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today I'm joined by Liz molt house principle of big such property rentals in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia Liz welcome to the show I won't how are you to this week unreal thank you now Liz you're a mobile property manager why mobile well we decided that we wanted to be accessible to our clients and you don't really need an office for that in today's technology in the inner you know North he's an office is the old way that I think people do real estate especially in property management property managers are always in their car or they're in their office or they're at a property so it's trying to give that intimate relationship between our owner and our tenant and trying to connect with them more a good example of that is even this morning today we had a tenant moving into a property so instead of them meeting you in an offer somewhere which is quite cold and they're all quite disjointed because they're trying to get into the property we actually actually meet them at the property sit down hand over the keys do a little walk through all the property make sure that they're comfortable with everything they know how to use everything so it's more about trying to do something different than the typical mainstream property managers do so mobile why not the other side they are doing something different you don't do the the listing and selling and oxygen your properties either do you know so purely property management that's that's my focus that's my passion that's that's my craft so dead of doing that although I'm I am fully licensed and I have got the same license as a sales a sales consultant or a principal who owns a sales office it's just that I choose to purely focus on property management I guess that allows you to be a trusted adviser to both property owners and landlords and tenants much more easily absolutely because I'm not if someone's looking at buying an investment property I'm very neutral and I don't get involved in the sales side of things although I have a few agents that I work with that do sales so to give them added value to the properties that they're that they're selling but it's a it's a neutral it's an independent valuation I suppose and working with tenants and owners that is my passion so I am neutral I the role of a property manager is a mediator or communicator between the owner and the tenant so my role is to be neutral you know I'm gathered by ledge legislation and I have to at times make an owner aware of the legislation where it fits in today's society or with with an issue or then again I have to talk to a tenant about an issue that they may have raised that is not legislated and it's something that it's not the owners responsibility to do so I'm like a sieve between an owner and a tenant now Liz in that role one of the things that always seems to attract attention and make the news headlines is maintenance what are your thoughts on maintenance for both tenants and owners maintenance it's an interesting one so when I first have a little bit of property and I made an owner at a property before it comes on my books we have a chat we have a walkthrough we have a chat to the owner and let them know that their responsibilities in having a property and what their obligations are actual attendant you know don't forget a tenant is actually paying a weekly rent in order to have the Kumada that they call their home in that process for instance if a light globe blows well then there was a light globe in a light fitting at that point in time it's a tenants responsibility because they've utilized that globe to replace if a hot water service blows unfortunately that's part of for the owners obligation and they must actually replace that hot water service whether it be we require a plumber to get a new service or it might just be we need electrician because the thermostat may have gone so it's really important to not be afraid to have the discussion with our owners so that the abreast of what they're actually obligations are and different things do pop up from time to time things like obligations that they can't that they can't get away from is smoke alarms now smoke alarms is extremely important who as an owner could imagine if a home catches fire and burns down and that's your property and your tenants and someone dies I couldn't even think of anything worse I'm quite fanatical of this but then there's a lot of people out there who are self-managed or they just think that there's a smoke alarm in the system in the in the ceiling that it's actually compliant unfortunately it may not be the case I've originally I've just put some other properties in the property that they've gone in today we had these smoke alarms checked by a professional smoke alarm company and I don't think a lot of people realize that smoke alarms do expire and therefore that will affect your policy your insurance policy so if a property did burn down because of that then it will know and void your policy so it's really important to have a property manager who is comfortable to talk to you as an owner of the obligations and why you go for professionals to look after an example as a smoke alarm another example would be Poole compliance in Queensland it's quite B with poor compliance pools have to be tested in a residential home every two years and they must receive another certificate so they have to be continually checked with a body corporate complex it's only twelve months they have to be recertified every 12 months we've had a few drownings on the Sunshine Coast people when I do my routine inspections some tenants lever the gates open so they allow their dogs or their kids go in and out that's highly illegal and I cranked down on it straightaway because who could have met again who wants to see a drowning in their rental property you know these rules that are legislated government legislated have been put in place for a reason and you know it's they're really important really important you raise a really interesting aspect there Liz with insurance and and I know with motorcars if you're under the influence of alcohol and driving your insurance may not cover you does it extend beyond fire alarms and and swimming pools I guess there are lots of things that occur to me that could could make a landlord liable and maybe the the insurers like to avoid having to pay if it's the wrong sort of grass or if it's a defect of some sort absolutely and I think you know insurance companies will get out get out of anything that they could actually possibly get out of I'm not qualified to give advice to an owner I can only look at a property and visual visually see like I can't see what's inside the inside the world cavity so I think I owners have a responsibility to ensure like for electricity that they know that it's sound if it's an old-style property make sure that they feel comfortable on renting it out another big issue in Queensland over the years has been tempered Queensland people love living in the outdoors that's probably why it's more predominant we have a lot of timber dicks so every time I do my routine inspections I'm got a timber deck out here I'm always put my hand on the rail and and maneuver it to see that it's secure because again you know you don't want that happening you know you look at the barriers of obviously I can't get under it's not my job to get under a you know ground-level rolling in the dirt to have a look under the deck but if your deck is raised you know have a look at the bearers and the joists to see if there's sound make sure that the the timber panels so that there are not rotting because we have some horrendous winter rains or storms up here and if there's decks that are exposed to the elements you know the boards can perish and people can fall through the deck so you know that can it affect their insurance but that's all part of owning a property if it was your own property you know you always have to add maintenance to a property and always keep working in it to you know keep it at its optimal value I suppose and by having a good property that is presented nicely you as an owner of course are going to be rewarded with higher dollar value range on your investment property it does sound like you need not just a nice property but a property manager who's willing to bring you bad news when there is bad news and who's competent to know the difference between what has to be dealt with them what it'd be nice to deal with absolutely and this property that I had tenants moving this morning the owner has actually relocated and they've actually moved into a rental property and it's interesting that he's given me a call and saying please you know this has happened and this has happened they've moved into a property that has not been cleaned now that's probably very disrespectful to them as a tenant so they haven't really set off on the right foot now there might be very many reasons why that wasn't cleaned it's irrelevant to the tenant you know you have to respect them so therefore if you're not setting off on the right foot or you that probably managed obviously didn't have didn't feel courageous enough for didn't know legislation enough to be able to have that conversation with that owner to say unfortunately there's a lot of things in that property that don't meet our standards and maybe standards is an issue like I have really high standards that I believe a tenant should be respected and I believe in our own all my owners believe our tenant should be respected and they should be given the value and the respect of being able to move into a nice clean property because I can guarantee you when I get that back it needs to be cleaned and it needs to be at the same standard as they received it maintenance you know again it's it's if if I get a property and I or when I do my routine inspections when I'm walking around a property if I think well the paint works looking a bit seen I'm not expecting an owner you know employer contractor immediately to paint it but let's have that conversation with the owner so that they're pre arranging or pre budgeting for maybe in the next transition of a tenant that they have some money kept away so that we can paint or the guttering is is rusting and therefore it's cooling water down on the ground you know it's all those little bits and pieces and it's all the little one-percenters that probably manages I find that I do better to give that that the information to the owners so that we have a conversation it's not conflict it's all conversations to work towards when is the best one that we're going to do that okay we have an issue here let's work towards getting it done but then there's some maintenance that you just can't you just can't put off and it's a tenants or tenants right to have maintenance-free property that's under the legislation the owners really need to ensure that their properties are at a certain standard you can't just say I'm sorry I can't afford that hot water service what happens if the tenants say I'm sorry I can't afford this week's rent yes it's it's give-and-take between both parties now lose the OBM property owners around who are looking for a good property manager what are the suburbs that you work in okay I work in this heads Taunton new Seville region spring region Beach Mount coulomb Colin Beach in your romba and also I was out in the hinterland kuroi and black mountain areas none of those sound like awful places to live I just have to say listening do you read it it is apparently it's so so hard on I'm just looking at behind you at that lovely sunshine there in the the middle of leader and thinking this Bolthouse lives a tough life I tell you well it has been quite cold lately but our days are nice too now nights are getting a little bit I say bring on summer Liz it's been lovely having a chat with you again Liz Mulhouse is the principle of beachside property rentals and you can find her on the Internet at beachside PR comm delay you thanks for giving us some time today Liz thanks you

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