Overview on Cabinet Wood Types – Kitchens

we have a lot of different wood species for our cabinetry there's maple Hickory oak walnut and cherry our most popular wood species today is maple the reason for that is that it's a tightly grained wood that doesn't have a lot of grain definition it can be stained or painted with the paint of course there's an unlimited array of colors I probably have 2000 different colors that won't offer cabinetry at all any Sherwin Williams color any Benjamin Moore color we can duplicate for your cabinetry and then there's so still quite a demand for stained product if some buyers would prefer a harder wood for a particular reason and some folks like the draining of Hickory or oak and that'll be a much more pronounced green it will also be a harder species of wood and that that is a product that lends itself to a stain finish we go to stay in the cars there's a tremendous variety of colors staining as well

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