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hi in this episode we're gonna show you how to swap out a faucet first things first you gotta clean up the sink area and do the dishes now in this video we're going to show you how to replace a cracked tile in your shower hi Long Island IKEA happy kitchen week these guys can go right onto the shelf so now you have the shelf and now you have space below the show I'm sorry that's like instant real estate this is the last prize I'm gonna give away for answering the correct question where on earth can you go for the best organizing products for your kitchen it oh when I bought your hand first yeah you got it there here your small space specialist akia's firm wine rack isn't only for housing life's most precious of liquids but also think of it as creative wall storage for towels magazines or kit shoes floor is an amazing set of pockets perfect for your remote controls or knitting projects but take it to your car and put it under the car seat stash crayons snacks and other little guy goodies I love 12 organizers it's a great way to maximize height easily access your utensils spices and oils or take it to your classroom and organize your arts and crafts these guys not just for shoes anymore store your cleaning products organize your kids rooms or take it outside and start an herb garden so we have four days for the master-bedroom challenge I feel like I don't have time to get organized but I know that if I get organized I will save on time there you go the best part about the master bedroom is the golf she's gorgeous this is why you're here I really want to bring in a very classic element to space and that's a beautiful crumble I'm just curious how in the heck did you pull all this off what was your budget going into this we had 1796 dollars going into this and what did you guys spent eight hundred and thirty-five dollars you did all this and two days hmm they're crying I have goose bumps I'm super excited with this office den space because as a New Yorker as a professional organizer I'm always looking for creative ways to make small spaces multifunctional especially on a tight budget we're now I'm gonna have a sleeping space over here I'm gonna have an area for entertainment and this is where you're gonna work we're going to use a sleeper sofa for extra guests and keeping one closet for extra storage and knocking out the other one to add a desk welcome our multifunctional space has three different functions this was out into a bed so it could sleep two people we also have a desk area over here and then of course we have a lil entertainment space watch TV PJs knocked it out of the park hi I'm Sara Russo scare can your small space specialist proving to you the home really is what you make it today we're Manhattan's Washington Heights one step away from the George Washington Bridge a neighborhood that is growing fast because of the affordable housing today we have Chris and Catherine who took on a one-bedroom renovation to create two bedrooms to accommodate their growing family so some of the things that stick out to me that help small spaces which you already know it a light colored cabinets the tall ceilings which you've maximized it's open concept but you still get the feeling that this is my kitchen and this is the dining room and there's leaving your but we're also having one bit conversation Wow making and F's apartment is gorgeous and they've really thought of everything they have two big challenges with a master bedroom and the guest bedroom but they met those challenges head-on with custom furniture a light nary paint scheme and an innovative design plan they weren't afraid to keep their small spaces and dream big and now with a sneak peek into the latest episode of stand out growing your organizing and productivity business is your hosts Eric Eric and hello welcome to stand out the podcast all about growing your organizing and productivity business well that wraps up this episode of a stand out podcast my name is Sarah Kerr can and I'll talk to you next time you

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