to the BBB the number one category complaint to the BBB is Roofing Contractors there were two category complaint to the Beebe general contractor's let's face it everyone knows someone's been burned by a contractor before so there's some huge mistakes you need to avoid and there's really a top-three we're gonna go over today that we tend to see mistake number one not pre-screening your contractor with today's technology as soon as you get there contact if we need to jump online check them out of review sites Angie's List BBB Google and Yelp but pay special attention how they hand on the resolve any of their complaints mistake number two you need to get everything in writing specifically an on-time finish guarantee that way you will know exactly how long your products gonna take to complete before it's even started we've all heard the horror story where the contractor says the laurent baudet kitchen be done in two three weeks you're like that sounds great but then it's five months later your kitchen still not done and you're outside washing your dishes with a garden hose that's a true story an 83 year old widow outside a boss and a garden hose in a calming core he took the money and ran that brings us to mistake number three it's the most common mistake we find getting ahead of your payment schedule you and your contracting need to establish a specific payment schedule prior to starting the job but as the consumer it's up to you to stick to it as soon as you get ahead of them payments with your contractor all bets are off you've lost any control leverage that you may have had he's not going to determine when or even if your project gets completed you give them all the money where's the incentive to come back and complete the job you got a good point there ok now you write about an acronym and it's RI ght correct a right way to hire the right contractor each and every time a referral best place to start your contractor searches with a referral from someone that you know and trust I investigate once you get those referrals and need to reach out to some of the previous customers did they like the process then they loved the finished product the million dollar question would they hire him again G get it in writing you need an extremely bill contract so that you know exactly what you're paying for and exactly what's to be expected H have a voice but you need to use it the first sign that your products going sideways you need to speak up voice your concerns and let them know to fix it immediately and T trust your gut you're sitting across the table from that guy in your gut saying I don't know about this guy or maybe you think the deal sounds too good to be true do not hire them there are thousands of contractors here in Houston just move on to the next candidate so what has happened in our society now that we can't even trust a contractor and here's what it is people see a guy pulls up in a shiny truck he's got a business card maybe he's well groomed and they think this guy's the best contractor ever necessarily maybe but you got to check them out people are just too trusting today and then those guys will seek out those folks and they're targeting the elderly and all these horrible things which is why I wrote the book to try and help as many people as I possibly can you have given us some great information Shawn thanks for being here thanks for having me good luck with a book thank you very much all right

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