Remodeling: Updating Your Builder Grade Home

welcome back everybody see if you fit into this camp you bought a brand new home or maybe you're the home's second owner the fixtures the finishes that the builder installed they're okay but they're looking a bit dated or they're just not exactly your style what's the best way to upgrade a builder-grade home Jake Spurgeon is a designer with mosby building arts and he has some ideas for us he just recently did this and I'm kind of in the midst of doing this too we bought an inventory home I guess they call it I mean we didn't have it built but it was built nobody had ever lived in it that was 12 or 13 years ago now over the last few years carpets looking shabby fixtures are looking a little dated so we're kind of going piece by piece but that's the difficult decision where do you even start what finishes do you say okay maybe I could tackle that first usually some individuals are gonna start with some of the easy things such as countertops backsplash in the kitchen maybe the flooring the carpeting is starting to have a few holes in it and there's a burn spot on the laminate or a chip that is a little unsightly so let's start with the little stuff like that is something you can do and obviously you can as you guys always preach to us when you're in the studio you can talk about return on investment what's gonna give you the best bang for the buck let's talk cabinets I'm in limbo with the cabinets right now do I replace do I paint how do you know when it's time to really say okay it's time for a significant change here versus maybe I can spend quite a bit less and just sort of put a new coat on everything yeah typically the big telltale signs of cabinets that they have kind of shown their ages are the drawer glides working all the drawers functioning do the hinges work on the cabinets is the finish wearing off on the cabinets you can always paint the cabinets and get a few more years out of it right but sometimes it might be time to bite the bullet and replace those because the reality is if you're painting over sort of sub part material yep it's not gonna hold up that long even with a fresh coat of paint okay well that's not exactly what I wanted to hear but that's why you're here we don't want to bite off more than we can chew obviously so to me there's a big difference between saying you know what I'll pull these cabinets off the hinges we'll paint everything versus let's strip this kitchen down to the studs and really just start from square one how do you know sort of where to set that where to set that goal line well that's a good time to bring in a professional such as a designer to kind of really walk you through you know do you want to do the full makeover do we want to take it in phases and slowly upgrade certain things and to really make some sense out of you know if you can't do it all at once what are what are steps to do that in the correct order and there's a lot of components to that there's a financial component to that there's the timeframe component to that which is huge I mean you might if you do a true kitchen rebuild you can be out of there for weeks correctly right which again is why a general contractor and the designer sort of falling under that umbrella that's a great place to start the car okay I guess I got some some information I needed to hear not that I wanted to hear but that I need to hear Jake thank you very much no thank you to get in touch with mosby building arts for more information by the way because they do all of this all under one roof from architecture to design to the carpentry work give them a call three one four nine zero nine 1800 or check out their website chock full of good information there as well that's call mosby dot-com

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