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hi Rick Patterson thanks for coming to my video today today I'm going to talk to you about something very important that if you don't do it right you will be up you-know-what creek without a paddle stay tuned one of those things that very very important is the toilet you've always got to have a working toilet because without a working toilet guys it's just not worth well I'm not going to say so what I've got is a toilet here that was broken everything in the inside was needing bad repair and replacement so the client of mine had a plumber command and give her a quote of over $500 to replace the entire toilet when I heard about this I said you know do you really want to spend that much money called he's gonna do replace parts I can do it for you and I can do it for you probably a thirty thirty three percent cut off of this so or a sixty seven sixty percent cut anyway I'll save your money but what I'm doing now is just actually changing out the insides of a toilet so that's what we're going to do we're just going to talk about how to change the innards the inner works over toilet stay tuned so this is what we're talking about right here it's the toilet every house has one and without it you are up someone so Creek alright so let me show you just exactly what we're going to do today this right here the tank was all corroded you see some of the metal shavings down in here that's just basically corroded and it was overflowing and everything so we had an individual coming to here try to fix it and it didn't they didn't do very good job so they called me to come in and repair this so the very first thing you want to do is disconnect the fill valve so what you have to do first off and I always get some sort of something to catch water but the first thing you want to do here is of course is to turn the water off and you turn that off in a that's on so you turn this off clockwise now the next thing is once you have that then you've got to disconnect the water supply line and you are going to get wet it is going to start doing that right there so what I've done here just put this underneath so when I do remove this right here the water inside will be caught in this trash can and just keep it right there let it cause that's a little bit awkward alright so the next thing there after that's done is that we're gonna have to disconnect this right here so these are bolts that that secure the tank to the bowl and you've got to disconnect those and I'm not gonna be able to do this with recording cuz I'm using my cell phone to record this but we're gonna remove this and this is basically I just take an oversized screwdriver and a pair of pliers or a crescent wrench on the other side because it's got a nut for the bolt you unscrew this you unscrew this and then lift this up now when you take this out this is going on the water in here it's going to drain out so go ahead and keep your bowl like I have right here anything that will catch the water on that side and that's how we're going to do that so far so let me go ahead and stop recording and I'm going to take that out and show you the next step now what I've done is taken this tank out put it in the bathroom sink and I'm going to unscrew this flush valve completely a little bit difficult challenging to do this with one hand all right so this is off here now we're going ready to take the the flush valve to section out and so you can't do this by hand it's just almost impossible you have to either have to use a strap wrench or another wrench I'm going to show you here in just a second now here's the device that I've picked up recently and it's a plumber's wrench and let me see the name on this is called actually just called a regular channel channel lock but what it does it's it's confused a little bit differently so it's got a wider mouth to it and so I can adjust this like so and then just start turning so I'm going to take this and remove this particular nut around this and you see it's getting easier easier to turn as I go still can't quite get it with one hand so I'm going to continue doing that until it's completely off okay so what I'm going to put in now it's called a flush all high-performance toilet flush valve it instantly installs real easily and to most of them have your toilets and then plus it's about 40 percent water less water used on flushing so they brag here about 2500 gallons of water saved annually on each toilet flush installed so we're going to install this I got this set local hardware store and it's new on the market I thought I would give this by the way the disclaimer is I do not get paid by flush all so this is a freebie all right so we're gonna open this package up and install this now okay so what you see here is the same setup that we had before it's pretty much standard it's got the the threaded part that sticks out with the gasket so we'll take this off completely and set this inside here and then put the the nut back on once this is set inside so the flush valve is now secured inside and then what we've done is tightened this and I do suggest that you not put a lot of force on the nut here you don't want to crack the tank at all caused it to leak at all so now we're ready to do one more thing and that is to put this rubber gasket on the outside here and then place it inside the bowl so we're going to go ahead and do that now now you can see here that there are several bolts that are that come with this is actually three and this just makes four parts so what you want to do is just take one of these and break it on down take it completely apart you want to take out the washer everything off of here of the bolt except for this section now what you want to do is just take this bolt and leave the rubber washer on there and then take off the washer and the nut below it put it on the inside and you can see what I've done right there is I put that bolt going on in the washer the bolts are on the washers on the inside and the outside touching the tank itself with a washer here as well a metal washer so you've got the rubber washer the metal washer and then the bolt okay so you just tighten these up here on both sides and you're ready to go now once these set on top of the tank then you're ready to put on the other washer which once that goes through the hole I'll show you in a second and then you have the wing nut that you can just tighten by hand again you don't want to over tighten this because you will crack either the tank or the bowl and then that's a lot of trouble okay so I've got that wingnut on and the washer up on top of that now we're going to do the other side this is Rick Patterson with the handyman toolbox by the way before you go I want to encourage you to check out my other videos and you'll see a link below click on in the 1,000 person that subscribes to the handyman to lots calm gets a free tool go ahead and register now see you there

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