QuiltChat July 25, 2018 | Scrappy Quilt-Along part 3 – Home Décor Survey Results

well good morning sorry we're just a little bit late this morning we had a little bit of technical trouble you know how that goes sometimes it does first of all I just want to give a shout out to an rinche whose quilt we were going to use behind us today and we're gonna use it in a couple weeks but we need to finish up our scrap program today so we put a different quote behind us they'll show your quilt eventually and I know everybody will love to see it did you know that today was national needle thread a needle day well I didn't until Allen came into my office a while ago and he said gosh would be really cool if we had a big needle and guess who they're the big needle you just happened to have one in your office you know what I don't know well so then it made me curious to go look up and see exactly what is thread the needle day and it really was started with the concept of trying to navigate through a very narrow area like if you were rock climbing you'd say you threaded the needle between those rocks but in today's it's often used by politicians and the politicians do it when they struggle to navigate a path between two different opposing ideas they do that we know what to do with a needle don't we and that is we thread it and make some clothes we do we do I think it might have been interesting to have a thread the needle contest this morning but I'm pretty glad that we didn't yes but tell them you just told us a way to thread a needle that they might well I I have tried something that I that I have found to be really effective and that is instead of looking directly at the hole of your needle turn it sideways and go from this angle and just see if it helps for some people that really does help I think it catches that little groove in in your in there you know or something or maybe it just doesn't cause so much stress or something when you're trying to do it and aim for that of that I but it does seem to work better if somebody knows why you could tell us well Betsy I know you've been really busy designing new patterns again so what have you been up to I have been up to lots of fun and you know one of the most fun things this week was we've had a survey last week and I always love to see what the cultures are up to you and they surprised me all the time and so this week I had a big surprise we were asking about home decorating and we asked what their favorite style was what they preferred and we had lots and lots of responses and number one I thought would be traditional classic because you know traditional classic my aunt Lin Shirley but no no no bohemian one so clearly you cultures like to do it your own way well and they're really meant the description said anything goes and it really is anything goes it's very fun and playful so and that's not surprising with our culture's are so creative and so it someone else I've liked that creative flair to be bohemian style and that definitely shows that doesn't it and so where would they find the results for that survey they wanted to know more at 80 West Blanc calm you would find the results and you can learn all about the different styles that all of them made their places and the other interesting fact that I learned was the most popular room to quilt for is their living room and I thought bedroom would take number one but it does he'll owes so much fun yes and also at AQS blog com we are just finishing up our Christmas countdown and the grand finale we put over on AQS member site was Christmas star and it is a beautiful beautiful carpenter star block quilt Jessica may I have a picture of that for us there it is and so that was really not only so merry Christmas to everyone in July we hope you enjoy the holiday season and we hope you have done you have six months make it happen and we also have the 50 states going on and the 50 states we're working on for this week we have five of them Colorado Nebraska Nevada and then North and South Dakota so we're going a little further west again this week aren't we we are getting the western expansion and you know on every one of those states I could have put a buffalo oh wow so but put whatever you want on your state mike ragz mines are just fun suggestions they are not meant to be taken you don't have to do that from that state a lot more fun things to put on it now you find the mug rugs under the members-only sight do you do right all the blocks are available AQS blog calm and then for the aqs members you can also access the state and my rugs good and it's really great for your Apple k-state outline and then there's fun little figures you can have fun with it yes absolutely the Members Only site has a lot of good stuff oh it's added lots of patterns lots of content you can find patterns from about a decade of magazines maybe more actually and it's so fun because you can search on there so you can find just about anything you're looking for right or pull to a certain style there's so many beautiful quotes because your magazines always full of beautiful clothes well look I just happened to have a brand new one right here what a leave-in this is the latest copy of AQ and it should be hitting your mailbox very soon within the next week or two we are super excited about it this this cover quilt you're gonna see next week so be sure to tune in again to see it actually live behind us it was made by Jackie kunkel and quilted by Margaret Solomon gun we've got a great article in here about tulip ink we've got six patterns Margaret Solomon done has given us a little no.not little it's actually quite quite a nice long article about how to make a Oh whole cloth quilt and step-by-step how she does it so a lot of good things coming up and we hope you'll be watching for this you can get so many more things with your AQS membership than just the magazine and Bonnie's gonna tell us a little bit about that because I just want everybody to know that it's wonderful to subscribe to the magazine but an AQS member gets this and so much more well yes and of course they get discounts on everything whether they're coming to the quilt shows or they're entering their quilts or they're buying products from us they always get their 20% discount but we have a brand-new program I want everyone to know about and it's called the perks Pot PE RK spot discount program and there are all kinds of discounts that you can get on flowers and I've used that a number of times to order flowers cars electronics cell phones and I know Verizon is one of the discounts there and I know Paula bunting in our office here tell us about the discount she gets on her bill every month me yeah right they have different kinds of apparel travel I know that you can get tickets to plays and movies and that kind of thing through there and then you have all kinds of products related to health and wellness and so the health and wellness is gym equipment and different kinds of things that relate to that so if you are not a member you can join if you are a member to get to the link to go to perks spot you have to log into American culture calm to the members-only site and then if you look under benefits you'll find the link for perk spot there so I encourage you all to do that because you can save quite a bit of money that's right we're always looking for a deal okay alright and so now we're going to show the tail end of our scrap quilt along today and are we gonna stitch it with the giant needle no I didn't bring any thread that would take some yarn I guess yes the group behind us is a quilt that I made using the same block that we've made in this quilt along and it's all in pink and blue and it was really a challenge because somebody told me that you could not make buy of a scrap quilt and I thought oh I think we can so I went to this little Amish shop in Kelowna Iowa and I pulled every pink and blue off the shelf and cut it haven't cut me a quarter of a yard and out of that I made two full quilts and still had some leftover mm-hmm so today we're going to show you that one's kind of set together an asymmetrical design but it does look scrappy it does and in today's blog at AQS blog com you will see some other designs that I drew out for you and so if we were to do this in I want to show you the easy way to do this and when I teach this as a class we take everybody squares and get down on the floor and make whole quilts which is a lot of fun we'll just use a few of these today but you really only have to pay attention to the white corner in the dark corner and so to make sunshine and sent shadow I put the dark corners together in the center and so now I'm gonna put light corners together and so you can see what depends on what you're trying to do oh no yes that was right yep you're making yes and so one of the designs I gave you was zigzag and then you already did it exact let's see let's just turn every other one so that we make a zigzag and all you have to do is pay attention to the dark corner in the light corner so that I don't have this one right anyway maybe this one sits in there still moist ones not right that's part of the part of it go you see the zigzag turn this one right here that's where I messed up yeah keep going yep there you go okay and so you can see that we make the zigzag basically you can do in with this vlog that you can do with a log cabin block right there are so many things you can do barn-raising where we start with the dark in the middle and then go a little light and then dark in ass where around it all of those designs can be done with this now I do want to show you remember last time I told you was real easy to turn a square huh well Alan can you just get a shot at this one as I could so on this block together you can see like Joe I turned the corner half square triangle but I went ahead and sewed it in there because I can tell you that if we put that in here again all you're seeing is the light path of the dark path and it really wouldn't make any difference well anyway I just left it because I thought okay you know what that's my one mistake in this one right that's right well anyway I hope that you've made some plots and we can't wait to see some quilts that you've made now I do have one more picture that I want to show you and it's of a red white and blue one and I put this in here because I had a group who asked if they could do use this technique to do a group quilt and so they did it in red white and blue they bought the white fabric so it was consistent everybody then pitched in their own Reds in their own dark blues and and so the only thing I will suggest to you if you're going to do that is instead of just drawing the the diagonal line on the half square you want to draw the stitching lines because everybody's quarter-inch will not be you right so that's a fun project in it would make a lovely quilt of Valor quilt or the patriotic quilt they used it for a raffle quilt and I know they raised some good money on it too nice so all right well you know what else today is do you know what else today is I've heard it's a sweet day it's national hot fudge sundae day and we have lived here who has made us a Sunday there's yummy Oh with sprinkles yeah we hope that you will also be having one of these today to celebrate because we're gonna really enjoy this yes and actually our whole staff here at AQS today is right now having hot fudge sundaes so I hope you'll enjoy today whether it's thread the needle day or hot fudge sundae day and join us again here next week you

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