SCP-432 Cabinet Maze | safe | extradimensional / portal / furniture

SCP-432 Cabinet Maze | safe | extradimensional / portal / furniture

Item #: SCP-432 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-432 is
kept in a standard storage area at Sector-25, is to be kept locked at all times and the
key to the lock kept in the adjacent security station under guard by three (3) Level 3 Personnel.
No other special containment required. Description: SCP-432 is a 2-door steel storage
cabinet, measuring 2 meters tall by 1.2 meters wide by 1 meter deep. The exterior of the
cabinet is painted matte green and bears no remarkable features except small areas of
corrosion and light scratching commensurate with being left exposed to the elements for
a prolonged period of time. The doors of the cabinet are fitted with a
basic slide-bolt and a hasp for a padlock, allowing the door to be secured from outside. The interior dimensions of SCP-432 display
significant disparity with the exterior; the doors open into an apparently extradimensional
space containing a large labyrinth complex comprised of an as-yet uncharted series of
corridors. The walls, floor and ceiling of the corridors are constructed from heavily-rusted
steel and adhere to the same height and width scales as the exterior of SCP-432 (2 m high
by 1.2 m wide). The corridors within SCP-432 are lit at irregular
intervals by what appear to be regular household lightbulbs, secured to the walls in wire mesh
fittings. Many of the bulbs observed flicker and numerous others are burned out or broken.
In places several large-gauge steel pipes have been found bolted to the walls of the
tunnels; these pipes are notably cold to the touch and contain flowing water, although
the source and destination of the pipes and water are unknown. Many of the pipes observed
are in obvious need of repair and leak cold (average of 3°C) water. Analysis of this
water has revealed a low oxygen content and trace amounts of iron oxide but the water
is otherwise potable. The exact size of the labyrinth complex to
which SCP-432 connects cannot be accurately measured as each time the doors of the cabinet
are closed and then reopened the ‘entrance’ created by the cabinet apparently moves to
a different section of the maze. The fate of personnel within the maze when
the door is closed is unknown, although remains discovered within the maze suggest starvation
is a likely outcome. Other remains, coupled with additional evidence gathered during exploration,
suggests that the labyrinth contains a large predatory inhabitant of indeterminate species,
hereafter known as SCP-432-1. GPS units used within SCP-432 are rendered
useless, as are cellular phones. Remote-controlled devices sent into SCP-432 are similarly impaired
and cease to function after travelling an average of 20 meters into the maze, rendering
remote mapping of the internal layout impossible. High-gain radio transmissions can be used
to keep in contact with personnel within the labyrinth, although significant interference
occurs deeper into the maze. If the doors of the cabinet are closed then all forms of
contact with personnel within SCP-432 are severed. Additional notes: SCP-432 was discovered in
an abandoned industrial complex in ██████, UK. It came to the attention of the foundation
after Dr. T. Small heard reports of several homeless persons in the area disappearing
after staying in the complex. Upon investigation Dr. Small discovered the cabinet at the centre
of an abandoned steel mill, surrounded by a number of sleeping bags, bags of clothing
and other personal effects suggesting a number of homeless persons had recently made camp
there. SCP-432 was unlocked, but the door closed upon discovery. After exploring the
immediate area beyond the entrance, Dr Small exited SCP-432 and summoned Foundation personnel
to transport the cabinet to Sector-25 for analysis. Currently █ expeditions have been sent into
SCP-432 to attempt to chart its internal geography. To date ██ D-class personnel have been
lost within the maze. No further expeditions may be made without express permission of
at least two (2) Level 4 Personnel. Paint samples, metal fatigue and construction
techniques date SCP-432 to having been constructed the early 1950s. However, artifacts recovered
from within SCP-432 have been accurately dated to much earlier periods. Expeditions :
Below are the expeditions within SCP-432 to date.
The standard agreed mission equipment pack, agreed by Dr T Small and Dr ████████, is: One (1) hand-torch with a three (3) hour lifespan
and additional power sources providing up to six (6) additional hours
One (1) headset microphone linked to control One (1) shoulder-mounted video unit set for
wireless transmission Two (2) 0.5 L bottles of water
Two (2) high-calorie energy bars Eight (8) sticks of luminous marker chalk SCP-432 Expedition 1 Date: ██-██-████ Expedition supervisor: Dr T S████ Subject is D-64502, male, average physique.
Subject’s background shows history of aggravated assault and burglary. Subject is equipped
with standard mission equipment pack and sent into SCP-432. Camera is activated and subject
enters SCP-432. The door is held open by a 3kg weight placed inside the doorway, with
technicians on hand to remove the weight and close the door if required. Camera activates, showing a short corridor
constructed from the same rusted, corroded metal as the exterior of SCP-432. The floor
is formed from ridged safety steel, as might be found on industrial walkways or gantries.
The corridor makes a 90 degree turn to the right approximately 5 meters ahead of the
subject. Control asks the subject to move around the
corner. Subject moves forward as requested, turning
the corner into a longer tunnel, the exact length of which cannot be judged due to lack
of lighting. A conventional electric bulb on the wall lights the immediate area, but
the light fails to illuminate much beyond 3 meters. Further lights can be observed ahead,
though they only illuminate patches of the tunnel. Control instructs the subject to turn
on his torch and the lighting is notably improved to the limit of the torch’s beam; approximately
20 meters. Control asks the subject to proceed down the
tunnel. After approximately 42 meters a cross-roads
appears in the tunnel. D-64502 asks Control which way to go, and Control tells the subject
to pick a tunnel. The subject chooses to go left and, before entering the new tunnel,
produces a stick of marker chalk from the equipment pack and draws a large arrow on
the wall, indicating the direction of the exit. As subject moves into new tunnel, Control
notes that video quality has begun to degrade, with visible interference appearing on the
monitors. Control does not inform the subject of this. Subject proceeds down new tunnel for 11 meters
before tunnel t-junctions left and right. Subject takes the left tunnel, again marking
the direction back to the exit with chalk, and continues onwards.
Subject walks approximately 5 meters down the tunnel then stops and asks Control if
they heard anything. Control replies they did not and asks what D-64502 heard. Subject
is quiet, as if listening, then replies in muted tones that he can hear someone banging
on the wall in the distance and shouting. Subject becomes agitated and tells Control
the person sounds “fucking scared”. Control boosts audio gain on the subjects
camera and pick up sounds similar to the subject’s description; repetitive distant banging consistent
to someone striking a metal surface with their arm or hand. A voice can be detected, but
audio quality is not sufficient to discern words. Subject is becoming increasingly agitated
by the sounds. Control informs the subject to move in the direction of the shouts, the
subject objects but after a short discussion with Control about the nature of his employment
he moves forward. After approximately 14 meters the tunnel turns 90 degrees right and angles
downwards in a gentle slope. Video interference is now noticeably increased, and slight audio
interference is now audible. Subject has begun breathing heavily and muttering
under his breath. Subject continues down the tunnel for approximately 27 meters until the
floor levels out again. The subject abruptly stops, crouches, and swears. Control asks
why he has stopped. The subject remains silent, but breathing has become louder and heavier.
Control asks again why the subject has stopped and D-64502 replies he heard a scream and
that the banging and shouting has suddenly stopped. Control informs the subject to stand and move
forward, but the subject becomes agitated and demands to be allowed to leave. After
several minutes of arguing the subject stands, takes a long drink from one of the bottles
of water and moves forward again, although slowly.
Ahead the tunnel t-junctions left and right, and Control tells the subject to go right.
Subject marks the way back to the exit with chalk and goes right. The tunnel ends in a dead-end after 6 meters.
Control informs the subject to go back to the junction and take the left tunnel. This
too ends in a dead end after only 4 meters. Subject seems to have calmed slightly, and
suggests returning to the previous t-junction and trying the other tunnel. Control confers
with Dr █████, who decides to recall the subject and analyse the data collected
so far. The subject has been within SCP-432 for exactly 37 minutes at this point. Control informs the subject to return. The
subject moves back through the tunnels, following his chalk marks towards the exit. At cross-roads
the subject freezes again and asks Control if they heard a noise. Control confirms that
they are detecting a sound but requests D-64502 explain what he is hearing. Subject identifies
the noise as wind. At this point the camera captures a small drift of what appear to be
dead leaves blown from the right-hand unexplored tunnel. Subject remarks that the breeze smells
stale. Control informs the subject to collect several leaves for analysis and then proceed
down the right-hand tunnel to locate their source. Subject collects leaves and complains about
orders to remain in SCP-432 but moves towards the tunnel mouth. As subject nears the tunnel
entrance, a loud, echoing roar is heard over the audio, similar to a large animal such
as a bear or lion. Subject panics, screams, and runs for the exit, ignoring Control’s
demands to investigate the sound. Subject sprints to the exit and collapses
in the storage area. Expedition is aborted, the door closed and locked and subject removed
for debriefing. SCP-432 Expedition 2 Date: ██-██-████ Expedition supervisor: Dr T S████ Subject is D-6411, female, 32, average physique.
Subject’s background shows an incident of attempted murder. Subject is equipped with
standard mission equipment pack and sent into SCP-432. Camera is activated and subject enters
SCP-432. The door is held open by a 3kg weight placed inside the doorway, with technicians
on hand to remove the weight and close the door if required. Camera activates, showing subject is in a
long corridor constructed from the same corroded metal as the exterior of SCP-432. Light from
the open door behind the subject, coupled with the illumination provided by the bulbs
located at irregular intervals on the walls of the structure, lights the tunnel for approximately
20 meters. More lights are visible further down the tunnel, but are very dim. Control
requests subject turn on her torch and move into the structure, subject complies. The passage continues for approximately 100
meters from the entrance until it ends in a t-junction leading left and right. Subject
asks Control which way to go and is told to go right. D-6411 marks the route back to the
exit with marker chalk and proceeds down the tunnel for 50 meters until a cross-roads is
reached. Control informs subject to take the left-hand branch and subject marks the tunnel
wall and enters the indicated passageway, which is followed for 47 meters until another
cross-roads is reached. Control notes interference to both the video and audio feeds has begun
to appear, but is currently negligible. Subject pauses to drink from one of her bottles
of water and marks her route back before selecting -without permission from Control- the right-hand
branch. Control admonishes D-6411, but allows her to continue. The passageway makes a 90
degree turn left after 18 meters, then continues straight for approximately 73 meters. Ahead of the subject appears another cross-roads,
but as the Subject nears it she freezes and reports that she can hear a rhythmic banging
coming through the walls. Control boosts audio gain on camera and the sound is picked up.
The banging lasts for 73 seconds before it stops. Subject has remained still while listening,
attempting to breathe quietly. Control prompts the subject to mark the tunnel wall and proceed
left. The subject remains motionless and makes several enquiries into the nature of SCP-432
and the source of the banging. Control firmly reiterates their commands and Subject resumes
walking, taking the left tunnel as indicated. Subject has travelled for almost 150 meters
when she stops and aims the camera at the left wall of the tunnel. She observes that
all of the light fittings in this stretch of the structure have been broken; shards
of broken bulb are visible scattered across the floor. Subject continues forward, remarking
that she has begun to detect a faint, unpleasant odor. When asked to describe said odor, D-6411
replies “Something dead”. After a further 24 meters the Subject notices
an object in the tunnel ahead and moves towards it. Video quality is now beginning to severely
degrade. Camera angle tilts as Subject kneels to examine the object, and Control asks Subject
to explain what she has found. Subject explains the object is a left sports shoe, commonly
known as a ████████ sneaker. The camera zooms in on the object while the
Subject illuminates it with her light source. Camera view tilts again as Subject suddenly
looks down at the floor of the tunnel and emits a loud expletive. The floor of the tunnel
is covered with a large quantity of dried brown residue that crackles and flakes as
the Subject moves her feet. Sprays of the residue are observed dried onto the walls.
The Subject remarks that the substance is apparently the source of the odor, and she
surmises it is dried blood. The camera tracks several large smears of the substance leading
away from the pool up the corridor. Subject’s breathing is becoming slightly panicked.
Control requests the Subject collect the shoe and a sample of the substance for analysis.
Subject does so, although complains continuously about the smell and expresses wishes to exit
SCP-432. Her requests are denied and Control orders the Subject to continue onwards. Subject continues down the corridor at a much
decreased walking speed, and is becoming agitated. Camera view changes repeatedly as Subject
begins looking over her shoulder at erratic intervals. Video and audio feed are beginning
to become severe and Control asks Subject to halt while they confer with Dr █████. Dr █████ decides to recall the subject,
who is now becoming extremely panicked, complaining of hearing footsteps behind the wall to her
right. Control boosts audio but interference prevents confirmation of Subject observations.
Dr █████ confirms the expedition is over and Control recalls the subject, who
begins moving back towards the exit at increasing speed. Subject’s egress from SCP-432 is unremarkable
except for Subject’s increasing speed as she nears the exit. Once out of SCP-432 the door
is closed and locked and Subject sent for debrief. SCP-432 Expedition 4 Date: ██-██-████ Expedition supervisor: Dr T S████ Team is made up of 3 members; D-5891, male
27; D-8321, female 32 and Technical Assistant K██████. Equipment pack for this
expedition differs from norm; each member carries: One (1) hand-torch with a three (3) hour lifespan
and additional power sources providing up to six (6) additional hours
One (1) headset microphone linked to control Two (2) 0.5 L bottles of water
Two (2) high-calorie energy bars Subject D-5891 is equipped with:
Ten (10) sticks of luminous marker chalk One (1) 250mm steel prybar Subject D-8321 is equipped with:
One (1) shoulder-mounted video unit set for wireless transmission Technical Assistant K██████ is
equipped with: One (1) standard-issue Beretta 9mm firearm
with twenty (20) rounds of ammunition One (1) back-mounted oxyacetylene cutting
torch Subjects have been briefed that they are to
enter SCP-432, move a short distance into the structure and then attempt to cut through
the interior walls with the oxyacetylene torch. Camera is activated and team enters SCP-432.
The door is held open by a 3kg weight placed inside the doorway, with technicians on hand
to remove the weight and close the door if required. Camera activates, showing team is in a long
corridor constructed from the same corroded metal as the exterior of SCP-432. Light from
the teams’ torches illuminates the tunnel for approximately 30 meters.
The team moves into the structure, with D-5891 marking their progress every few meters with
luminous chalk. After several turnings, chosen by Control at random, the team arrives at
a crossroads. Attached to the wall of the ‘northern’ passageway are two large steel
pipes. The team is asked by Control to examine these pipes. K██████ places a
hand on one pipe and remarks that it is very cold to the touch, and that there is a sensation
of liquid moving within the pipe. K██████ requests to cut into the
pipe, but Control denies the request, informing the team to follow the pipes instead. Team moves north from crossroads, following
the pipes for almost 300 metres, taking several turnings in the process, until the pipes continue
through the wall of a dead-end. Control informs the team that they should
ignite the oxyacetylene torch and cut through the dead end. At this point, K██████ moves to
the fore and lights the torch, D-5891 takes up position behind him with the prybar ready
and D-8321 moves back to cover the other two with the camera.
K██████ cuts into the wall, attempting to excise a hole large enough to step through.
As he begins cutting, D-8321 remarks that she believes she heard a noise behind them.
The camera angle changes as she looks over her shoulder, revealing the corridor behind
the team to be empty. Control requests she turn back and film the cutting.
K██████ has made an approximately 1 meter-high cut into the wall when D-8321
remarks again that she can hear something moving close by and begins looking around.
D-5891 and K██████ appear not to hear her over the sound of the oxyacetylene
torch. K██████ finishes the vertical
cut and then proceeds to make a short horizontal cut, to allow D-5891 to insert the prybar
and pull out a section of the metal wall. As D-5891 steps forward and inserts the prybar
into the cut, a loud roar is heard, apparently coming from behind the wall.
D-8321 screams and begins to back away, at which point the cut section of wall is seen
to bend outwards, pushed by something from behind. At this point the video feed becomes confused,
as D-8321 attempts to flee and the camera is unable to compensate for her rapid movements.
Audio transmission is also unreliable, due to the interference and screams of the team. It appears that a large indigenous lifeform
comes through the hole cut by K██████ and assaults the team. Gunfire can be heard,
presumably from K██████’s sidearm; along with screams from D-8321 and D-5891.
The audio logs also record a loud bellowing, which is currently unidentified but presumed
to be made by the lifeform. Video stills reveal that [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject D-8321 manages to return to the entrance
of SCP-432, injured and in a state of extreme mental distress. She exits SCP-432 and, before
technical staff can stop her, pulls out the weight holding the door open and shuts SCP-432.
When the door is reopened, the internal layout has changed and D-5891 and Technical Assistant
K██████ are assumed lost. Subject D-8321 is removed for debrief after
which she is terminated. During debrief it is discovered that a large tuft of animal
hair is caught in the harness of D-8321’s equipment pack. The hair is removed for analysis. SCP-432 Expedition 5 Date: ██-██-████ Expedition supervisor: Dr T S████ Subject is D-8887, male, 19, athletic physique.
Subject’s background shows a history of gang violence and murder. Subject is equipped with
standard mission equipment pack and sent into SCP-432. Camera is activated and subject enters
SCP-432. The door is held open by a 3kg weight placed inside the doorway, with technicians
on hand to remove the weight and close the door if required. Camera activates, showing subject is in a
short corridor constructed from the same corroded metal as the exterior of SCP-432, which terminates
in a t-junction after approximately 10 meters. Tunnel is notable to previous expeditions
in that there are no lit bulbs on the walls. As Subject moves forward, he remarks that
there is a large quantity of broken glass on the floor of the tunnel. Subject switches
on his torch and proceeds forward to t-junction, then proceeds left as instructed by Control
after marking his route. Subject moves through SCP-432, taking turnings
as indicated by control. During this time the Subject is careful to mark his route using
marker chalk, and makes routine reports to Control describing any visual or audio impressions
of the structure. Subject reports that he can hear occasional,
distant ‘machine noises’ through the walls, and that the interior of SCP-432 is quite
cold. After 45 minutes Subject has travelled approximately
2500 meters through the structure. Video and audio interference is minimal and Subject
has carefully marked his route through SCP-432 with marker chalk. So far all the wall-mounted
light-bulbs observed in this section of the structure have been broken. Subject stops
to take a drink from a bottle of water and consume a ration bar. After resting for a few minutes, subject continues
and, after taking a turning to the right, encounters three objects on the floor of the
tunnel. Subject stops and illuminates the objects with his torch, revealing them to
be two (2) crumpled food cans and one (1) bent tin fork. The cans are partially corroded
and seem to be quite old, the labels are of a familiar brand of canned beans. Control
asks the Subject to place the items in his equipment pack for analysis. Subject continues onwards, but after 40 meters
stops and informs Control he can hear something. Control requests clarification, and D-8887
remarks that he can hear a faint sobbing or crying emanating from somewhere nearby. Control
asks if the crying is male or female, and Subject responds that it sounds male. Audio
pick-up fails to register the sound clearly. Subject is currently stood at a t-junction,
and Control instructs D-8887 to move in the direction of the crying. Subject takes the left-hand passageway, moves
30 meters down the connected corridor; takes a right turn and follows the corridor another
22 meters; proceeds straight ahead at a crossroads and continues for 37 meters.
Video interference has begun to increase, and Control cautions the subject not to proceed
too quickly. Subject complains the darkness within SCP-432 is hampering his efforts, then
shouts “Hello? Can you hear me? I’m coming!” Control admonishes D-8887 for shouting, informing
him he may attract attention to himself. Subject asks, “What else is in here, then?”, but Control
informs the subject to continue along his current route and locate the source of the
crying. Subject stops at the next junction and pauses
to listen. Audio picks up a drawn out moan or scream, apparently human in origin, after
which the crying ceases. Subject swears and asks if they heard the scream, stating it
sounded very close. Control asks Subject to proceed forward, and
Subject complies although slowly, attempting to move with as much stealth as possible. After 20 meters the passageway turns right.
Subject moves around the corner cautiously. The camera reveals the passageway ends in
a dead-end. Subject approaches the wall and places an ear against the metal. Subject backs
away from the wall hurriedly hissing expletives. Control asks what he heard, and subject whispers
“There’s something behind the wall, I can hear it crunching on something!”
Subject makes repeated whispered requests to exit SCP-432 immediately. Control confers
with Dr S████, who agrees to recover the subject.
Control confirms the subject may begin retracting his route, which he does so at an increased
pace. Subject’s egress from the structure is uneventful,
although Subject keeps looking over his shoulder and requires repeated verbal encouragement
from Control to prevent the onset of panic. Subject returns from SCP-432 after a total
expedition time of 1 hour and 47 minutes and is sent for debriefing. SCP-432 Materials Recovered
All documents contained in this file are Class 2 Clearance requiring two signed approvals
to access. All of the following items have been recovered
from within SCP-432 during the █ expeditions to date. Leaves
Discovered on expedition 1. Twelve (12) leaves in total; 3 Oak, 4 Ash, 2 Rowan and 3 Maple
leaves. All leaves are dry and crumbling and exhibit signs of extreme age. Footwear
Recovered on expedition 2. A single left sports shoe, made from rubber and canvas with the
████████ logo on the ankle. The branding and manufacturing style dates
the shoe to 1982. The shoe shows signs of heavy use; frayed laces, worn soles and scuffed
toes, and is caked in a fine layer of earth and rust. Dried Blood
Recovered on expedition 2. Scrapings from a large dried blood stain. Tests have confirmed
the blood is human, male, type O Positive. The blood is too old and degraded for DNA
reconstruction. Animal Hair
Recovered on expedition 4. A large tuft of matted brown animal fur with a large clump
of skin cells attached to the roots. The hairs are approximately 13cm long, stiff and coarse
and smell extremely unpleasant. DNA analysis has placed the creature in the Order ████████████, Family
███████, although noticeable irregularities in the DNA profile exist, suggesting
[DATA EXPUNGED] Food Tins and Fork
Recovered on expedition 5. Two (2) crushed and empty cans of █████ baked beans
with meatballs and one (1) tin fork. The cans have apparently been opened with a churchkey-type
can opener, and the contents consumed. Dried residue confirms the contents of the cans
to have been █████ baked beans with meatballs. One can contains traces of human
blood mixed with the food sauce, as well as small traces of human tissue. The blood and
tissue is mixed with the food sauce in a manner to suggest it was added to the food prior
to consumption. The fork is stamped from tin and of a manufacture
and style consistent with 1940s army-issue mess kits. It is bent and scratched in places
as commensurate with extended use. The tines of the fork are covered with dried food sauce
consistent with █████ baked beans with meatballs, as well as traces of human
blood and tissue.


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    August 28, 2017

    I'm surprised no attempt was made to rapidly open and close doors, marking the entrance with chalk to see how many possible entrance exist.

  • johnmburt1960

    August 31, 2017

    A steel cabinet? Not an applewood wardrobe…?

  • Loren Banushi

    September 1, 2017

    Guys there is no scp's sorry to burst the bubble its not possible plus the earth is flat and there is no scp's exept for what lies beyond the ice wall sorry to kill it for u guys

  • Kevin Belden

    September 12, 2017

    If only there was some kind of mapmaking scp, would be interesting to see the results of the two in testing!

  • not pizza

    September 12, 2017

    This video fcking terrifies me. I handle all the others well, why is this one so different?

  • Steven Burgesieve

    September 12, 2017

    Did the English make this? It seems like something the British would make. Well it was found in the UK.

  • Dominic Labriola

    September 13, 2017


  • budemawa

    September 25, 2017

    Damn Narnia is scary

  • Anubis shadowreaper

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    How is this safe da fuq

  • Sandra Weilbrenner

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    i get it. a portable Paris catacomb system

  • Mo Maverick

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    Why can’t they freakin’ tell you what family of animals the creature’s descended from? And also what its tainted dna was indicating? I’ve got questions people! Explain! Seriously I really wanna know!

  • 大狐

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    The old Narnia after battled with Tash.

  • Random Chiroptera

    January 18, 2018

    Doesn't sound very safe to me. Sounds like a death trap.

  • Szpagin

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  • Fake Name

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    Researcher ____ was also given a {checks smudged writing onhand} oxycontin torch (no harm meant just found it funny)

  • Jaiden Fletcher

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    This is my 2nd favorite scp behind the Ikea one

  • Ol' Dreäddy

    March 3, 2018


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  • Flex Seal Man!

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  • Flex Seal Man!

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    It's the age old minotaur in a maze

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    March 29, 2018

    The creature looks like a bird. Admit it.


    July 5, 2018

    This is a fun SCP.

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  • Spartan 008

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  • Caercutta30

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  • Fatma Tweedell

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    After some time, I’m pretty sure the foundation has gotten harsher with their guinea pigs. Some of them are people who are mentally unsound or weak, physically weak, uneducated or uninformed, or even in some cases, unbelievably mentally disabled or handicapped. Like, when are two researchers gonna stare each other dead in the eyes and say “Hey, let’s throw a retard into Satan’s office!” (P.S. I’m using “retard” as the dated term for one with Down Syndrome. Also, I’m a little surprised there isn’t an SCP I’ve ever heard of that requires a person to have a certain mental state or deficiency. That’d actually be a bit cool. Well, there are SCPs that function based on a subject’s mood, but you know what I mean.)

  • Zachary Starace

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    House of Leaves be like

  • Mike Von Sinister

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    Leave the door open, Have a D-class go inside, Have him look at a picture of 096, Wait for 096 to run into the maze to rip the subject to shreds. Close the door. Containment achieved. Or is it???

  • GloriousZote

    November 21, 2019

    The foundation's not too smart in asking too many things, as in asking to gather items, but sending subjects further anyways, risking the loss of the items.

  • GloriousZote

    November 21, 2019


  • GloriousZote

    November 21, 2019

    if you set a timer on a bomb – lets say a nuke, and closed the doors, would the cabinet be damaged?
    Can you rip off the doors and replace them to make an exit that doesn't change?

  • troncrash7

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    It's a tardis but the doctor is a bloodthirsty beast

  • Under Bridge

    January 13, 2020

    Aggravated assault and attempted murder seems to be a pretty low bar for exposing people to the possible horrors of SCPs.

    I'm fine with serial killers and other sex criminals and those who have committed other aggravated murders etc. being exposed to such horrors. But I'm not sure someone who has kicked a lot of ass or possibly defended their home or whatever deserves to have their soul sucked out or be slowly devoured for a thousand years.

  • Horus Carlson

    February 4, 2020

    how about wedging the door open in side of an armored containment chamber with personnel armed with 50 cals and 250's aimed at the open door. send in a few expeditions per day or every other day, and map the place out?

  • antwan1357

    February 6, 2020

    Reminds me of infinite ikea theme. Infinite space , with infinite portals leading to infinite realities as a kinda human trap.


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