Property Management Tips: Repairs & Maintenance by Doyle Spillane Real Estate

hi i'm joe from doors plain real estate and welcome to our property management update today and we've Jason from poor beautiful plum in one of the local plumbing companies on servicing the northern beaches and the lower North Shore today we're going to be talking to Jason about repairs and maintenance when it comes to plumbing a couple of quick points for our landlords and tenants to look out for first being one most common issues that we have – what happens in an emergency 3 what happens if it's a strata issue and for what are the most common issues that we're having at the moment so Jason first of all what do you recommend landlords do before a properties tenant getting it ready for someone to move in well Joe I would recommend to have the taps and toilets checked just a general maintenance of the unit or house just to make sure everything is working there's no leaking or drips just to prevent any dramas jamma tract yeah definitely and part of the legislation says that especially for tenants playing water usage that there should be no leaking taps or toilets if you get an after-hours call how do you guys deal with that I mean obviously our landlords are concerned that you know they're gonna get hit with exorbitant cost fit and after-hours call I know you guys have a procedure in place can you explain to our people what you know what happens in that situation yeah personally myself or my brother directors of the company will answer the after-hours call we speak with the tenant direct and try and just navigate them through how to isolate the issue just to prevent the after-hours pull well of course and then we can the following business day is to keep everything good so generally I mean as long as the property is not gonna suffer damage most times you're just going to isolate the water and attend to your money of course and also we manage a lot of home units in the area and a lot of the issues that you guys attend to for us generally come under Australia corporation's responsibility if that's the case and you go out there how do you handle that sort of situation when you know that it's Australia responsibility yep well we do a lot of work Chris drive around the northern beaches as well so we tend to know the difference between what landlords owners drivers etc so we'll generally sort of trying liaise with the strata manager to make sure while we're there to get the work completed with no fuss so we can all sort of move forward and keep the cost down for the owner because obviously you can get put back into strata that's saving the owner money my name is man you know definitely and I guess to finish off what's the most common issues that we have at below were that we're having out there at the moment when it comes to plumbing you know repairs and maintenance the most common is probably burst flexible connections you had an eighth your basins and kitchens these can blow at any time and cause sort of major major water damage so obviously if they can get checked on a regular basis just to make sure they're not going to you know problem down the track that's sort of one area to do it excellent yeah we get at least one of those a month and if there's no one's home and it bursts the water just keeps going until someone gets owned and stops it so there can be a lot of damage there you have any further questions feel free to contact us thank you for watching you

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