Room Makeover for small rooms| Paint makes room look bigger

Room Makeover for small rooms| Paint makes room look bigger

Hey so just walking to my room start
with the door I got these things from Walmart just two of them to hold my
bags and stuff on the back of my room door
then I got my JROTC shadow box and I got my games and stuff up there
that I don’t play because I don’t have a TV in my room yeah it’s just my lil
what is it electric electronic area also this is my
show let me back up because this is my shelf I just have like miscellaneous
stuff books drinks and snacks other stuff down there and this is like my my
decoration I guess my diploma so let’s talk about my bed my bed let me turn
this music down my favorite rapper is Jay Cole by the
way let’s talk about this bed okay this mattress is actually a full size
mattress and it’s actually one of those mattresses that come in the box
I got it from Walmart and this is actually a a wood pallet I
found it for free on offer up all I did was spray paint you’re supposed to sand
it I didn’t sand mine but, I recommend you sand my headboard so I’m comfortable in this
room it’s big enough for me I have my little handmade ring light over here that’s a foldable desk table and I set
it right here in the middle on my floor but I chose these colors
because first thought of green is my favorite color and the orange yellow
came in from like I love sunflowers and I’m actually going to get some
sunflowers and decorate my room so more with it that’s why I put the little
brown on headboard against this wall I also I chose to put my bed head not only
because it was the only space I had for it also because there’s like no wall no
wall outlets along this wall so it wasn’t like hindering me from anything
and then like I don’t like putting stuff in front of my window but the bed is
just firing in front of it so I actually did this design myself with painters
tape as you can see the white but the off-white was the color of the room
before I painted it I just simply took the tape it took like probably 30
minutes to do all of the taping and then I just painted in the squares that are
you know the colors and it came out really nice and then these little circle
mirrors I got from Walmart this is my closet I have a little mirror
hanging up my knees are black okay this is my closet I have a mirror hanging on
the back because I have my bags on the back of my room door so I’ll have my
mirror hanging on the back of my door I also got this from Walmart so I’m gonna
open it so y’all can see how I organized my small closet I’m like a really
organized person so all my jackets and some of my shirts like my nice shirts
are hanging up and then I have everything else here folded in the
basket like my pant my all my bottoms other than skirts skirts are hung up in
the closet and I have like you know t-shirts lounge around where and there
and just like I just used the rest of my storage space I got a print out there to
my little thing I got for Christmas


  • Lala D

    March 17, 2019

    Love it

  • Lala D

    March 17, 2019

    I love the jacket

  • Devonte Clyne

    March 17, 2019

    That some tremendous skill with the painting. Great job.

  • Vermont Felder

    March 19, 2019

    Owwww ????

  • jay gang

    April 12, 2019

    She did my room too


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