review on A to Z construction bathroom remodeling in los angeles

hello my name is Nora I'm the owner of this home here in stanford street in santa monica i was having a very difficult time in German what to do with my bathroom so I had a couple of people come over and take a look at the project and after four companies came over he could decide you know within one hour exactly what I wanted and he gave me a very good crew to work with tell me the name of the four men was a runny he showed up on Monday morning with his team and they demolished my dad that's room in one day the biggest problem I was great about was my trash every day before they left the premises were cleaned up none of my furniture was made it was dirty in any way that they covered everything from top to bottom the way they manage the house was just impeccable and I have two very difficult elderly parents living with me but somehow we managed to finish this project in good time there were some challenges I kept on changing the tile on them and they felt very graciously with it even though it was more difficult they all the data quality o Muhammad accommodated mean every single way his own really big slabs that were like huge pieces and they were able to do the work in a magnificent way the shower tile is well to the bottom I wanted it I gave him hell because I wanted it cut from the bigger tire and so difficult and they did that to suspend a world adjusting my shower floor and then also the marble shelves the girl for me was just outstanding that was another day in house so I was very very pleased the quality was excellent and look at this bathroom it could be featured in now eject your digest

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