Remodeling the Staircase (Part 1)

y'all gonna start a new project man had tile looks a great I'm that crappy 70s carpet had to go so I got all that ripped off the other day and when I did a little shopping today and got me this Bostick nailer they had it on sale for $2.99 and it comes with compressor and three nailers hose and a little bag to keep your tools in since the kit includes 2.8 CFM 90 psi 150 max compressor 60 gallon reserve tank with a ball type drain valve for easy drainage comes with brad nailer drives 18 gauge Brad's from 5/8 to two-inch finish stapler drives 18 gauge 7/32 crown staples from half inch to inch and a half and let's see as finish nailer and drive 16 gauge straight finish nails from a inch and a quarter to two and a half says we get a quarter inch by 40 foot PVC air hose and fittings a thousand 1/4 inch Brad's a thousand one inch staples and one thousand two inch finish nails lubricant and a canvas carrying case couldn't pass it up man it was a great deal on it also got me a Bostick demolition tool here I'm going to rip him steps up with it see there's some screws I found these there's only ones I could find like this man I actually had to find out myself nobody in the store could find them for me but anyway they're called trim screws they're two and a quarter inch and I'm going to pre-drill my treads and then I'm going to countersink them and that way when Derrick comes along to paint it or stain it or whatever it'll make his job in life a lot easier I'm also got some adhesive brother so let me get on in there and start doing some demo all right oh yeah and Bostick isn't stuff buddy I do a set with tearing the stringers up we found some treasures rings mobile boxing gloves and oh my god well we got here my first grill oh my goodness and got some flex strap oh my goodness and we got a a mask oh well let me get in here and see what I what else I can find hopefully Joe all right now we done found mom's old bean pot here she didn't look at their hearts and crass little potpourri good with these nasty gems when we come on guys that's why the statement steps a creek Steve I couldn't help it dude I got into it and you're also right they do like to hide their sins behind paneling Lee this dang on base right behind the paneling didn't even take the base off you know I was able to get that dead paneling crap off without severely damaging that existing drywall man you're so right dude they just they covered everything up with the painting they actually kind of shimmed it out and covered up the the base and everything shut up use my multi master here with this grout cutting blade on it to cut it out here right through here and get this Schluter out and give me down far enough where what I'm going to do is I ran that past my brother I'm going to actually take it on my cut I got me an extra trade so I'll cut that you know cut the bulldoze part of it to sit right here is is a threshold all right we're at the dance you don't on the would be getting the graph going deep down in them grout joints and you just take your wrecking bar here and just gently gently put that tile up perfectly we still have the backer board on here and here's your thin set and we've got the subfloor right here I'm gonna try to get this backer board up me and believe it or not with this blade I got right here I was able to score that right there you see it not I guess with some magic eraser and get that off but I mean that's the truth I got down there so far and then I ran this up underneath the tile you know popped it pop right loose all right yo let me see if I get this destroyed a grout blade here I was able to get that out nicely but you know it is when you're when you're trying to do stuff like yes I've got to get this out now without tearing a tarnish leader up that would be a little sardine enjoy this final piece probably one of these Oldham finishing blades here said they've been around since 1857 says extra clean cutting in all woods heck I don't think I've changes to Walt went out God knows how long so we get after this and we'll start ripping some risers and tree y'all have ran up and got me some oak plywood I'm going to trim the outside out with this similar to tell that nasty paneling was on there but this looks almost identical to it it's like a veneer right here you see it but it's on both sides but it's a pretty sad here surely I'm just trying to you know dress this outside up and make it look like it's wrapping all the way around here but yeah there's ripping on these trees taking out off about I guess about an inch and a quarter get them down to about ten a big reveal without ripping them i had i ripped this one down to ten and it's got a little bit of a reveal right here with the bull nose if i don't rip on man i've got like I don't know maybe inch and a half reveal and whoever's walking up the steps is going to trip every time they walk up to the next step so gotta kill him Neal all right you know I'm gonna wrap up for the evening here I got my first riser cut my first tread cut and I don't know exactly what you call this piece here cut but got it cut and I'm glad I went ahead and ripped that plywood off there and and went up and got this oak 3/4 plywood here it's got an open ear on it and I think it'll look really good once Derek and Emma stained it or how are we go with it but I'm also going to put this trim on here like this to you know dress it up a little bit and you know I'll do my minor cuts or whatever but also thinking about some sort of molding – if it was oak I don't know maybe Steve can turn me on it might dress this up a little bit more but alright y'all man I appreciate ya'll watching wish I'd have got it done but this is my first staircase so I hope you all enjoyed some of it and I hope you bear with me alright y'all take care bye

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