One Reality | Build: London ’19 for Architecture | Unreal Engine

of all, thank you for inviting us
and having us here. It feels really great. So I’m Magnus from One Reality. And my friend, Anders,
is here from Raminent. Together we will tell you a
little bit about our platform called Twinsite and what it
can do for safety, efficiency and sustainability in the
construction industry.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: We built this
platform called Twinsite, and Twinsite is a virtual
world of construction sites, or kind of a digital
hub basically. Where people and businesses
are to co-exist basically.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: A piazza.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: A piazza.
To find possibilities to improve the construction industry. MAGNUS ARFORS: So
a year and a half ago, we did a prestudy actually,
and you see all these brands up here? We found out that different
organizations, entrepreneurs, the UN, different city
development projects, different consultancy firms– they all seem to land in a
very strong need for safety, and also efficiency
and sustainability. We also found that big brands
that you have seen here today are using interactive media
and immersive media already, because it’s so efficient.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: This
picture is basically to just emphasize that, that
so many companies and parts of the construction
industry are really, really pushing
safety and business efficiency and sustainability. And we think that our platform
might be a way of actually sorting things out.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: And all
supported by digitalization. You have seen this before. It’s like a pie chart
that we have put together. But digitalization, you know,
we digitalize our processes to become more efficient. And as you can
see, we have chosen those parts for our project. But we want to show
here that it– we see it as a partial of
the overall digitalization in society.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: So Twinsite. We decided to kind of create
like an open platform, as we said, like a virtual
world of construction sites. Our aim with this
platform is actually to work with education
and communication and also innovation around what
we call the temporary factory. We like to see it as
some kind of a base for a virtual infrastructure,
digital infrastructure for several companies
to kind of co-exist. The Twinsite platform
will very soon be ready for global download,
which will be free to use. It will be free to use. But we have some parts
of it, like training and, what you call it? I forgot the word.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: Training
modules?>>ANDERS VIKMYR: Yeah,
educational modules basically will come with a fee. So we have some kind of eye on
the same business model as–>>MAGNUS ARFORS: Fortnite.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: As
Fortnite, which has shown to be quite
successful basically.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: So we
talk about training and here is an example. We have a part of Twinsite
is a concrete room. And in the concrete room,
use concrete cutters and other tools. As a result, you
get silica dust. Silica dust is invisible. It’s very dangerous to
inhale day after day. You can end up with COPD
and other horrible things. But not only are you in a
typical building environment, you also get to learn about
the inside of the body. So what we do is that we take
the users on a trip down, into the–all the way
down through the airways to the alveoli. And inside there, you get
to understand what silica dust does to your physiology. And then you get motivated
to protect yourself.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: Exactly. And what we see now is
actually a short film clip.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: It’s
not a live demo.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: Come again?>>MAGNUS ARFORS: It’s
not a live demo, right?>>ANDERS VIKMYR: No, exactly. We kind of crossed that out. But what you see
here is actually a part of this generic
construction site, and we’ll also very soon
see and hear something from the training.>>NARRATOR: The pulmonary alveoli
are covered by small blood vessels called capillaries. Blood that is poor in oxygen
flows through the capillaries in order to be
enriched with oxygen from the air that is inhaled. A fibrous scar tissue is formed
where the silica crystals are encapsulated, which leads to an
impairment in the gas exchange.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: Exactly. And what Magnus
mentioned is that this– our aim with this is to really
create a feeling for this guy, for example. Like medical information
that is crucial for him to make the right choices. One really important thing
for us and our customers, is our ability to actually
bring the training to them. So we’re fitted these
construction huts with VR equipment, take
it to the customer. Instead of sending
the whole company to a training facility
for half a day, these guys book slope
times, like the dentist. So we can do a lot of training
with the minimum effect on their daily lives basically.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: And not only the
co-workers that their hands-on, we see that the
entrepreneurs, they want to educate all of the
people and administration and so on. So it’s all happening now. And as Anders says,
this is very efficient. One hour, and you’re ready. And you end up doing a test. So within an hour, you
get your certificate. And you can continue
with your project.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: And just
like everyone else here who has presented,
we work together with a lot of good people. We’ve not worked a lot with
the kind of digital auto desks or these kinds of people. But people down to
earth with muddy boots, like the people at the
NCC or Alimak or JSB. We’re also working with the
construction federations and stuff like that who shows
some great interest in this.>>MAGNUS ARFORS: Coming
steps, download globally. We follow the technology. It’s going to be easier and
easier to become a user. And now we establishing it– we are going to
establish in the UK. We’re going to offer the
education here as well. So please come and
talk to us afterwards.>>ANDERS VIKMYR: Great. That’s it. Three seconds to go. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]

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