Rental Property Maintenance with HomeRiver Group Sacramento

hello my name is Alexandra goldwave and I'm with Home River group property management Home River Group is one of the largest property management companies in the United States and with that large national position were able to provide our clients with the unique basis of local experts as well as national operations at home River group property services and maintenance and construction are a key component we have a wide range of local vendors that we use and have handyman and licensed plumbers HVAC technicians and other general contractors to take care of your property 24 hours a day the tenants are able to log into their portal submit maintenance request of course they can call them in 24 hours a day we do our best to troubleshoot every maintenance concern so tenants can even submit photos or video when they're submitting an online maintenance request and that way we can talk them through some troubleshooting areas and hopefully maybe not send out a vendor if not necessary we're also there if there's a habitability issue or any other maintenance issue to handle at how you have specified in your management agreement usually we have thresholds for our owners that you'll specify whether it's $300 and anything under wheeled go ahead and execute and take care of and anything over we will get you a bid or an estimate and you can tell us how you would like it to be handled we track all of the work orders so we'll know what vendor went out last and we'll be able to send them and whether it's a recall or we'll know what the warranty is on something else that was done at the property so that you can efficiently have some home at all times we also have an inspection program we're able to do a full service report with photos we'll document with pricing anything that needs to be done on the property if there's anything out of compliance make sure that smoke detectors carbon dioxide are installed we'll check the filters any code violations of the property make sure there's no leaks we'll walk the complete property giving you photos and a full report so you know exactly what's going on maintenance wise at your property thank you for watching I'm Alex with Home River group property management please call us or contact us if you have any questions about property management

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