Rust-Oleum Chalked & Milk Paint Review – The ABC’s of Furniture Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked & Milk Paint Review – The ABC’s of Furniture Paint

hi I’m Jenni with roots and wings
furniture and today we’re going to talk about the ABCs of rust-oleum paint so
are you ready to take a look let’s do this okay resto Lam sent me a box of
paint so we can paint together and see what we think of it let’s see what they
say I know I’m supposed to wait for the Box opening today we’re on video but you
guys when you get a box on your porch it is so hard not just to rip into it so
that’s what I do alright this is trucked ultra matte
paint in coastal blue and this one is resto Liam milk paint finish in
Kensington gray so I asked them to send me both the chucked what does it call it
it’s called chalk chalk paint and the Melfi and I thought we would take a look
at them and see what we think rust-oleum is a little bit more of a
household name it’s a little bit easier to find for many of you so that’s why I
asked if they would send me their paint so we can see how it does so let’s jump
into this let’s start with the milk paint so first of all we’re talkin let
me read the back of the can here and see what they recommend for application all
it says for prep remove the loose paint if there is any use a high high quality
synthetic brush okay we can do that let’s look at tracked really quick says
stir thoroughly no primer is required no thinning let’s see again use a
high-quality synthetic brush roller application is not recommended
alright let’s do this so I’m gonna use my Purdy brush for application that’s
what I use most often I love it my favorite is the Purdy XL
I like the 2-inch angle brush it fits really nice in my hand and the angle
just allows it to get in any cracks or crevices it’s just enough of an angle
and someone asked this week if that’s the brush that I recommend out of any of
theirs it is I use it on my walls on my trim it’s just the brush I use all the
time so that’s what we’re gonna use today before we get started let’s talk
about the surface prep so on the back of the chalked can it does say that we need
to do some light sanding before we apply the paint light sanding and then just
clean it off clean off the desk clean off with soap if it needs it that’s what
it says soap and water this one doesn’t really say any cleaning it just says
remove all loose paint so we will just follow the directions so I have and
we’re going to use this cabinet door here just to take a look at the paint
paint the cabinet door I have some 220 grit sandpaper which is what I usually
prep surfaces with I’m just gonna give it a really light dusting no big deal and then spray it off with
some water and clip it do this all right let’s check this out so first
of all we’re gonna look at the consistency in the can and that is a
really pretty color look at that again this is called chalked in coastal blue
I’m gonna give it a good stir in the can it is really thick but nice and smooth
and you can see how thick that is alright again just using my pretty brush
here and let’s see what happens I like the consistency of it it is thick but
really nice and a smooth paint goes on really well it does have a bit of an
odor to it it’s not super strong but if you were sensitive to it you might
notice it a little bit more than other paints that I’ve tried definitely easy
to work with let’s talk about coverage so it is adhering pretty well the two
things about coverage would be the adhesion as well as how many coats it
needs to cover so it looks like it’s sticking just fine again we did do that
little light standing just to kind of give it something to stick to
as for the coverage it’s gonna definitely need a second coat I don’t
know how well you can see that there is some of the wood showing through this
was a dark wood we’re painting over obviously but this does have quite a bit
of color saturation so if it was going to cover with one coat it should so
we’re not seeing that would definitely need a second coat but a really nice
paint again really smooth and let’s let it dry and see what happens okay so this
is drying let’s stay in here to the mains all right so again for the milk paint
I chose Kensington gray looked really pretty it’s open there see it looks like
yep that’s really pretty nice medium gray hair like that give it a shirt see
how the consistency is of this okay so this is not quite so thick still a
thicker paint thicker than latex but not quite as thick as the chalk paint again
nice and smooth there’s probably not a whole lot of need to stir it looks
really evenly distributed in Makena didn’t separate or anything like that and again another pretty brush here this one has about the same amount of
smell so it is a little more odorous than most decorative paints let’s talk
about coverage and adhesion here so it’s covering pretty well actually this is a
little bit of a lighter color it is covering I’m gonna say better than the
chopped version of this it’s going on nice and smooth it’s a really nice
smooth paint and I think it’s gonna love all pretty nicely well we’ll see how it
dries here it would definitely need a second coat to completely cover but if
you were gonna give it a distressed look or maybe do a glaze over top you may be
able to get away with one coat on that there you go that’s what that looks like
let’s let this dry and check on our adhesion how well it sticks as well as
the durability of it that we can see let’s see how well this levels let me
look here just with the smell that we have it is water-based it says clean
brushes and tools with warm soapy water immediately after use so it is
water-based and you can recoat within an hour so we’re just gonna let this dry
and I will be back with you in just a minute
alright these are dry and the cams both stay for both different types of paint
wait 30 minutes between coats to dry I would say they would drive pretty well
within an hour so here’s how this one dried let me show you it looks a little
bit streaky I don’t know why I think if you were to apply a second or even third
coat it would really even out the color as well as the coverage the coverage was
better than I expected when it dried it did cover a lot better than when it was
going on it also dried quite a bit lighter than the paint in the can so
just something to know I think if you were to seal this the chalky finish
would soak in the oil or wax or topcoat whatever you
chose to use and probably darken it back up a little bit but it did dry quite a
bit lighter than the paint when it’s wet you can see the difference there again
it is just a little bit streaky when it dried and I am not exactly sure why that
is there is no topcoat required the can
doesn’t say anything about topcoat at all it says it is a one-step of paint
that is what it is known for so that’s how the chalk finish
turned out it is super chalky and nice and slag
I do feel like it’s self leveled while you can see some streakiness from the
brushstrokes there’s not the like divots from brushstrokes so it did level nicely
it dried nicely and that would be a fun paint to use if you wanted a decorative
finish it says you can de-stress it after it dries for about an hour and I
think it would be easy to distress for sure yeah if I take my nail over it and
kind of just give it a little scratch test even after just drying it quickly
it doesn’t scratch off so this is going to be really durable over time
especially as it cures it does feel maybe a little bit soft right now and
I’m sure that it would harden as time went on
so that is resto Liam chucked it is a really pretty color their colors are a
little bit limited they don’t have a ton of colors to choose from but this one is
really pretty again this was coastal bully so now let’s take a look at the
mummy here is the mouth paint finish this one as well the coverage did pretty
well especially when it dried it’s a really pretty color a soft gray this one
is interesting because I feel like this is much chalky ER than the milk paint
even though the muffy is really flat it’s a really flat finish it’s not super
smooth but not really rough it off either it’s it’s an interesting finish I
think with another coat again the finish would even out a little bit more it
would definitely need two coats to get a solid cover there and I think it would
distress really nicely and you could do some decorative finishes
with us as well with the scratch test here it comes off a little bit
I think the durability would be good again assess especially with a second
coat of paint and allowed to cure for a good amount of time I think even though
this does not require a topcoat again this is boasted as a one-step paint
I would probably topcoat it just to add some smoothness to it and give it maybe
a little bit of shine unless you wanted a totally matte look so that is what the
milk paint looks like Kensington gray this is again a really pretty color
their colors are the milk paint are also fairly limited there’s not a whole lot
to choose from but they do have some kind of the classics there so that’s
what that looks like so that’s what we have Thank You rust-oleum so much for
sending me these paints it’s great to try a different paint if this is what
you have available to you I give it a thumbs up it’s a great decorative finish
paint it may not be quite as one-step as some other paints you can’t just paint
it once one coat and be done but with a little bit of working with it I think it
would give you a really nice finish on a piece of furniture so here are the
finished pieces thank you so much for joining me for the ABCs of paint this
again was restore him thank you so much for joining me in this video and we will
see you again next time thanks so much for watching this video
if you would like to try rust-oleum products for yourself check out the link
in the description below where you can find the products I showed you today and
so much more also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you don’t
miss a thing including the next paint review I’ll see you next time


  • Carolyn Ann

    November 14, 2018

    I love watching your videos. You’re so articulate, you don’t go off subject, and you speak slowly enough that the captions translate well. I need them because of hearing loss, but many youtubers talk so fast the captions read as jibberish!

    Thanks for this review. I have seen this at Lowe’s stores and have come close to buying.

  • Sharon Vicic

    November 14, 2018

    Loved your video . It was to the point. I havent used thst brand of paint but i have used chalk paint actually i am quite new to this and chalk paint is the only paint i have used so far and i love it. No prep required and i wax once painting and distressing is done.

  • Do Dodson Designs

    November 14, 2018

    Great video!

  • Rebecca Tillett

    November 15, 2018

    Jenni I have used the Rustoleum chalk paint. I stumbled over it in my local Home Depot. They only had charcoal and a gray similar to the milk paint color you have.. I have applied it on projects I've made with pine boards such as 1×2's, 2×4's etc. There is an online group of ladies that work with instructions from 2 ladies that are showing us how to make projects while learning to use tools and processes. This paint is also available on Amazon. The price per can has been less than $20 per quart. I am pleased with the results for my purposes, so haven't used it for refurbishing firnitire as you do. Nice to see you again! Hope all is well with you and your family!

  • Bahama Mama

    November 20, 2018

    I had no idea that Rustoleum made milk paint. Where can it be found?

  • Pecos designs Upholstery

    November 20, 2018

    can you mix these 2.. milk and chalk paint..i have a white chalk paint but i like a grey from milk paint i just don't if its possible i want to create a nice weathered look on a desk.

  • Tasha Rojas

    December 18, 2018

    Is this where we comment to win?

  • A. D. R.

    February 16, 2019

    Where did you find the wonderful water sprayer?

  • Tee Ada

    March 31, 2019

    Girl, HOW could you stand the smell of that Rustolium chalk paint?! You were being sooo kind by saying that it has a 'little odor". This paint smells so bad that I would not recommend that people buy it just off of that alone. It was very difficult for me to finish painting my desk and cabinets because of the putrid smell. If you must buy it, then I would recommend using this paint in a well ventilated area, because this mess is down right funky! I used a mask and that didn't help. Also, I purchased their " Aged Gray ", and my furniture looked powder blue when it dried. You were absolutely correct when you said it was streaky. This was the best review that I've seen on this product! 👍

  • Yvette Moreno

    April 24, 2019

    What sealant/top coat would you recommend? And would you recommend using this paint on laminated wood?

  • EsteeDarla

    May 29, 2019

    What's that spray bottle you used

  • Beth I

    June 14, 2019

    This was very helpful. It helped me to understand the differences between milk paint and chalk paint. Thank you.

  • paula Williams

    June 21, 2019

    i have to say, you have had to give it two coats just the same as other chalk paints, there doesn't seem to be one that does just one coat

  • Norine Mueller

    July 10, 2019

    Thank you great review. Many say that no matter what they say you always need 2 to 3 coats

  • Jess Lee

    July 20, 2019

    This seems like such a dumb question but can u write on the paint after?

  • Jennifer Hargrove

    July 28, 2019

    I've used the Rust-Oleum chalked paint alot but just bought a quart of their milk paint I've not used yet….great review….I'd be interested on ur opinion of Behr chalked paint….I've used it a couple of times and I really thought because it was made by Behr that it would be good quality but in my own opinion it's so watery….it runs and drips and to me it lifts off more than Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum…but again…I'd love to see u use it and know ur opinion/ suggestions on working with this paint

  • Nancy Eckhart

    September 1, 2019

    I’m gonna try some of the chalked paint. I plan to use a medium gray. Then I thought I’d use a dark wax over it. Would you still use a topcoat on top of that?

  • Ram A

    September 2, 2019

    Good video. But you should do more closeups of each piece to show us the texture.


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