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♪ [ upbeat music playing] Hi. It looks like you’re interested in joining the sales team at El Dorado Furniture! With such a wide selection of
some of the most beautiful furniture items in the industry, the El Dorado
sales team plays an integral role in our success. And here to tell us more about
what it takes to be a great sales team member is Julia! Hey, Julia! Hey, Melissa! How are you? I’m great, I’m ready to start working! Perfect, well we’re off to a
great start. So as sales associates, it’s really important for us to have an energetic and positive attitude throughout the day because
we’re often the first point of contact for our customers’ journey and we want
them to have a great experience. Awesome! So the sales team interacts with a lot of people every day, right? Yes, so we have a lot of different
customers with differing needs and so we need to be outgoing and approachable and obviously have a vast understanding of the furniture. Great! I’m excited to get
this day going. Alright, good! So let’s get started. So first, we want to make sure
that we have a clean and presentable look that matches the standards of El
Dorado. So, let’s go take a look, and then I’ll be happy to show you around. Let’s go! Good, let’s go. So Melissa, this is LIV, one of our showrooms that features predominantly modern furniture. What do you think? Wow! Everything is so fantastic. With so many beautiful products, do salespeople ever feel overwhelmed? You
know that’s a really good question. El Dorado provides extensive product
training though for new and existing salespeople so if there’s a question on
a new product or an existing product, we’re always happy to answer it. It’s
wonderful! Yeah, actually here comes Chris. He is one of our top salespeople. Let me introduce you! Chris, this is Melissa. Hi, Melissa! Hi, Chris! Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. So, top salesperson, you must be pretty great. You got any tips for me? Yes, actually. I believe as a salesperson here at El Dorado Furniture you
definitely need to be able to engage in conversation, you need to have a sense of
fashion, and be customer-service oriented. You know I think that interacting with
the customer allows them to feel comfortable working with you and to add
to that, I believe that in order to succeed in this position, you definitely
have to be okay with the flexible schedule. Oh, Chris is right! So one of the things that El Dorado expects is that the employees work on
holidays and weekends. Those are the peak times. But the benefit of this is that you can earn the most money during this time that can help you with your monthly
sales goal and if you’re particularly good at it, it can get you into the
Millionaires Club. Millionaires Club? Yeah! So El Dorado rewards hard work so
every year, the top salespeople are invited to the awards gala and they’re
celebrated for their achievements. Wow, that sounds pretty nice to me. Yeah! Do you want to see some more? Yeah, show me. Okay, I’ll show you. Yeah, let’s start with this piece. Let me show you this table… So, how’s it going so far, Melissa? Honestly, great! Everyone’s pretty helpful, it almost feels like a second family. I know, doesn’t it? It really does! So, on a typical day, what would a salesperson normally do? So they would follow up on orders, they would check schedules, or they would just greet
customers. Sounds good! You know this seems like a pretty terrific position to work, with opportunity to grow. My favorite part from working for El Dorado Furniture will be the opportunities to grow, not only
personally, but professionally. Also, working with our clients throughout the
shopping experiences, providing a five-star service. My favorite part working for El Dorado Furniture is the work environment, the fair treatment,
the motivation. The most importantly, the confidence that you have knowing that
you’re not by yourself. I find my support in my position with everyone because everyone plays an important role here in El Dorado Furniture. If I could describe
El Dorado Furniture in one word, it would be family because we’re a team sharing the
same goals and passion. My humble advice for a new applicant as a sales associate is know what you know, love what you do. Consider the business as your own. But
most importantly, consistency. You will be in love with the result. My biggest achievement in El Dorado Furniture has been being the top sales associate for the last two years. It’s been very motivational to me and I’m looking
forward for the future. We hope you have a better understanding of what to expect on the daily job as an El Dorado Furniture Professional Home Furnishings Associate! Apply now and we hope to see you soon as part of our El Dorado Furniture Family! ♪ [ slow music playing]

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