Problems Keep Coming, TMJ & Decorating the Dining Room!

yeah we weren't planning on starting the vlog until later today but Leo is doing something so cute that I just like had to show you guys but it's no use he has been looking for rock so hard but he wears a rock he just found out what rocks are and he has lost his mind I know what's a rock I'll put it with your collection we have a whole collection here I'm going to show me your collection is buddy it's like a dad's dream we're gonna have like 30 to 40 minutes what home like he's found all of these rocks he freaks out and then he just brings them back over yeah they'll stay there there you go he's like wait are they still gonna be there let's find a rock come on let's find a rock buddy do we know where they are you gotta move the dirt around so you're gonna move the dirt around wait a second I think I found one yeah this is literally a dad's dream Leo come here buddy mommy just toss this out of jacket daddy got in trouble for letting you play without a jacket on come here come on dad and put the jacket on you we'll keep looking for rocks you don't play with them look you can move them around you can stack them on top of each other that's so cool yeah and that's so cool that's so exciting buddy I love you can't wait till Jackson gets here you have a little brother you can play with I'm just messing with y'all are the voice names not gonna be Jackson but the weather has been so nasty out like even it is cloudy I love you so we haven't be able to do the name reveal so we're trying to do it we didn't want to do it we went out twice to do it it started raining on us so hopefully very soon we can do it I know we you just found a big one whoa look boy doc do you see it look what is that Wow yeah how cool is that whoa is that cool come here buddy I just found a huge one look at this guy look at Hey look down look down you're looking up look at this guy whoa that's a rock daddy's gonna help you carry this one this one's really heavy come on let's go you what do you want a rock very heavy semadar mommy hey we were playing too hard mom holy plant that you just bought honey all right there was something huge chaos at our house and was like I did not order anything it was like the size of the turn TD almost out there and I was like it taller than she thinks huge spike by six – thing is huge y'all check this thing out all the way down to the bottom yeah but I saw it the wrong angle so I saw it yes actually we told her that we are finally it getting around her in rods also we have quite the stack of things going on well it's like two things that I have to like figure out where they go and whatnot there's just a lot going on anyways the creek riser yes for the breast bones but I feel like we never have used sever the one time that we use it by three months and the free that Breezer turned off by four months yeah so there was no point having it after all he knows a little point for Rachel's life honestly is when you work so hard for months like waking up a little and I pumpy and then your breast milk that's what doesn't go planet please this time for also for the record today is March 9th this guy is still not painted what was our plan for our date night the movies you have a Wyatt wider but I don't have to go home guru let's paint for the indoor so I can paint like at night you can go by yourself okay my tree looks pretty dang good you guys like I'm pretty impressed I think it was like a hundred dollars maybe even like 80 or something which is a really good price for a tree a fake tree that looks this good in this height so I'll try to leave a link in the description box if you guys want one why I put all of this stuff together yeah it's not that hard it's just rude oh my gosh meanwhile Leo has brought his rock inside one of them and is just carrying it around with him everywhere so I think we have a little fascination with rock yea rocks rocks now oh here's a great question honey to read the instructions or not to read the instructions that's what a man always I just quickly wanted to say thank you guys who have sent me so many messages on Instagram and leave me comments on my pictures from yesterday's video since obviously the comments are disabled we can't comment but you can comment on Instagram about the video and then that way we can like still have communication but it just meant a lot to hear you guys like care about me and everything and what I'm going through so I really do appreciate that so much also in other news I actually went to the chiropractor yesterday and I think it was actually pretty it went pretty well I have a follow-up next week like early next week but for the rest if not the rest of the day but a longer portion of the day I felt good like that felt like okay and I was able to do things yeah you like called me on the way home so like one or two I always do is I always call Rachel when I'm on the way home but like it was cool I could just tell in your voice that you were feeling better which is awesome because for a few days it's actually really like a few weeks you're back it's been like yeah it was really really bad but um so yeah I had a little bit of relief it's back to hurting again but I feel like if I come on simply go then maybe I can just get a little bit of relief and I know this is gonna sound so really ridiculous because it seems like there must be everything in the world wrong with me and I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I have TMJ really bad which means like my jaw clicks like when I open my mouth it pops in and out and I've never done anything about it and while I was there on the forum you thought it said something about TMJ so I asked him you know like what do you guys do for it and like he looked at my job he was like I was like dude here he's like oh yeah I see it and he like felt it and he's like yeah you have it really bad and he did this this uh technique where you stick your finger and you basically like fine like these points in there yeah of your job well I don't really know so any ended up finding like at least five on each side that were like swollen and stuff because my jaw is basically just like dislocating every single time I open and shut my mouth and then like relocating so it's like putting a whole bunch of stress on it and yeah so I don't really know he like pressed on them but actually not my jaw has been hurting water so my god I don't know but yeah that's a whole new journey girl problems I know I know I I don't even like want to talk about it anymore of any of this stuff because I just feel like I'm always like I have this going on and this going on and just like exhausting so we start on the floor as well as cuz we like we want to make the videos as positive as possible you know yeah and at the same time and I think it's like a balance between like because we want to be totally raw and authentic and honest and just like genuine I'm like what's going on in our lives you know it's kind of like it's tough for us as far as like cuz like a lot of Israel's back is just killing her and they don't back hurts my back hurts my back hurts you know like the same guys like that is what you're going to do you like that is harvested on pallets but I don't know well you're a rock star anyways back to the car ensign wait really yeah put these things up you know I was like eat dinner – I'm using the instruction by the way like picture she where he says walks up with Leo on her hand honey do you know honey do you know how to do this don't need to show you how you dare the occasions were tough alright I got it figured out in my head my own way all right all the camera I'm gonna give this thing up alright I'm up here getting ready to drill and Rachel's like well she's like you didn't even notice that I'm tan again and I wanted to point out that Rachel's hands I did notice there were 10 not that they were tan but rather than it looks like she hasn't washed her hands in three weeks because did you put on like the tanning lotion yeah yeah it's like a lotion and I don't know if you did it do it right I was like they're so dirty I noticed it I was like I'm saying like why don't you like feel confident feeling tan but I was like her hands look like they're either burnt orange or money you know how we brought this thing up a little while ago and I had a bunch of stuff in it well I've been looking for my hammer cuz I need my hammer to actually put the things up here about 25 minutes cuz my beautiful wife that I'm not frustrated out right now kind of frustrated at have a hammer and may have stuck it somewhere the mayor and I can afford it so now I find it no the 25 minutes was for that I was looking no I really was girl I went outside on the coal went back outside in the cold went upstairs come here give me a kiss all right before you matter you exactly where we left it honey good news is Herald finally realized he was using the drill going backwards instead of forwards don't we talking bad news is he's not even leveling this what yeah yeah you just told me you weren't okay I don't know I use the screwdriver I close my left eye and look did I just tell you that it could be the most level thing in the world you know it's off left-side low wake up in the morning the right side okay we don't need to get dog hair on them okay I don't know if this is gonna work actually this might look a little weird with this carpet can you bring what we guess we'll find out what do you think pretty balanced huh wait seriously no Billy what do you mean what's wrong with are you dead serious right now I had a great job what's wrong with it yeah yeah that has nothing to do with it being balanced I just did it I think I like it a few things really quick Wow my hands are embarrassing but let me just say I actually haven't rinsed it off yet so that's part of the problem I just have to rinse it off and yet hopefully it'll get better it will get better but you know what like my face looks pretty good number two this outfit you guys it's not meant to go together it was just clothes that I threw on really quick so I could go downstairs and then I just proceeded to not change but you know what you guys saw it but don't judge me it's not supposed to go together basically we're like a hot mess you know number three is I apologize there's been some problems with the focus on the camera lately you probably noticed that and we just have some setting messed up so we're gonna fix that for you guys but love God I love people make a difference and be thankful we love you guys mine

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