Restoration of a Colonial Style Home with James Hardie | American Home Contractors | New Jersey

my name is Jennifer and we purchased this house two years ago it was a 1935 traditional home built in kind of the East Coast traditional style and we fell along with the property the house was in serious need of renovation so we undertook the project and renovated from the outside in pretty much it was cited with beautiful Douglas fir fighting and we were looking for a replacement something that would handle the elements a little better the house that we lived in before this one did have wood siding and it was also built in the 30s or 40s the design was great but the maintenance on the wood was really really difficult it didn't take well to mostly the fund and it needed to be painted every few years so I started researching different sightings and my architect was really really sold on hardy products I was so lucky to find that they were now developing the V rustic product we decided to use the rustic because it was almost exactly the design that was loving original house from the 30s the look of the artisan compared to wood is very very close we've had people stop by the house after this was installed and think that it was would the artisan siding fulfilled a desire to have something that looked traditional and wood and also something that was a little more contemporary in its lines I was thrilled to find a cement based fighting and I knew that would last a long time in Southern California we have extreme weather element the house has a lot of sun exposure and I'm in a kind of a fire area and we felt that the rustic would be an excellent product for our home because I don't have to worry about the elements getting to it over time and we don't have to worry about termites or any other insects ruining the siding be rustic ended up being a perfect decision for us my favorite feature of the V rustic setting is the streamline look in the very clean lines I think that the light reflects it really nicely and I anticipate that as will perform grade you you

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