RimWorld 1.0 - Story Style - A Proper Home - 1st Person Narrative - Let's Play

RimWorld 1.0 – Story Style – A Proper Home – 1st Person Narrative – Let's Play

now sleeping through another night feeling decent still it seemed quite a mess was a little perturbed by that thinking about how it's gonna lay out my new place when I got up I had a meal started hauling stuff my fire had gone out again I just sat at the butcher up that bird that had died the dog was eating it didn't make too much meat I got one meal dog ate a bunch of the other meat but I had some other stuff laying around so I decided to cook it up I wasn't doing the best for food after that I started hauling stuff to my new place some lady was passing by Joshua what's her name I chose to ignore that just kept right on setting stuff up in my new place there's plenty of lights laying around some other equipment I was gonna NAB so I took it got it set up after a while it's time to chill out I surround with that game board I found I also decided to do a little bit of cleaning place is pretty disgusting I had a good time with the game after that I cleaned and had a meal once I was done which got me sick I filled my fire and then I barfed all over the place which wasn't too cool decided to set up a little spot for the dog so I put a roof up told the mortal a make sure that guy is gonna stick around but if he does I'm happy to have him after that I was off the bed wasn't sweet dreams my stomach was hurting like nobody's business and when I got up decided to try and eat something man this place is a mess I hate it standing up in the freezer which wasn't the best play decided to do a little more cleaning after that try and keep the place tidy here next up I had to haul all kinds of stuff from my old place into my new still a little bit worried so I was cleaning but all the attention the city might attract maybe I'd better get on out of here we'll see how it goes some of my meat rotted away but that was no big deal if I was standing around tossing stones trying to chill out just have a little break from all the work I was recovering from the food poisoning it's time for another meal as well so once I was done tossing stones I had a meal set up my table so I'd have a place to eat without standing up I kept refueling that fire not sure why I built some vents I ran around grabbing stuff I was a nice little reading table nearby so I took that before bed and then I laid down feeling better not sick anymore when I woke up it was mealtime again I started bringing stuff over furniture from my old place to my new set up some paintings – felt like a nice little touch even brought the video game over not that I'd even played it yet feels like a weird thing to do to be playing video games so much chaos potentially going on around here I kept working finding lights found a cook stove so I brought that over better than cooking on that fire I was gonna have to clean this place up I was gonna cook food God knows I've been sick enough around here work down a second freezer so I could keep my food frozen and then that seemed to work out just fine this little building be just what I needed I found a butcher table so I got that put in place as well I did some cleaning in my freezer disassembling some power cables I didn't no longer need and then I sat down just to chill out for a little bit it was still blood on the floor but the place was mostly clean I was feeling pretty good about the progress I was making after that it was off the bed once again when I woke up I started taking apart these cables that were everywhere I think some cleaning was in order after that I got a note it was a band to camp nearby someone want it destroyed as I was doing some cleaning but I just let it go I had to get myself secured before I can commit to taking care of anybody else's problems around here place was still quite a mess so I did a bunch of clean in there were some camels that have wandered in and it occurred to me I was quite out of food so I grabbed my shotgun headed on down see if I could get one of them yeah running like mad from me I was giving chase said it maybe I'd better take more than one so I shot him dead after I finally caught up with him all shocked over the dead as well snuck up on a third put in a lot of it I decided I'd see if I could tame the last one although after the horrors he'd seen who knows if he'd want to join me but I could really use a pack in a kiss I needed to get on out of here in a hurry his back room in that place was still quite a mess so I spent a little bit of time cleaning it but there was still a couple camels that needed to be hauled so I went and got them didn't want to let him rot too bad I got him all dragged back decided I'd better make some meals so I butchered up one of those camels I got a fair amount of meat out of him too now for about 15 meals which is pretty great a dog needed some attention he's gonna have to keep him trained up so I spent some time talking to him I didn't know much about animals though so I didn't really have any luck when I got back I cooked a meal I ate a meal and then I decided to mess around with that game board some more it was pretty fun just figuring it out putzing around felt nice to sit for a while and after that I was off to bed when I woke up did some more cooking it was plenty of meat from the camel so I worked on that for a spell thinking about how best to handle that ship I had a gun turret that I'd found worked with the dog again but butter wasn't taking to me too well I had myself another meal it was right back to cooking well I was cooking some cargo pods fell out of the sky whole bunch of apples and that's a welcome treat some kind of fruit or vegetable and all this weird meat have been eaten so I brought them in I was gonna end up trampling I was gonna have to figure out how to make some food that would travel well that's a thought I had as I was working with that camel trying to get him trained next up I had to haul stuff from my old place to manure I left the door I'm a kitchen open decided I was gonna freeze the kitchen as well as the freezer just to make things a little simpler not all a bunch of stuff in after that I decided to mess around with the telescope and after that it was bedtime another day gone by but I was feeling pretty good I didn't have anything to complain about last few things were almost hauled in no place to manure and I worked on that and some more cargo pods fell out of the sky this time it happened to be rice so I went and grabbed all that up brought it all back and it's time to have myself another meal the place is getting a little messy again so I tidied up before running out to see if I could tame that camel again I tried everything I knew but it didn't work next up I had to deal with butters I didn't go so well either and after that it was time to get back to cooking there was still a lot of meat laying around I hold the stuff around putting steel away it can avoid chunks decided I was gonna deconstruct my old home ran out to grab another light what you're sitting in a building nearby just to keep in place well lit I'd be nice after that Emil was in order once again decided to do a little more cleaning before hitting the hay for the night when I woke up I built a little bit of floor that needed doing there's a spot missing then I was off work with that camel a little more I didn't have any luck though as you'd expect after that it was butters turn trying to give him some meat and some apples and it worked what do you know it was still a hungry guy I was gonna have to sort out some food for these animals it's a little worried about what I was gonna feed him I was messing around with my board game again moving his stones around when I got done with that I built some power cable and then I went and took some doors down decided maybe I'd better get the roof out of there for it falls on my head so I took roof down carried some supplies in got back to dealing with butter some more I get this guy all trained up probably helped me haul stuff around which would be fantastic look like a smart dog seemed to be taking well to it she was hanging out it's I was pulling the building apart eventually I got done with that carried what I cut inside and sat down for a meal I can't wander way off down south I wouldn't talk to it I fell asleep soon as I got there so I decided to do the same I was feeling pretty good when I got up decided to lay down just do some cloud watching for a bit and stare at this guy wonder how all this mess is gonna turn out let's plan it's cursed I tell you all these aliens hostel is can be I got done I had a meal I decided I'd butcher up one of them camels so I'd have some meat I could keep working with butter didn't want to use all my veggies on him so I butchered up the camel made a ton of meat which was fantastic another camel was still wandering around so I went and talked to it tried to get it to join me he didn't have much interest though I ran back it was butters turn once again and butter was taken to it so that was great a gun had broken down by then so I grabbed some new components put a lot in there decided I was gonna move it to a smarter spot so I did that and I got back to ripping walls down taking up floors that's quite the process around here but I needed some security this is one good way to get it while I was working on that I just snapped the mood would have got too bad I couldn't control myself I was so sad frustrated scared just ended up wandering around for a while not giving much of a concern to anything forgot about the animals my power was flickering at that time some weird tunnel opened up down in the south some crazy-looking critters came pouring out of it I started mining and they were freaking looking I didn't really want to mess with them too much the minute I couldn't be trouble to do anything though so they were mine and I was wondering about their building walls as well which is pretty interesting the tunnel looked pretty freaky scary too weird tentacles and stuff they made quick work of all the stone that was around that's for sure look like they were building some kind of fort down there I know what's going on with that but I'm not terribly happy with it merchants showed up at that point some kind of slave or pirate boys fortunately they may look like or who critters that had come out of the ground look like only one of them got hurt too that was one of those other kind of weird aliens with them which I didn't care for it too much still didn't care for much of anything in all honesty I was just wandering around still feeling frustrated sad Transport Pilot crashed down at that time two guy named Flores he had a pretty sweet beard on him he didn't look like he was doing too well alien with that Caravan got struck by lightning that was pretty nuts I finally came to my senses had a meal and went to bed excited maybe I better trade with those guys in case they decided to get on out of here turns out that alien was a slaver there is they had a couple human slaves as well I didn't want to get involved with that I'm not sure what kind of people they were I want to find out thought about what best to sell him what best to buy I had all kinds of drugs go on so in the end I sold some of each which they were happy to have he got me a bunch of silver little bit of drugs keep me away I had a big stop that ready power still flickering I decided to put in another wind turbine I was also gonna have to destroy that weird tunnel I think was spawning eggs somehow I didn't want anything to do with that so I grabbed my shotgun ran on down there started blasting them the bits it didn't take much fortunately so I shot the three eggs down that were there decided just to keep blasting at that tunnel wasn't much else oh dude I shot it up pretty good he eventually collapsed on itself which was great but er came to see what all the noise was fortunately there were no critters around I looked at those alien carcasses laying there and decided maybe a tramp which ran up but sure him up and see what they were made of I'd be pretty interesting some kind of crazy thing if I could even get through those exoskeletons ahead I carried some supplies in at that point I had a whole mess of them laying there I'd completely forgotten about Flores I laid down to sleep it occurred to me he was still laying in the dirt down there so I decided to see if I could help the guy out I jumped up ran on down there to rescue him he'd been bleeding pretty good and he had an infection as well didn't bode well I didn't do the best job tending him being that it was dark there'd been a lightning storm some of the buildings to the south were burning when I got up I had myself a meal decided to clean up some of that alien blood that been splattered around after it got struck by lightning I was thinking how gross that was so I was chilling out just relax in a nice little hangout room when I got up I fed Flores he was talking but he was feverish decided maybe I'd better train that dromedary again roofs were collapsing nearby making quite a ruckus I got somebody reaching out saying there was a bandit camp nearby they wanted destroyed but I certainly wasn't in a position to deal with that right now next up I went on in tended to Flores his infection again it was getting pretty bad he was feverish in pretty bad shape it wasn't much else I could do for him though worked with that dog a little more didn't have any luck but it was crabby that day hopefully wasn't eating them alien things after that it was time for a little science I ran over there and grabbed one of them butchered Amon up and I wouldn't got the other while I was working on him something went wrong he exploded on me or something acid blood spilled out I found some interesting weapon items on him I was covered in acid I got burned pretty bad I was intended myself not as well as I would have liked then I had myself a meal then I fed Flores decided to clean up and worry it was laying and some of my other rooms as well the power was flickering on and off I cleaned up the acid in front of my butcher table I spent a little bit of time working with butter till he went to sleep on me I dropped off a bunch of supplies I went to bed right as Flora's apparently died turns out I didn't get to that infection soon enough and that's unfortunate that was a few graves nearby so I guess he'd go on the ground with the rest of people I was feeling pretty good just chilling out roofs were collapsing down south Flores had left me some meals and a gun so I took that it could be useful and I buried him said a few solemn words and it was time to move on and ramadhir it wandered way down south so I ran on down there finally I had some success tame the bugger I had to set up a little bed for him but be nice be able to carry some of this stuff out of here when I decided to leave at that time full hurt of capybaras came through I was working with butter some cargo pods fell out of the sky a whole slew of pineapple well that's pretty awesome more food the merrier as far as I'm concerned I ran past him capybaras neither of us paid each other any heed and then I had to get the train in that dromedary now that he was tame and to make him obedient and it's gonna be a long effort though considering I know nothing about dromedaries I had plenty of meat for meals and I was working with butter scene if he wanted some pineapple it turns out he did succeeded in training him a little bit and I thought I'd celebrate by going over and tossing some stones and the animals are milling about I had myself a meal so didn't work with that dromedary a little bit more and then I went back to cooking got through a bunch I was sleeping when a bunch more dromedaries wandered in it gives me three total now it's starting to get too many animals for my own liking in all honesty but that means more stuff I can carry if I have to leave so that'll be just fine with me assuming they all state a m– I went back to cooking meals taking breaks to work with all these critters at hand it seemed like a never-ending problem you have critters just gives you more work next up I had to work with butter I'm planning out a spot to do some research maybe figure things out if I could at least figure out how to make some food that would travel well that'd be fantastic I went back to cooking meals even made one using some of that crazy alien meat before I thought better of it not sure how that's gonna taste decided to rip down a bunch of roofs nearby I was gonna deconstruct a bunch of buildings and see if I could set up a secure perimeter here I also had to work with these dromedaries see if I could get them all teamed up and they'd be right nice and I worked with butter some more as well when I could still wasn't having much luck anywhere and I was learning though once you have three dromedaries you can kind of figure out their little behaviors worked with them took down roofs that was a few buildings around I was gonna get rid of see if I could get some supplies together I needed a bunch of stones what I really wanted but made do with what I could find between the walls and the floor these buildings though should work out alright after that I sat down show they'll play him a board game again the power was still flickering I never actually built that turbine I wanted it's getting pretty cold out at night so I was gonna have to make it a priority to get that turbine built so my heater would actually work next I had a meal went back to working with the critters oh butter maybe I name these dromedaries too if they hung out long enough I didn't want to get too attached in case I had to start butchering him but at least I wouldn't have to butcher the dog to survive next up time to rip some roofs down and then I decided maybe that turbine should be higher priority I was a bunch of steel laying around even a couple components so I had everything I needed I got to work on that then before too long that was done butter needed some attention again he liked apples so that worked out pretty well I ran down inside and grab some rice and apples set it on my way out to do some more cleaning it was still blood everywhere from that weird alien thing I'd shot up said I got most of that done things just seemed to stay a pigsty around here no matter what I do that's all right when the cleaning was done I had myself a meal went and putz it around with my telescope a bit it's weird the things you can see in the daytime through the sky power was still flickering pretty good despite having a second wind turbine next up I worked with the animals a little more it's getting a little out of hand how much time I was spending with them after that was off the bed while sleeping some cargo pods fell out of the sky some kind of paint and supplies decided that run over and grab it when I got up maybe I could do some painting if I really needed to chill out so I ran on out to grab that stuff I hadn't got it set up where it belonged dromedaries needed some shearing it looked like the fur was getting all matted and gross so I tried to do one but I failed then I tried to work with him a bit I failed again it's getting a little bit frustrating I decided to build my workbench instead I could have some success with that then I could tinker around with stuff I even do some learning I had an extra chair so I put that over there and my goal was to figure out how to make some kind of food I could travel with Nextup butter needed some attention but I didn't have any luck same goes for the dromedary now old stuff in I tidied up and I worked with the animals more it was a real creepy old building nearby wasn't sure what to do about that after that I finally got back flipping down some roofs seemed like these animals required no end of attention I did that I hate some of the meals Flores it left me poor guy if I would have been out of my mind I'm sure I could have saved that fella I ripped down roofs I worked with butter I worked with the dromedary I had much better luck butter than I did with them camel things then I got back to ripping down roofs seemed like there was no end of roofs let the supply that get being valuable if I was gonna be secure I was off the bed after that been a long day he's been away too much time working with these stupid animals as far as I was concerned anyone who got up the meal was in order the animals were all still sleeping my meals became infested that insect meat and that was making me kind of crabby I went back to working with these dromedaries decided it was frustrating skin it's gonna chill out for a little while I still like this armor color wasn't really my style but it felt cool little servos and stuff turning when I move after that back to animal work I was gonna have to clean up the outside of this joint – such a mess everywhere blood and filth detritus building rubble you name it it's pretty gross as I was working with the dog again what's a dog I've been dealt with pulled some roofs down and those were all done so I got back to ripping up floors occasionally stopping to work with one of the critters not sure what those guys were eaten they didn't seem to be starving so I got the floors ripped up and I had myself a meal and then I did some cleaning such a mess around here still only a little bit of floor remained once that was done I could get to those buildings and then I could build some defenses decided I was gonna try and plant some rice see if I could get something to grow sitting around waiting for food to fall out of the sky is not the best idea as far as I'm concerned so I ripped up floors worked with the dromedary then I got the plant in that rice before it was time to get off the bed I slept relatively well that night somebody reached out to me they knew there was an item nearby it looked like a pretty awesome item in fact some kind of fancy futuristic bionic arm I didn't share what that's about but I was deeply intrigued sadly that whole stack of meals I made wasn't what it should have been I didn't know which one the insect meat had gone into so every time I ate one I got crabby just thinking about eating one of them nasty things I milk the dromedary had some success dragged in a bunch of supplies from the floors and walls i dripped down and once in a while worked with the dromedaries decided to chill out for a bit in between my gun my telescope do some sky watch and dromedary milk made a nice meal they and then I got back up and don't walls I was gonna get a ton of Steel that was for sure I'd get this place tidied up on way or the other I have to rip the whole darn city down I'm sure at some point somebody's gonna take offense to the fact that I'm here come and try and get all the plunder I found for themselves and if that happens I'd had to hightail it out of here especially if they showed up in force it's a little worrisome that I was ripping down walls and disassembling doors that I made good progress before him to get back work with that dromedary my supply room was filling up pretty fast but I have plenty of space for a backup after that I was off to bed it had been a long and very busy couple days I was a little crabby about the mess around here but things seemed to be going all right the city was quiet for the minute that's a good thing no crazy aliens around so for now I slept well despite the mess you

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