PPC For Appliance Repair Companies: How To Get More Appliance Repair Leads From AdWords

learn how to accelerate your lead flow with PPC or pay-per-click advertising for appliance repair companies hi my name is Marlon I'm with the appliance experts and today we're going to talk about how you can get more leads for your appliance repair business using pay-per-click advertising now this is part of our 2018 appliance repair online marketing strategy where we're covering several online marketing strategies that appliance repair companies can use to maximize the amount of leads that come into them on a daily basis so this is what we recommend if you want to have like the most extensive form of online marketing for your appliance repair business where you just don't have slow days this is what you'd be looking at so number one there you'll see we're using Google Bing and Yahoo to get leads number two would be the PPC or the pay-per-click advertising which the most popular one is Google Adwords but you can also do some with the Bing ads and Yahoo ads as well then there's social media right at number three number four would be directory listings like Yelp Yellow Pages Angie's List number five will be email marketing all right and and using social media as well to stay top of mind of your consumers and to ask for referrals number six will be lead generation providers right where you pay for leads and not necessarily just advertising and then number seven is using video which Facebook and YouTube are the ones primarily where you'd want to post online videos to help get you new customers and then number eight will be gift cards newsletters and a reward program to incentivize consumers to actually refer your appliance repair company to their friends and family so there's there's several online webinars that we we've already posted on our blog and YouTube channel so depend on when you're watching this there there may be multiple ones that you can find there we're covering several different topics so we're going to talk about SEO as well Google Maps right and several online marketing strategies so feel free to go over there and take a look at that now before we get started I need your attention all right I know you guys are busy running appliance repair company but if you are serious about learning how to get more appliance repair leads then the next 45 to 60 minutes could be critical for your business all right so please turn off the cell phones if you have facebook open let's go ahead and log out of that and let's talk about what we're going to cover today why PPC is key to unlimited scalability in terms of lead flow for your appliance repair business we're going to also talk about how to set up and structure your pay-per-click marketing campaign for minimum cost per lead and maximum return on investments we're gonna talk about KPIs or key profit indicators we're going to talk about tracking right landing pages and how you should structure your campaign and if you stay to the end I want to incentivize you with a few different bonuses so the first bonus I want to give you is the ultimate appliance repair online marketing checklist now this is a checklist that we use whenever we're doing an audit for an appliance repair company to basically analyze all the different online marketing channels that they have going on right now so I'll give you that the second bonus is I want to give you some of the most commonly searched appliance repair keywords whether you want to target those for SEO or you want to use those for pay-per-click and then the third image is this online marketing dominance blueprint so I'll send that to you so you can get a closer look at it you can see what that should look like on the end those different eight steps and what was involved there so Who am I and why should you listen to me I'm the author of how to generate a flood of leads customers profits for your appliance repair business widely accepted as a premier expert in internet marketing for appliance repair industry I work with several appliance repair businesses across the u.s. and I'm a consultant speaker and trainer for online marketing agencies we are appliance repair marketing experts this is all we do day in day out primarily what we do is lead generation services for appliance repair companies but we do some consulting as well but what we're showing you today is things that we actually do right so it's not clear it's not things that were guessing right we're showing you some strategies that we use on a daily basis to get you know 20 30 50 leads a day for some of our appliance repair clients so why PPC should be part of your internet marketing strategy number one is is you want leads quickly right you don't want to wait these weeks months which is what happens when you're doing things like SEO in some cases SEO can take eight months to a year right to start seeing anything consistent as far as leads are concerned with with PPC or pay-per-click you can pretty much set up an ad and have leads the same day all right so that's one of the main benefits with it and you can show up as often as possible when consumers are looking for appliance repair alright so if if you want to have a 24 hour campaign to capture as much leads as possible you could potentially do that most appliance repair companies though they pay more so just do it and 9 to 5 but if you wanted to do also and after our schedule and charge little bit extra for emergency service if that's something you offer you can do that with with PPC advertising it also allows you to show up for non geo modified terms and what I mean by that is is a keyword without the city attached to it right so assuming you're in San Diego one of the most common search terms is going to be appliance repair San Diego right but not all consumers are going to type the see actually consumers are getting you could say they're lazy right so they want to do the least amount of work as possible so instead of type in the city now they're just doing appliance repair okay or if it's a refrigerator problem they may just do fridge sugar so you want to be able to show up for both though because there are some consumers that are going to type the city and some that aren't PPC allows you to show up for either version of that particular keyword the next benefit is that it has unlimited scalability right so if you want it to take over your local market and you want it to just put as much money as you can into advertising with PPC you could do that all right if it's it will compare to something like SEO with SEO even if you if you had 10,000 a month to put into a campaign there's only so much an SEO company can do for you and the reason is it's it's it's not all up to the SEO company right there's there's certain factors that are out of their hands which is which in in most cases what I'm referring to here is Google right we don't an SEO company doesn't control what Google do they know a few things that Google like but they don't know everything that Google likes so they they can only move at a certain pace right and they don't want to move too fast because then your website will get penalized with PPC advertising if you wanted to put 10,000 in in its a day you could and there's no penalties or knows you know you could be the number one ad in every single town in your local service area and for every single appliance or pair that's out there next let's talk about why PPC campaigns fail now this is really important because most appliance repair comment is that try PPC advertising end up thinking it's a waste of time or they lost so much money doing it right but it is it is it's its own skill right so just like appliance repairs that is its own skill someone that you know a plumber then may not be even though he's used to fixing things around the home is not the best person to fix an appliance right usually companies that that specialize in PPC advertising or so that service don't do SEO right it's it's it's it's a separate skill and there's a lot of things that go into it so the number one reason is is that most appliance repair come is fail to understand the way the AdWords auction process works and the complexity of the industry right they just go and they just put up an ad and put 100 200 keywords in there and they let it run all right they set up one ad group for all the services so refrigerator repair stove repair dryer repair everything goes into one ad group when it should be separated you're right so refrigerator repair should have its own ad group stove repair has its own ad group and so on and so forth they don't use specific text ads and landing pages for ad groups or keywords so what I mean by that is most appliance repair companies just create a generic ad write which just says appliance repair we provide appliance repair in your local service area we've been in business XYZ years and that's the same ad additional right but if you are doing a refrigerator if you're targeting refrigerator repair that and should be something about refrigerator repair right not just appliance repair if someone's typing in my refrigerator is not cooling that's what should be on the ad right is a refrigerator broken is it not cooling those things will get consumers to click on your ad because it's specific to what you're looking for now when they get to the landing page of your website or the page of your website where they go you know if they click on the ad that takes them to your website you don't want them to go to the home page of the website if it's a refrigerator problem you want them to go to the refrigerator repair page on your website if you don't have a page for every single service of your website you want to get that in place if you're running Google Google AdWords right now all right if you're thinking about doing it you know these are some of the things you want to get in place first all right so no strong call-to-action or offer on the landing page now this actually applies to both the ad and the landing page so what what I mean by a call-to-action is you want to tell the consumers what you want them to do is it that you want them to call right which that should be the number one thing another call to action it's the physic your website but I'm a big believer and getting them on the phone right because sometimes consumers they go from the ad and then they go to the website and then they get distracted somewhere in between that alright so a strong call to action tell them what you wanted to do you know call us now is a great example of what you want to do all right visit our website is another example now this is an example of several different keywords that are being put into an ad group right and the ad if someone were to click on the ad for one of these type of ad groups they would just go to the homepage of the website so this is something that you don't want to do so now let's talk about how to structure and set up your pay-per-click marketing campaign for minimum cost per lead and maximum return on investment so the first thing I want to recommend that you have in place this conversion tracking now this is very important this is going to tell you if PPC advertising is working for you you really should have conversion tracking in any form of advertising you're doing whether it's online or offline but we'll just stick to PPC from now PPC conversion tracking is gonna tell you things like how many clicks is it taking you to get a phone call why is that important that's going to start to tell you how much it's costing you to acquire a lead right and a lead for an appliance repair companies a person that actually calls with a major appliance repair all right so you want to be able to track things like that your campaign must be broken into smaller ad groups that target of fear or services that you offer so that the text ad matched what the person typed into the search engine make sure you have a strong understanding of keyword match types and don't forget about negative keywords we'll go into that a little bit more in depth on the upcoming slide you need to write compelling text ad that resonates with what the costs customer typed in and entice them to click on your ad versus the competition you want to leverage ad extension to make your ad stand out on the page all right ad extensions and I'm gonna show you an example of it ad extensions make a bigger ad for you so if you if you ever advertised or if you think about an ad in the newspaper right there's different sized ads right there's the full page and a half page ad to classified and ad extensions done correctly will be like a half page ad then versus a regular ad without the extensions more like a classified ad so hopefully that makes sense it doesn't cost anything for you to have ad extensions so you definitely want to use it and you will get more clicks which is ultimately going to lead to more phone calls it definitely consider testing it you have to land visitors on a solid well-thought-out page on your website that's built to convert right so whatever page the consumer is going to get to once they click on the ad you want that page to speak to them and tell them exactly why they should hire you right you want to do ongoing split testing and tweaking and fine-tune your AdWords so PPC advertising is not one of those set it and forget it right it's something that you have to get into daily or at a minimum weekly basis right and then when you find an ad that works you should you should try and test to see if you can find a better ad right because if you if you can create a better ad that converts better it improves the quality score of your ad which as a result bring down the costs right so as a appliance repair business owner you're always trying to see if he can lower costs and maximize your return on investment so split testing is one way you can do that so don't even think about spending another penny until you have conversion tracking in place now let's talk about some conversion tracking essentials you should have a dynamic phone number that swaps from PPC organic or direct traffic what that means is you want to know where your leads are coming from right is it did it come from Google AdWords did it come from your SEO efforts or was it like a referral or an existing customer that just they already knew what your website was it just you know typed it into the browser and they came from there it's important that you just don't want to know that okay I got 300 leads this month but I don't know where they came from right you need to know because once you know you can better optimize how you spend your money right so you maybe you'll find out that you know one particular source of leads is not working as well so you can maybe minimize the budget there you don't necessary have to turn it off because you may still be getting leads from it but if you realize that PPC is working a lot better for you then you could you could spend more money there you could also look in so if you're just doing AdWords then you could look into maybe experimenting with Bing ads or Yahoo ads so dynamic phone numbers helps separate the the different sources of leads so you know what's really working a keyword pool with a dynamic phone number swap and so that you can track phone calls back to the keyword and the campaign so this is important right because do you want to know you may end up with hundreds if not thousands of keywords in an ad group it's important to know which one works right so you can focus more on the ones that work and you may you may think about eliminating you know once you get up to that level where you have hundreds or thousands this will help you eliminate the ones that don't work and then your campaign will just be left with actual keywords that generate leads for you on a regular basis these are things again that will improve the quality score of your campaign and bring down the cost of what you pay per click and then there's webform tracking so if you have a forum and your website for consumers to fill out at which you should because not all consumers are going to be able to call you especially doing normal business hours you know some can't be on the phone while they're at work having a web forum on your website is a great way to capture some additional leads for those people that can't can't necessarily speak on the phone at 9:00 to 5:00 conversion tracking built into your AdWords campaign to determine which ad group generate the leads all right so we just don't want to know what keyword but we also want to know what ad group are generating the more the most leads we can optimize those now let's talk about some important key performance indicators when it comes to PPC so total spend right so how much you're spending each month average cost-per-click right because this this is gonna be important when we're talking about how many clicks does it take you to get a phone call all right the average cost per lead and we need to know that for calls as well as web forms now if you're running an efficient campaign what you can expect to see with PPC advertising is is somewhere in this range to actually get a lead so somewhere from 5 to 40 per lead all right and then we want to be able to track our return on investment so is this thing really working for us right and then this this can vary from city to city country to country so you definitely want to be able to track this information so you know what's really working for you all right so we talked about when when you set up a campaign you want to have the the campaign broken into smaller a group so a lot of appliance repair companies they create one campaign and they put multiple ad groups in there or just one ad group over with a ton of keywords in there as much keywords as they could find you want to break this up at a minimum by the different services that you offer so you have one ad group for refrigerator appear another ad group for oven repair another for dishwasher repair and then if you want you can also start segment and the ad groups by brands so like all the whirlpool type services go into one ad group all right keyword types matter so we talked about the different match types when it comes to keyword so the first one we're going to take a look at here is the broad match right which is on the top left of your screen there right you just target appliance or now broad match is think about these are the most expensive keywords for you the reason is these are the ones that are going to bring in unrelated searches all right so broad match means Google could pretty much send you any type of consumer as long as it has to do with repair so if someone was looking for a car repair lawnmower repair all those all these broad match keywords here you see it on the upper left could bring in those type of searches for you all right so you want to monitor those very closely that's the downside of the broad match but also the broad match is going to bring you good keyword searches as well right because it's going to bring in things that that you can use the continent to expand your your-your-your keyword so you can get additional leads but if you're running any type of broad match keywords you definitely want to monitor your negative keywords which we're going to talk about a little bit later all right and notice with with the match type here in the upper left compared to the other types that I have so the phrase match has quotes around them and a modified broad match has the plus sign that's exactly how you set them up right so if you wanted just a word appliance repair here and the left-hand side of the screen here let's say you had it as a broad match you don't want to keep it that way you know want to change it or freeze match you would just need to put the quotes around it and then select select select it within Adwords there so phrase match is is the next one we want to talk about where this one you won't get you could still get some negative searches from it right and what I mean by negative searches the searches you don't want like we talked about a lawnmower repair or the car repair so this limits it what this means is these whatever the consumer types in these words must be contained in there all right now it could have something after it so it could be applying to appear let's say the consumer typed an appliance appearing near me in Austin Texas the ad was social because it has appliance repair and near me in the ad all right the next one I want to talk about at the bottom there is modified broad match all right now this is similar to the phrase match but you can have words before it or after it so what I mean by that if we look at the first one modified broad match the search must have the word appliance repair in there right but it could have something before it's like same day appliance repair all right or it could have something after it like appliance repair in San Diego so that keyword would still show up in either either forms now the broad match modifier is a little bit safer approach because it's not going to necessarily pull in things like car repair although it could but with these type of match types you're with the modified broad net you're telling them on the first one it must contain appliance repair the second one for its service the consumer search must contain the word for its service all right so here are some negative keywords that you want to look out for a matter of fact if you don't have these in your hair campaign you can you know make a note to add them so some of the common negative searches that we see show up has to do with jobs right you don't want to get people clicking on your ads looking looking for an appliance repair job all right if it's blenders and you don't service them you don't want your ad showing up great because all these things cost money parts is a big one and pressure washer is another common one that tends to show up so pay attention to your negative keywords I recommend you check those on a daily basis but at on a weekly basis at a minimum so you need to write compelling ads that resonate with what consumers typed in to the search engines to entice them to click on your ad versus your competition so when it comes to writing compelling text ads less is more right you want to be concise tell them exactly what you want them to do right don't give them a bunch of information and then they get confused all right if you have a special offer you know like if you're doing a $25 off service or 25 percent off you know you want to reference that in the act those things are going to help consumers to choose your ad versus the competition and then you want to give them one decision right don't say call visit my website just tell them called out don't offer them to do too many options because these are things that Believe It or Not will confuse some consumers and it'll just click on a more simple ad now here's an example of a company that's using the ad extension so at the very top there you see the ad extension they have they're using several ad extensions here but they lose using the location extension and then they use another extension for refrigerator repair and in-home service right look how big that first adings compared to the other three below it we talked about using ad extensions kind of give you that half page like you know advertising in the newspaper and the other ads that I classified so if we could match these up this first set is almost the size of all three ads combined all right and it gives you the opportunity to you know sell your service more you know the this person this company is actually a great job you know we're not just looking at this room for the extension but I just want it I just want to make a note of look what they have in the line of their $65 off and free quote or pairs right those are two great things to get consumers to call in the second ad here that I want to make a note of not not to be off topic but you're doing some really good things here one-year warranty right how many appliance repair companies offer that and then 20% off repair all right so they're doing some some good things there Sears they do the 20% off look at the last ad though their headline there's it's it's not a lot doing let me see if I can adjust the screen here so you can see the rest of it but their headline is not that compelling compared to the other ones right they do have a few things here just in the screen our repair technicians are fully licensed and insured those are great 20-plus year experience those are great but there's definitely some improvement that they could do with the headline there right the website consumers don't care about that too much an appliance repair right he uses that's fact the headline is valuable real estate so you want to put things in there it's going to get consumers to call right so the discount free call or repairs I mean these are things that you're looking for same-day service all those things would be great and the the ad extensions make the ad jump off the page now this is the Google map section of the search engines and I wanted to show you that the ads this is something relatively new over the last few months where you can get your ads to show up in the Google map section now one way for doing that is that you have to enable the location ad extension to be able to show up here you know a lot of companies are confused how to get in there they're running PPC ads but they can't get into the actual map section and the reason is is they have an enable the location extension there so that's how you can get that done normally I'll see one ad here but you know we're starting to see to Google AdWords is is the major or the number one revenue provider for AdWords right they make a few billion every quarter and it's billing with Abby every quarter off just ads so we're gonna see more of these ads show up right the map section the organic section so you know they're trying to maximize their return on investment there alright so let's talk about a landing page right you wanna send visitors to a solid well thought-out page on your website that's built to convert right so when you're doing ads there's two steps right if you're not going to call from the ad then the next step is they're gonna come to your website and that's where you have to convince them to call your appliance repair company over the competition so here's an example and this is actually a plumbing site that I found what it's great has a lot of conversion elements the first one is if the phone number notice how big and bold that phone number is in the upper right hand corner now there's actually studies that show that when a consumer comes to the website the where their eyes go is that upper right hand corner so that's why you want the phone number they're big and bold and when someone comes to an appliance repair website they're really not coming to the website to you know spend a lot of time reading what you're trying to do is actually pick up the phone and call because it's an emergency-type niche right if the fridge is broken and food is spoiling they just want someone to come out like right now all right so that's really what you're looking for the other thing is notice that $25 off right so they are offering a discount to get the consumer to call right below that they have 548 customer reviews right if you don't have a reviews on your site you need to get it on there this is really important because a lot of consumers know and and that this is the pattern that we we've been seeing over the last few years consumers are chicken reviews first before callin all right if this company has 548 five-star reviews that signals the customer that you know they're not gonna have a problem with this this company and if we go to the left there just to the left of the $25.00 of section they're honest expert service you deserve friendly expert technician know has an upfront price and 100% satisfaction guarantee what you're doing here is answering a lot of questions that's in the customers mind right are they going to get ripped off that's a that's a main question a consumer have when they're calling any type of service company whether it's Homer or an appliance repair company are they going to get an expert technician out there or is it going to be you know someone that that just came out of a appliance repair school right they want someone s experience that's going to fix the problem right then and there right are they gonna be is it going to be upfront pricing right they want to know the price upfront and not you know not the tech go and fix the appliances and then they have a huge bill right they need that pricing upfront so they could determine whether it's Oh get it repaired or just replace it and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that's telling them that if there is a problem the company is going to stand behind it and do whatever it takes to fix it to make them happy as a consumer alright so this was a great example has a lot of great elements and as you can see everything here is telling them we are the company you need to choose you know if you have a plumbing problem and that that's how it should be when consumers come to your page after clicking on your your ad your PPC ad should come to a webpage and make them feel like yeah this is the appliance repair company that we need to fix our appliances alright so we've covered a lot of information a lot of key elements when it comes to running a successful PPC advertising so I just want to summarize everything for you now all right so the number one thing I highly recommend is that you get conversion tracking it's a must all right if not you've got you could be losing a lot of money with PPC advertising your campaign must be broken into smaller ad groups that target the different services that you provide this and your text ad must match what the person typed in now this isn't gonna be always the case if you have an ad group with multiple keywords in there but another option you can do and this is somewhat advanced what I'm gonna put it out there is to have one ad group per keyword and then at that point everything matches up at least ninety ninety-five percent of the time make sure you have a strong understanding of keyword match types and don't forget about negative keywords so I didn't cover the exact match match type there which is the other one that's available but it's important to know how those work right the broad match is the one you have to be very careful with you know I usually recommend companies when you're just starting out start with exact match start with phrase match and then work your way into the broad match modifier if you're not getting any leads and then the broad match lasts but once you start running broad match you want to check the negative keywords highly recommend that if you're not checking those on a regular basis and and some of you watching this may be like where the heck do I find negative keywords I don't have a screenshot of it to show you right now but just call your just call Adwords and ask them how do I find my negative keywords and they'll walk you through it this is where a lot of companies are losing money so you definitely want to check this and then you want to start excluding these negative keywords so you may be wondering you know if someone types in blender then and you don't fix blenders how can you exclude that as well as there may be other services or other searches that your ads are showing up but you don't make much money on it so you don't want to get those type of calls from Google Adwords right so so let's say you do sell parts but your margins aren't that big on on parts so you don't want to spend money on on PPC advertising to get parts calls coming in so you could exclude you know the word parts as well as specific parts that may show up like a dryer pulley all right gaskets things like that you need to write compelling text ads that resonate with what the consumer type and and and ties them to click on the ad versus the competition so remember they're seeing multiple ads right so what you type into that headline number one is going to be the factor that grabs their attention right and then you have the description which helps to get more conversion and then we talked about using ad extensions to even make your ads stand out more on the page and there's there's multiple extensions that you can use to me that had look bigger right and and you'll definitely get a lot more clicks now it's something you want to test right it's gonna make your app bigger and you get more clicks but what kind of clicks are you getting and this is where that conversion tracking comes back in right because if you get in more clicks but it's more parts clicks then it may not be that advantageous for you but it's it's important to test it all right you have to land visitors on a saw solid well-thought-out page on your website that's built to convert so we talked about different conversion elements having the phone number being humble in the upper right hand corner something else I'd recommend we talked about or you saw that particular plumbing site that had the that the number of reviews but what would be even better is having where there's a screenshot or actual reviews of the customers of some of your past customers that you know a consumer could read and see the actual reviews so you could have that there you could talk about or have an image of Yelp if you have Yelp reviews and Google reviews if you're you're credited by the Better Business Bureau you could have that image there right the all those are great conversion elements that you want to offer and everyone loves the discounts if you can offer a disco you know you want to have that on there and and usually a discount don't think about the discount of being off your trip charge or your service coffee where you'd want to do do the discount is off the completed or appear so that would be like the fine print you want to include now one of the things that may be going on in your mind is man PPC advertising seems complicated and I just don't have time for right you're you're running a business you know I always say that any appliance repair company that I've consulted with or existing clients I've told them like you're going to make your most money fixing appliances not trying to do the advertising yourself however if you're small if you're a one-man type operation you may need to wear multiple hats and that's what it's it is for small businesses right you're the the accountants here the marketing guy you're the technician right your accounts payable accounts receivable you wear multiple hats and that that's okay alright but as soon as you get to the level where you can hire a company to do the advertising for you whether it's on a broad scale where you you know they you find an online marketing company to handle everything for you you want to start outsourcing that part or start hiring out that portion of it or you may take the opposite approach and hire an in-house person to start doing some of this for you so if if you're you're thinking hey I don't want to do this on my own I have the money to hire a company but how do I choose a good company here are a few questions that you'd want to ask them so the first question is asked them how much of the budgets that that they're telling you need to spend each month well actually goes towards spending money on advertising versus their management fee all right so how most most PPC management companies work is they'll tell you you need to spend for example five thousand a month all right and then they take a percentage not take a percentage but they add a percentage on top of that and usually that's somewhere between I'd say 10 to 20% of what you spend all right see looking at about 500 to a thousand if you're spending around five thousand a month in a management fees all right so you want to know how much you know if they're recommending a budget how much of that is gonna be part of their management fee all right what type of tracking will they put in place actually one one quick thing before I move on to that second point there which is important when you're if you hire a management company you need to now calculate their management fee into what is causing you poor lead to see if it makes sense a lot of communism a this mistake and they just use what they spend with Google AdWords as the expense but the management fee is not an additional expense so that's you wanna factor that in to see if if if if it's if it's worth it because they that could be the the breaking point or what whether it's a successful campaign because of those additional fees all right so definitely get the tracking in place and you want to be able to track a phone call versus someone that just entered their information into the web form if you don't have web or call tracking that connects the AdWords you'll be at a major disadvantage with your competition and you want to be able to with the tracking to differentiate the different sources of your leads all right so is that it come from PPC or was it organic how will you track your key performance indicators all right depending on the company if you hire a company that the management company will provided with some type of dashboard or they should write they should have a dashboard that you can log into at any point in time and this see these key metrics right you don't need to see everything that's going on but you want to see things like total leads cost per lead right just just the major things so you can see whether or not this thing is working all right you don't need to necessarily know how many negative keywords were or going on there you just want to know is this thing working is it getting us leads at an affordable cost where we're actually making a return on investment will they be setting up landing pages for you for each ad group or is it just one page on the website that is sending the traffic so remember we talked about this you want to have separate landing pages right so you don't want to send someone just to the home page on the website right if they typed in dishwasher appear they need to go on a page any website that's all about dishwasher repair if they type in stove repair they need to go to a page on your website all about stove repair so if you're driving landing pages if you're driving traffic to landing pages how will the pages be optimized for conversion right we talked about the different conversion elements so they should be able to tell you what type of conversion elements are going to be on those landing pages and they should be able to show you examples as well are they going to split test the ads for each ad groups right and then how often the display is at will will they be leveraging ad extensions for you to make the text that stand out in the search results and will they be tracking that to see whether or not ad extensions actually work for your particular market what are the targets in terms of cost per lead and return on investment right they should have a goal for you what type of return on investment because you're paying them this management fee you need to get some type of return on investment and what goals are they seen right now you know what are the averages and what can they do for you all right so hopefully that all made sense I'm going to let's talk about now some some other elements that we use to set up our PPC campaigns for success and we run campaigns every single day for clients you know to get them a consistent flow of leads so we split the campaigns into strategic ad groups based on our experience in the appliance repair business to help target the most profitable services right so notice I didn't just say all services right we're focused on a more profitable services like refrigerator repair for clients that do high-end you know we definitely targeting some of those high-end brands like the sub zero's and thermidors because of the larger profit margin for them we set up conversion optimized landing pages we set a true conversion optimization so that all the conversion what is call or web forms submissions can be tracked and associated with a campaign and the keywords within Adwords so that we can adjust the bid and the spent strategy based on the campaigns and the keywords to drive the best conversion this this there's a huge difference between simple call tracking call tracking is is that the basic level right you should have that in place so you know that will tell you where the leads are coming from right but we need to drill down a little bit more when it comes to PPC campaigns we want to know what keywords are work and what ad groups are working all right we know exactly how many calls come from PPC versus organic right and and for some we have access to the recordings to actually get more information about those calls that we need to now something really important before we move on to the next one is recording of calls can be instrumental for your business what I mean by that is I've spoken to a lot of appliance repair companies that are getting a lot of leads and what they're trying to do is actually bring on additional lead sources because they're just thinking of it as a numbers game but sometimes it's not that you need more leads it's just that you need to convert more of the leads that you already have coming in into customers right so this lure call recordings can come in to be instrumental with that type of situation because your problem could be the person answering the phone so you may not be answering the phone you could have you know you could hire whether it's an answering service or you have an in-house person answering the phone how are they handling the calls when they come in right so these recordings you could listen to them and and analyze that type of situation write it so it could be you know not necessarily just for quality control but for training purposes right listen to some of those recording that man you know we could have did this or we could have done that to actually get the call all right so call recordings can be very beneficial if you're not using it and usually that could be call of a part of a call tracking we've talked about call tracking several articles on our website about that and in some of the past webinars but it's it's it's so cheap I mean you get a phone number that's a dollar a month and I think the permanent charges is somewhere around five cents depending on the company go it but it's I think it's so worth it because it helps you uncover a lot when it comes converting on the phone all right so we know which keywords within the ad groups drove the calls and at what cost this make it's possible for us to optimize based on keywords that result in calls and stop wasting money on keywords that don't net a result right there's going to be some keywords in your campaigns that all they do is get negative searches right competitor type searches part searches right things you don't do right get that get them out of the campaign right you only want keywords in your campaigns that are performing right and then you always want to be testing new keywords all right to see if those could be new performers for each ad group we set up multiple text ads and we were to rotate them based on the best converting at each one now what we fall with appliance repairs you don't want to have more than two ads at a time all right because what happens it depending on the city or and if you're in a huge city like Houston you know let's say New York City LA then you may have more but the reason I typically just recommend to is if you're in a smaller city it's gonna take you longer to get the data all right so you don't necessarily need to test more than two ads at a time all right because you wanna you want to be able to get that data like within a month or so you know one to two months the most so so you can make a decision of what's working and what's not working all right you want to take a look at the click-through rates on those ads you want to take a look at quality quality scores and finding that good converting ad is going to help those quality scores to go up improve over time and what that does if quality score goes up cost goes down all right which is exactly what we want and we have a KPI dashboard that we look at the monitor deletes to help keep us keep track of these important metrics and so we can compare ad spend so return on investment and the profits for clients so if you stick it on to the end you know I did promise you I give you these these bonuses so we have the appliance repair online marketing checklist most commonly search keywords all right and then this online dominance infographic here that I want to send over to you just take a look in the chat box if you're on this live you'll see a link that you can click on to get these bonuses the other thing you can do if you want to just put your email in the chat box I can email it directly to you I just provided a link as well because the link sometimes with emails the you know end up with spam or they don't come through for whatever reason but whatever is more convenient for you either just click on the link that you should see there if you are watching the replay of this when we post this then it should be on our blog right so if you go over to our website you should see a link to possibly get these bonus although this is really for the live participants all right so the other bonus I want to offer you is I want to give you a free 2018 online marketing review right this is where we're gonna take a look at your online visibility we can I can send you a custom keyword list for your particular service area if you want we can take a look at a rank and report to see where your website is currently ranking if you're trying to do some SEO we can take a look at online directions to see you know where you're where you're applying spare companies listed online we can take a look at your online reviews and online reputation which if if you're not focusing on online reputation now you need to it's it's going to be if you take anything away from this webinar is start working on your online reputation it's going to become more important to you in the future and if you can get ahead of it now and and primarily on a basic level what we're talking about is reviews more and more consumers are going to start looking for reviews before picking up that phone so if you want to start collecting reviews from now when it becomes more important in the future at least you'll have a ton of good reviews alright now just talking about reviews here there's always you're not going to always have good reviews is going to be bad so if you start collecting reviews from now when you get the bad ones that come in because we can't please everyone it's going to help cushion those alright and still you'll still have a good online reading like on Yelp or Google reviews so we can also take a look at your social presence when we talk and we can take a look at the different conversion elements on your website alright so that's all part of the 2018 online marketing review you can go to this website link here appliance repair marketing secrets calm for its life schedule if you'd like to take advantage of that or just give us a call at eight six six five six one five six two seven again that's eight six six five six one five six to seven or visit us on the web site appliance repair marketing secrets with an S com for it /schedule I hope you guys enjoyed this webinar as much as I did preparing it for you I like to get this information out there and I look forward to speaking with you on the next webinar take care guys

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