RV Renovation Before and After! Come Tour Our New Home!

Today we are revealing the before and
after renovations of our RV if you’re new to the channel we purchased this
2005 Lazy Daze back in August of nineteen and it’s taken us about 4 to 5 months to
completely remodel the whole thing. Now if you had never heard of Lazy Daze
before, no it’ss not Lazy Days the dealership it is Lazy Daze, D A Z E. They’re
actually a small mom-and-pop company out of South California and they’re actually
known as the original makers of the Class C motorhome. So our Lazy Daze is pretty
rare because it has a diesel chassis they’ve actually only offered the Ford
V10 gas engine since like the late 90s even if you bought a brand-new one today
they only have that Ford v10 in there but for a few years they did offer
diesel as an upgrade and we got lucky enough to find one of those coaches so
the the chassis that we have is the Ford Econoline it’s the e450 and it’s
powered by the 6.0 Power Stroke diesel and only had 37,000 miles on when we
purchased it. This 2005 Lazy Daze 26.5 mid bath model is 26 foot 11 inches long. 10 foot 3 inches tall and eight foot three inches wide. It truly is a
Four Seasons coach because it has two and a half inch thick insulation on the
roof walls and floor plus it has a galvanized steel underbelly insulated
holding tanks and large thermal pane windows Lazy Daze are known for having aluminum walls with fiberglass
end caps which are designed for aerodynamics especially with those sweet
fender skirts they have. It’s a Lazy Daze exclusive, plus it has a
one-piece aluminum roof. Our diesel model has an unloaded vehicle weight of 11,753 pounds with a gross vehicle weight
rating of 14,050 pounds that means it has 2297 pounds of cargo carrying capacity It has a 55 gallon fuel tank for the diesel engine Two 17 pound propane tanks which gives us 34 pounds total 58 gallons of freshwater 35 gallons of greywater and 28 gallons
of black water capacity. On the outside of the coach we’re going to start here on
the passenger front of the RV and we’re gonna kind of work our way around so
starting up here this was a storage bait but really just went to
inside dinette but since we put new dinettes in the new dinette does not
have that hole cut on the side of it so you can’t access it from the outside so
it’s basically nothing here we still have that storage on the inside
we just have to access it from inside underneath the dinette directly
underneath that is where the propane is located one tank is right here one
17-pound take but the fill up for both tanks is located here in one location
which is nice the second propane tank is actually up
underneath a coach on the other side but again you just fill it right here now
the reason that it had two propane tanks is one is for the house and the second
one was for the generator there was actually a generator in that bay right
there which currently has nothing in it that is right we took out our generator
some people might think that we’re crazy but we’ve just found the last two years
on the road that personally we don’t ever need the generator so we went ahead
and removed it the reason that we removed it is gives us extra propane
capacity it also gives us extra weight so the propane generator I think was an
Onan 3600 or 3800 can’t remember was about 200 pounds so when we took that
out that really helped offset the weight of the solar that I installed on the
coach which is why we really don’t need the generator here on the passenger side
the coach we do have an awning we love the awning because it is not electric it
is manual and honestly it only takes a few minutes to put out not any longer
than it would to put out the electric one because let’s face it the electrical
ones are pretty slow so we like that it has a manual audience we don’t have to
worry about it breaking it’s in great condition and basically underneath that
we have the door then we have our furnace outlet up there we have two 15
amp plugs here which is nice 120 volt receptacles right here we have our hot
water heater it’s a six gallon hot water heater and then we have two storage bays
back on this side as well now the bottom one here is not quite as large as the
back one this one is not too deep um stick my arm in there it’s decent but
it’s not huge and it’s basically a poly like plastic molded type system here
there’s a really nice and handy to keep stuff in here especially stuff that
might get wet I’m can go in here not really have any issues now back over
here up above it is a huge storage compartment on the inside it actually
comes to a probably about right here it is really big because
is actually inside the coach this is the floor and this is underneath one of the
sofas specifically this is underneath the sofa in the back passenger side so a
really large storage area there’s literally a spare tire right here in
this Bay for the RV whole spare tire plus we have all the storage still so
quite a bit of storage here on the passenger side of the coach now let’s
move over to the driver side let’s just basically start kind of like we’ve done
on the other side we’re start up top this is the access to the back of the
refrigerator so we can do our maintenance along with that directly
underneath it is where the original house batteries lived but I put all my
solar equipment in here so there’s actually a board blocking this off
it’s foam-filled and everything to kind of add some insulation and then
underneath this was a storage bay but I repurposed it for our solar battery bank
so this is where our current house batteries live moving back towards the
back of the coach we have our gravity fill here for our fresh water so we can
fill up our 58 gallons of fresh water then we have an outside shower which is
really nice we all thick this door hiss so but probably won’t use this too much
but we do have it and yes all of these things do lock no they’re not the CH 75
one key which is awesome and let me move the camera so we can kind of move
further back and look at the bays back here towards the rear here on the
driver’s side is really where mainly the utilities are located so you can see we
have our 30 amp power plug we have our city water connection and we have our
grey water pull up front and our black tank pull back here so there’s two
different sewer connections as we move back we have our TV hookups so basically
if we need to no plug into a park and use their cable we can do that which is
pretty cool right here is a little housing for a sewer hose and actually
came with this already built in in a hole to 15-foot hoses inside of this
which is pretty nice because we don’t have to really mess anything else
besides this one hose we had the fill here for the diesel engine pretty simple
and then moving further back we have the same bays that we have on the other side
of the coach so this is a little bit smaller one here on the bottom and up
here is a huge storage Bay again goes to about here on the inside of the coach
and we have I mean how big it is we have four of these totes in here side
by side four of them is a pretty large space in here plenty of storage on this
side on the back of the RV we have this nice built in ladder which is super
handy and it has this nice steel bumper that I can step on as well if we move up
to the middle of the RV you can see there’s a backup camera that came with
the coach in 2005 which is kind of neat not only does it turn out more backing
up but I can manually turn it on and watch the Jeep while we’re towing it
which is a nice feature and believe it or not for a 15 year old camera the
quality is really good so we don’t plan on replacing that or anything like that
any time soon directly underneath here is a spare tire cover but spoiler alert
there’s no spare tire behind this this is just part of the lazy days look
behind it is just a painted body and like the rest of the coaches but on some
floor plans the actual spare tire does go here our specific floor plan it
doesn’t directly underneath that we have our 2 inch 4000 pound hitch now the
gross vehicle weight rating combined for the Lazy Daze with another vehicle is
20,000 pounds which gives us like an extra six thousand pounds right but the
hitch is only a two inch so it’s rated at four thousand pounds for us that’s
not a problem because we’re pulling a 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ – two-door Jeep
and it’s about 3,300 pounds so for us that is plenty of hitch to pull the Jeep
how do we pull the Jeep plateauing well we use this Blue Ox adjustable tow bar I
actually got this Blue Ox adjustable tow bar off of Facebook Marketplace
secondhand and I got a pretty killer deal on it still works great
still adjustable still locks out and it’s rated at 10,000 pounds so more than
enough for our needs but it didn’t have the adapters on the end that we wanted
originally our Jeep did come with a base plate I didn’t like the way it looked so
I took it off put on this nice offer a bumper this adapter I mean to say it’s
actually made for the d-rings of an off-road bumper this is the Blue Ox
product and we actually got it from blue ox tow bars calm now Blue Ox tow bars
calm is a retailer for Blue Ox that’s not Blue Ox and manufacturer but Stacy
gave them a call and the customer service was awesome they told us what
part numbers we needed for this adapter here
and for our you know plug to plug in the gene so that all the taillights work and
all that good stuff and we got the adapter in that item from Blue Ox two
bars com yes we are actually affiliates with them
so you can check out the description below and get yourself I believe it’s
15% off we’re gonna be buying anything that’s a Blue Ox product in Blue Ox
toolbars comm this thing is super simple though there’s a little Carter pin now
to be fair this comes down and goes in this position when the Jeep is there
right but it’s just easier to leave it up here watch show it to you so normally
that’s in the down position little Carter pin just flips off here pretty
simple and then there’s just a pin that goes through and this pin actually goes
through the d-ring mount on our off-road bumper on our Jeep which keeps our Jeep
looking off-road worthy and we don’t have that base plate on it which in our
opinion we just don’t like the way it looks so we decide to go with this
awesome adapter and that is pretty much it for the back of here yes or some
other things that go to hooking up the Jeep but is pretty simple if you want
more information about our Jeep like a little walk-around I did and some cool
off-road trail footage that we did when we did crawling for the fall in a few
months ago which was also our last trip in the Itasca make sure you check out
the video that link up above I think that’s it for the outside let’s move
inside as you step into the RV you immediately
come into the kitchen and dining room area now we’ve made quite a few changes
throughout the whole RV I will be opening cabinets for you guys so that
you can kind of see how we’re living in it
do not judge us too harshly because we’ve only been in at two weeks and we
have not quite gotten everything organized but let’s go ahead and start
in the front of the RV and we’ll work our way back up here we have the area
that Thomas and I sleep we’ve actually gotten a new mattress for this it is a
RV size queen we are enjoying it so far I’m the outside sleeper for any of those
who are wondering and Thomas as the inside sleeper there is a ladder that
goes from here down to the floor so we do climb up and climb out and then here
at the head of the bed is a cabinet that opens up and it goes the whole length of
the bed so we can put extra blankets in here in just books anything that we want
to have in here for whenever we’re laying up here another thing we did is
we changed out the light fixtures that were here and we love these things they
are touchable so you can touch them on and touch them off we also got these
fabulous beachy curtains and these can close off the entire area so if we do
have guests we will still have some privacy up here or if we want to you
know hide anything that’s not to be seen so other things that we did was we had
to fix the mechanism here on the skylight now this does open up it’s an
emergency hatch and you can access the roof and stuff just from getting up here
so for any of you freaking out about not being able to escape if you’re up here
you definitely can we did repaint the roof and all of the walls so moving on
from the bed we actually have a 2-way refrigerator here I do believe it’s 8
cubic feet and it’s both propane and AC now what we did for this is we took the
wood panels out in here and spray-painted these across the block to
try to match the other appliances it was that wood look before and it just didn’t
look very good with the walls being painted white and then we took our
travel stickers that we’ve collected along the way we could not solve it
all of them unfortunately but we were able to get a lot of them on here and
this will eventually fill up with all of our stickers and memorabilia and we also
have a new travel amount which I’m super excited about this is a scratch off mat
so we can actually instead of doing the whole state we can just do little
portions of a state that we’ve gone to so I’m super excited about that moving
on to the rest of the kitchen here right here is where we have our tank reader so
our Seward gray fresh our propane the generator when we had it and you know it
tells us our battery condition and then down here is our three burner stove and
we do have an oven that’s currently storing my pans and some aluminum foil
up here is going to be the first cabinet now we are currently just kind of
keeping a modge podge of things up here the storage isn’t exactly what I’m used
to so I’m gonna have to get creative and figure out a good way to organize
everything we have a regular microwave this is not a convection oven it is just
a regular Dometic microwave it works great here in the sink area we did not
change anything it actually came with this and the countertops are original we
did change the faucet out however and we added some beautiful black backsplash to
this space we also added a paper towel or holder Oh in this little neat thing
right here this is our coffee holder that one of our subscribers told us
about Thank You Kim enrich for that this has been working out perfectly here in
this cabinet again just a modge podge of things you know we got to get creative
with the storage there another thing we really liked about this kitchen is it
comes with this leaf so whenever we are washing dishes or doing any kind of Mill
prep we do have a little extra space here and then this just easily collapses
back down there’s a cabinet here under the sink now we did paint all of this
this fun teal color which Thomas and I are absolutely loving but there is a
cabinet here and this is just all of our cleaning where I do have some pans
tucked in back there and it’s pretty easy to access if I need to cook or
anything and then we have two drawers now the
drawers were definitely hard to organize things are kind of just kind of put in
there and then what I forgot to show you was under the fridge now traditionally
there would have been a cabinet under here and this would have opened up and I
could have put pots and pans and her there however Thomas is storing his
solar equipment there there we go he’s got the inverter and all of that
good stuff down there so we’ve lost that space for dishes but that’s okay because
we only need like one or two pots and pans over here in the dining room area
we have upgraded the dining room furniture we got this dinette set from
Ric Pro Thomas made the table himself this turned out amazing and what I
really love about Thomas is ideal for this table is not only can we use it
here in the dining room but he’s made a piece to go back into the living room so
we can transfer this from in here to back there so when we have guests we can
play cards eat breakfast together etc now there is storage under these and
I’ll just go ahead and show you one this easily comes off this comes up and
there’s plenty of storage under both of these dinettes so this has been really
helpful for us to have this all right above the dinette is yet another cabinet
now we did change out all the knobs we were really loving those little teal
knobs and this is where we’re currently keeping all of our food and it’s been
plenty of space for our food again we’re still working on the organization aspect
of it but it’s been working out and then over here is yet another cabinet and
this just pops open I think this was the original pantry or the idea for the
pantry but as you can see it doesn’t hold too much stuff so we’re just going
to have some spices we have the cats play toys and stuff like that in there so starting where Stacy left off in the
middle of the coach that is the bathroom and that door acts as a separator for
the two areas which is awesome because if we have guests over they can sleep
back here we’re on the overhead cab and we can shut off the area which is nice
adds a little bit of privacy was one of the big things that we really liked
about this floor plan specifically for this model now if we move right here
this is our closet honestly we didn’t gain too much closet space compared to
the last coach but we have two doors instead of one which is really nice
because you don’t have to kind of like wiggle in there to get the clothes out
and it is definitely a large cabinet space I also love the hangar system that
came from Lazydays because it holds the hangers they don’t move around guideline
shoe rack up there actually some storage behind this we have stuff as well so we
love this underneath the closet we have what essentially is our drawers for our
clothes so I’ll just open one of them for you you can see this is one of my
drawers just keep my shorts in here pretty good sized drawer this one’s the
same and those are as well this right here is actually the housing for the
furnace that’s how it came from the factory and we even changed out the
little vents to make them light instead of brown as well so moving back from the
closet area we have the living area the living room which we just love this area
did this little table that matches the dinette so we can set some drinks here
you know set your phone there it’s a nice little area and it actually ties
into this back rail that I did again for holding items that matches that matches
the dinette and even matches something in the bathroom kind of ties the whole
coach together and yeah just ties the whole coach together me right so the
couches back here are again rec Pro couches these are the jackknife sofas
and they’re basically like futons they just simply you know lift up pull out
like a futon does and turn into a bed it is really that simple the one that’s on
this side actually does slide over so that two beds can turn into one giant
bed it’s like bigger than a king it is huge a regular king not like a RV king
it’s a big sleeping area which is gonna be great for when we have guests over
now we have these awesome windows back here this is definitely one of the huge
selling features for us personally were these giant windows and there’s the
views back here in the back of the RV man it’s just it’s just beautiful and we
love it Stacy actually made these curtains and
put up this curtain track it’s like a flexible track with off Amazon I
actually I’ll put a link to the in the description for like pretty much
everything that we have done to the coach all the upgrades from this track
to the vent fans to even that cool K cup holder that Stacy showed you in the
kitchen look in the description for a link to our amazon store so you can see
all those items but yeah curtains are awesome these little knobs
off Amazon as well up here we have well more stuff because we’re still kind of
figuring out where we’re keeping our stuff at moving to the back cabinet
guess what that’s right more stuff this cabinet is huge and actually goes all
the way to the wall on both sides so it goes all the way to where the windows
are this is a really big storage area and then moving over to this side
there’s a cabinet of course we changed out the TV we kept the original mount so
this actually pulls out it’s really nice watching TV
behind it is actually I think they had like a VCR player and DVD player because
again it was a 2005 so a little bit of storage back here not too much but that
gives us access to this third cabinet which is a super deep cabinet which we
kind of keep quite a bit of stuff in obviously Stacy’s purse is currently in
there for whatever reason so that’s pretty much it for the back of the coach
I do want to go ahead and kind of talk about some things that we did on the
roof because we resold the entire roof I took off like the dish antenna or the
satellite that was up there the TV antenna and we replaced all the vent
fans as well so we upgraded to a nice fantastic vent fan here this one is
actually controllable by this remote that’s mounted on the wall and we can
set the temperature which is awesome because if we want to go out on a hike
we can leave this one set to a temperature the one that’s above you is
just a regular event we can leave that open they both have rain covers on it so
I have to worry about it raining and that way you can keep a nice consistent
temperature in here from mr. kitty so he doesn’t get too hot which we absolutely
love that feature love this thing about fantastic family so that is one the fans
we upgraded is here there’s actually four vent fans in the ceiling
we get two of them are fantastic fans one is a vent that’s just above you that
does not have anything in it we didn’t feel like we needed three fans we fear
two was enough and then of course over the bed that Stacy was showing you that
like skylight area opens just like that one does so we can actually open that
one turn this on and pull fresh air through the whole coach and it almost
acts like a ceiling fan effect when you’re laying in bed which is super nice
I think that is pretty much it for all this area let’s move on to the bathroom moving into the bathroom this is
definitely the tightest area in the RV but hey why not make a sacrifice in
somewhere you know I spend a lot of time in so up top I put a new fantastic fan
and the Olin was just leaking and dingy Stacy painted everything and ice cabinet
up here sealing the wall she did everything I put some new light fixtures
in so we have some nice LED lighting in here
I also took out the really big mirror that was kind of dated along that and
updated it with a nice medicine cabinet it gives us extra storage we really like
this thing the reason that I did that is because we removed the shelves that were
over there that were kind of weird and hard to get to and put our laundry
basket over there and instead of having a long countertop that goes all the way
over which was really thin originally pretty much useless we don’t have our
laundry over there and we can have more storage in here which makes it just
easier for us to get to now I built this sink top as well it matches the dinette
and the other you know would work I did in the RV I made this sink out of a bowl
and we put new hardware in as well underneath the sink you can see we have
this little cabinet and a whole lot of space but hey it’s an RV so there’s
definitely some space there moving over to the toilet we replaced a toilet with
a new one changed out all the sticky tile and the floor is in here and of
course did the kick plate for the shower as well and moving on to the shower the
one thing we really did was change out the hardware in here which came the same
kit that did for the sink I also put in a new shower curtain that comes out and
around which makes it feel huge I have to say this is one of our favorite
showers that we’ve had in any RV it is just super nice it’s big it’s tall num
510 so plenty of headroom in here and plenty of room to move around as well I
mean it would be hard for me to really hit things while I’m in here taking a
shower it’s more like a house instead of a an RV shower so I absolutely love the
shower here in the bathroom and I’m pretty much wraps it up for the bathroom
we’ve actually received a ton of comments of people asking why did we go
with Lazydays and some of them even said why did you downgrade RVs because they
thought that we’d downgraded because we went from a 2014 to a 2005 coach and the
answer is we love lazy days just awesome yeah we saw our first one
we were down in the Florida Keys our neighbors p.m. and Sebastian had one and
we immediately fell in love with it it had no slides it seemed to be very well
built and it was all aluminum yeah luminal roof aluminum walls and
built like a tank real wood cabinetry nothing is stapled
together it is all like real screws and bump mom-and-pop shop that makes them I
mean the you only came in buy them at a dealer they are factory direct and
they’ve been around forever since the 60s because well they’re the original
maker of the Class C motorhome so for us it was just like we won that simplicity
we wanted a quality RV that we didn’t have to worry about in the future
because spoiler alert we hope that this is our last RV ever we don’t plan to
change RVs anytime ever again of course you just never know but this is
definitely the coach for us we think we found the middle I guess yeah I think so
we have just enough space a little more than what we had before but it’s perfect
for two we have that separation now that we didn’t have with the Itasca and this
is going to give us the capability of slowing down getting back into work
camping and you know just being more comfortable overall than we were in the
AtTask and we did a video a review video on the Itasca and what it was like
living in it for the year to 18 months that we lived in it and we’ll go ahead
and put that on my card above for you guys to check out but I think this is
the perfect medium for us we were big one time small one time and I think we
got it right the third time yeah I think I guess well hopefully at least a third
time is the charm because we absolutely love this RV hopefully y’all enjoyed
watching this video don’t forget if you’re looking for some Blue Ox products
you can check out Blue Ox toolbars dark comm because we have that discount code
down in the links below we also have all the stuff that we did on a renovation
from our fantastic fans to the air conditioner all kinds of cool stuff that
we put into our coach on our amazon store again those links are in the
description below yeah I think that pretty much wraps up this video yeah we
hope you guys liked it we are getting ready to do a caravan into Mexico we’re
actually on our way now so we’re gonna be in Texas I think tomorrow and I think
we’re planning to enter sometime in February so if you’re not subscribed
feel free to subscribe to our Channel and follow along because this is going
to be quite the adventure we are going with two other couples caravanning to
Mexico can’t wait can’t wait to share it with you all and we’ll catch you all in
the next video

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