P.J. Fitzpatrick Home Improvement Tips: Window Seal Failure

okay so you've cleaned your slider window but you still notice that the seal failures in there it's kind of cloudy still again if you help us retrieve the number from home and call us we can speed the process up very quickly and get a new size for you slider when there's a little bit easier just open the window and look on the sides of unit of the operating panel for the fixed panel on this one it's on the fixed panel so you either take a picture of it or either copy the number down and when you call in you need to tell us if it's the operating panel or the stationary panel once we get that information we can get the ball rolling on getting you a new sash order and getting you taken care of a lot quicker

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  • Chacumbele Demeye

    April 14, 2019

    LOL!! Top salesman, ain'tcha Bob?


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