"Property Brothers" Show Us How to Decorate a Mantel in 3 Steps | The Rachael Ray Show

up first though it's a set of twins that are no stranger to our show you guys love them they're probably the most favorite set of male identical twins out there because they are the property brother [Applause] [Applause] we are I love that you brought Scott seat which comes with back massage we like to get cozy on the Scott seat okay show's over get out we're gonna put some of our in-studio audience on the hot seat [Applause] [Applause] that was excited more than the camera actually hold on you scanned over there oh yeah here we go further what do we do all right you know what mental problems with the mantle are better than problems in the bedroom so what we do we actually you know what we could tell you right now you can see the picture there we can't or we could show you what we're gonna do come on over it's all about balance whenever you're styling your mantle so the cool thing I mean you guys could do a new surface and brighten it all up in there but you don't even have to just a little decorating good banker there's a couple key supporting thing your anchor piece is your art whether you're gonna lean art from the mantle against the wall or you're gonna hang it make sure it's sized appropriately then you need to wait and that means that one of the two sides should have something that's a little bit taller that is going to act as the weight to balance way up and be clarified so you don't mean like dumbbells no not this kind of weight okay so we want to do something it's gonna balance it so you you're not designers but you tell me where does it feel naturally like the next piece should be placed we'd like to put a New York Jets football helmet I like it don't always need to just have 300 three items that's all you can have you can have a little bit more but the one thing you want to have is balance and the one thing I do like you don't have to go out and buy everything that matches you can mix things up so you have the different color pops you can have some natural tones you can have some you can have some ceramic some glass and wood yeah perfect like that I'll get my ballot so easy this is a practice all right but this is all it's about here yeah right there all you need is you want to have your anchor piece your weight your balance piece and then a little fill in the middle with different textures and then you won't get a divorce you can also and Jonathan of course and these guys are so generous everybody here is going to get to know these two a lot better because you're all going home with a copy [Applause] you

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