NORTHERN LIGHTS & POLAR BEARS?! | Zenpop Stationery Unboxing | Japanese Mystery Box

This is the February Zen Pop Stationery box, it’s got a bunch of stationery items from Japan. Let’s open it up, find out what’s inside and try to make some art inspired by the cute supplies! ♪ This is just a list of all the supplies there is in the box. Open the tissues paper. First item I see what looked to be a bunch of calendar stickers. These are the starry sky schedule stickers. You can use the little circle stickers to circle important dates on your calendar. You can kind of see they mean right there. The next I see. what do I see? Is there anything in there?! [Packaging crinkles] Oh! There they are. Ta da! They say little world, 45 pieces of what? Gilded washi flake seals. Okay so these are stickers to seal your envelopes. It says there are 15 different designs and here are some of them. This one looks like it has a little lake on it. We have like an ocean night sky. This one looks like fall or maybe a forest fire… Eurgh. Hopefully not but they’re very cute. They kind of give me like a fun indie game vibe, but they’re each, I guess, little worlds. Oh, this is probably all 15 designs, right there. Very cute. I’m guessing the plastic bit – [flicks sticker] is some kind of adhesive backing and we just need to get it off [Laughs] [Gasps] I got it! Yep. There we go. Alright, then we have our sticker! They’re very thin, just like washi tape as it described. I’ll try and save that. That was too much work! Then maybe I can use it. Alright, it’s a very pretty navy blue Uniball Signo gel pen. I have a lot of these in white. Ooh, it’s so fine pointed actually, I wasn’t expecting that. Oh look more constellations! Star Bear. Oh, it’s like a memo pad Like memo pad. It’s literally a memo pad. [Laughs] What a little cute little polar bear he’s huggin’ a star. I’m seeing a color scheme. [Chuckles] What else is in here? So this is the Rilakkuma starry night mini memo pad. Two designs on this one. I think we’ve gotten two of these, I think in the last couple boxes, and I have really found a good use for them Let
me know what you would do with a cute little memo pad ‘Cause they’re not like sticky notes or anything. If they were sticky notes, I’d find uses for these, trust me. [Laughs] But they’re fun, maybe for like little notes to stick in little gifts or something. Alright next up. More stars and more polar bears! So these looks like – I wonder if they’re sticky notes. Oh wait, this is what it was saying on the back here. You can make it a stand. This folds like dis. Probably goes up in der. Tada! Oh, that’s cute. Then that sits on your desk and you can grab a sticky note. Alright, next up this is some kind of to-do list. Oh, comes with instructions. Maybe it’s a little bit more complicated than I thought. Oh, it’s just like a little booklet I think to protect and then it says you remove this. Perforated… Then you have your to-do list. The Stars and the bears. Oh we got a little ruler. It’s a little panda bear stripping and turning into a polar bear, is that what’s happening? That’s hilarious. Boo-boop-ba-de-de-de-boop-do-do-de-do-de-op. Buh? [Laughs] I don’t know what’s going on. I mean he could be getting undressed but there’s a possibility that he’s also getting dressed. It’s a little uncertain. It’d
be really cute if it was like more of a bluish green color and it fit the color scheme of the box! [Laughs] What’s this? [Gasps] It’s Kirby! I know that character. [Laughs] Oh, it’s bold on one side, fine on the other. Oh, we got chisel and then fine point. It’s got adorable Kirby on it. [cute giggle] Might be a highlighter. It says midliner on it. Kirby cotton candy. Oh, you could have got one a five different colors. We got the green one. alright and the last item, of course has to be washi tape. This one definitely fits our color scheme. [Gasps] Oh, well, that is pretty, do you see like the foiliness to it? It’s very shiny and metallic. It kind of looks like the aurora borealis or something. Huh! And there’s the polar bears! It’s got like a shooting star going behind them (That is so pretty -) Oh and penguins! It keeps going! They got a globe or something and then we’re back to the polar bears. So that’s a really long design. Look at that. Before it repeats Has a strangely delicious smell to it. okay, I… Really like this box, everything in it is so cute and I love the greeny turquoisey color scheme, but I kinda really really like this purple, turquoise… night sky and then there’s tons of polar bears and constellations, so
I’m kind of inspired to draw something along those lines. I’m not sure how much of these supplies I’ll will be able to use in it but I’m going to definitely take a ton of inspiration, I’m trying to like organize it by like what might be kind of usable here at first to kind of get that little inspiration clock ticking. What does that mean? I don’t know. Let me grab my sketchbook. I want to do like the finished illustration on a separate piece of paper, but a sketchbook is always a good place to start here. Create a little bit of an art journal See if that sparks some extra inspiration. I’m loving this color scheme with like the purples and the blues and a little bit of green. So there we got some green in there and then this is blue I’m really impressed by how fine this is, like look how skinny the line Could practice drawing some stars and like constellation bits. What’s your favorite constellation? My see Orion’s belt because it’s the only one I can find. I’m tempted to see how these art supplies kind of coincide with Copic markers because that might be what I’d like to use. They bleed, but it does make it kind of look like a cool shooting star. So it’s not completely out of the question or we could always just use the marker first then go over it with the pen. The direction I think I’m being pulled is really the color scheme. I’m in love with it. So I want to make sure that my finished illustration really takes an advantage of that. Obviously, I wanted to kind of fit the theme as well, but the colors gonna be my main goal. I’m just warming up, don’t worry about what I’m trying and obviously I want to try and include like polar bears and stars, so that’s kind of main things here. We can use our little list. Color scheme, polar bear, stars. Color scheme, polar bear, stars, constellations in that order too, I would think. Oh, these are sticky! [Gasps] I didn’t know that. ♪ Obviously want some kind of polar bear hair After this I basically have all the freedom in the world. I can do whatever I want. I just want to make sure I include these three things and polar bears seems like the best one to start with because I’ve never drawn a polar bear. Well now I guess I have, there’s one right here. [Laughs] Oh, you can’t even use this on top of the pen either. It kind of works the same way as the Copics. It’s blending it out. Kinda go with an aurora borealis. This green colors kind of perfect for it. What happens with marker on top of the midliner? Well that seems to work all right. I definitely have to go darker. but for now we’re just in the sketchbook, so. Gravitating towards the lighter colors just cut a piece off so I can see the colors a little easier and then I want to try and see if I have Copic markers that kind of complement these ’cause this is so pretty. it’s almost purple at the bottom, a dark saturated purple. Maybe a couple layers of this. No, that’s too blue. Maybe if I go purple on top again. But then there’s a bit of a light section. Now we need some pink. That’s too orange. I’ll just go with this for now. Kind of blend around there Probably do like swoops going upwards. Now we need that turquoise, I wonder if I can use this. I think that would be ideal. Then we need that blue. ♪ Not quite there, I think he just needs to be a little darker and blend that out like immediately, maybe. I think that papers ripping a little bit where I used to the midliner. So it might want to avoid that in the future. They don’t quite get along as well as I would have hoped Some kinda white gel pen maybe, add in some of these other highlights [Mmmm, me, me, me] I don’t know. [Laughs] Just try everything see what works and what doesn’t Alright mine’s definitely not as saturated as that so I think I might try again…? That’s what we got to work with. So let’s just make it work then. Shall we? It’s nice and dark, go in next with this green, this is BG11. Moon white. That sounds perfect That’s like exactly what I’m looking for. Blue! ♪ Then the pink. Which pink did I settle on? I guess I did this one, but I’m gonna try them on orange one this time. Blend that out with the light green. Oh, I shouldn’t go over the pink, gotta keep that in mind ’cause it kind of dulls it down. ♪ Not sure this one’s any better. It’s definitely a hard effect to capture. Especially
when I’m not entirely sure I’m using the right colors! But can you imagine like the white bear in contrast. Oh, it’ll be so pretty. If I can’t get it. Definitely think the purple needs to be darker though. Whoo Okay, that’s not bad. This is definitely gonna be used. Which color is this? BV04 Throwing some stars, they seem to fix everything. I’m gonna do it one more time and make sure that I don’t go over the pink with any of the green or the blue and see if that makes a significant difference. There’s some squiggly mountains for the sky. Then we have to throw in some pink. Somewhere in there. I’m trying to do my own to see if I’m getting the hang of this at all. Then you need the green. it goes over everything like this. Not over the pink hopefully. The light blue kind of mixes the pink. With the green. Green goes above it. Gotta add in the darker tones. ♪ Gonna go a bit more blue near the top of it. What am I doin’ wrong? Maybe if I blend with the pink. Nah, that’s just it’s too kind of like – The pink makes it look like a sunset a little too much. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Eurgh! Just don’t look good. Is that too much to ask? . Oh, you know what? I think I’m looking at this all wrong So obviously the the light is kind of creating this shape and then coming off from that Whereas when I did this way, it looks
like it’s kind of something deep inside of some abyss which obviously is wrong. So lemme try – uh, huhuh. I think the
tricky thing is is that I’m not using opaque art supplies because it might be easier to think of it as like You paint in the dark sky and then add in the lights But obviously I can’t do that with markers. Should be coming from there like this-ish. Tricky tricky tricky. Like if you were to sketch it, you kind of draw in the lights kind of like this They’d fade out up here. It’d be really dark down here. Then some of these sections would have some of the darker sky poking through and then you’d have stars and they’d be more visible where there isn’t lights because the lights going to hide them and compete in brightness. And then it should blend out up to the top. So should have the most concentration and swoops coming from like this section. Does that makes sense? Obviously in this take on them, they’re going straight up So maybe I should draw them straight up too if that helps me It’s kind of nice that I’m concentrating this all in like small sections while I try to figure out how to do it! Instead of trying to draw like one big thing and getting really overwhelmed. I still ended up at a little bit of an angle, but I think the idea is there. Let me go ahead and sketch this out with a pen cause this will blend in and everything so it should be too much of a trouble Let’s try coloring this in. So we want to go a little bit of pink right here and everything should be like flowing upwards Layering those two, that looks pretty nice and then you kind of get that like brightness near the edge Kinda tryin’ to keep the green away from the pink because I think that’s when it looks a little sloppy ♪ Let me concentrate a little bit of little white gel pen around this edge. Following the flow of the light. Add some stars. Is that any better? I think I got a better concept of it. Definitely keeping the green away from the pink looks a little bit less muddy. I wonder if I can throw in a little bit more pink on top of this blue. Or if that’s too much. Kind of thinking this blue is the problem. It’s not saturated enough. I think that’s the best I’m gonna be able to do. These are the colors I ended up using. Definitely gonna keep working on that, but for now, I think it works. Now you should probably come up with some kind of concept for the actual drawing. Maybe that’s the next step. So we worked on the color scheme. Let’s worry about the polar bears. If polar bears are anything like the other animals that I’ve been learning to draw, they
have this big neck section that comes out of the head and head kind of comes forward and then they have a like a snout and it kinda like connects like that ish. [Laughs] Maybe I can find a reference or something, but the eyes are probably here. I feel polar bears have a more pointy nose than some in the bear family. Now, do I
want to put any kind of like emotion into these things? Or kinda keep ’em simple? ‘Cause
I have fun when I draw animals with little dots for eyes. They turn out a lot better but obviously they have a little bit less emotion. Not sure how the bodies work, but we’ll just kind of get somethin’. Alright, I’m gonna reference, more reference, more reference. Just google image it [Laughs] Now imagine this like white polar bear with that aurora borealis in the background. Ah, ha ha. [Snorts] Hopefully it’ll look cool. [Laughs] How you open their mouth? [Giggles] ♪ Angry eyes! Something about it looks a lot less like a bear I don’t know if I made the snout too long or somethin’. Maybe if I widen the nose. Well, anyway. [Short chuckle] It’s like a beaver or Badger or something. Is that what it looks like? This one looks so cute. I think I want to go more the cute direction. This looks like a pig already. There’s my simplified version. This is like the same pose I used to always draw my t-rexes in because they kind of have a similar shape to their neck that I’m noticing I’m kind of falling into that rut. [Laughs] this one looks the most like a polar bear. Well and that one do it I guess but it has like a very shallow top to the base. Wonder if I like do the same thing here, kind of trim it down. Mmm. I don’t know if that made much of a difference. I also
like that one which she doesn’t have to shallow of a face so it’s really hard to say! For the actual illustration though, I probably should start working on some thumbnails. I’m gonna do it on my usual A5 probably. So what if we put just a Polar bear like that like the silhouette of a polar bear. With like the lights going behind him. Gonna put a little tail in there. [Laughs] Maybe we should just focus on the bear like the reason I would put a character in there is to kind of distract from the bear but I feel like you should be able to pull this off Just break it down into shapes and have that fun aurora borealis going on in the background and then we’ll try and maybe use some of these stickers, if I can and then of course you gotta include some stars but they’ll just be pretty easy. I don’t think I’ll go any constellations, we’ll just go kind of random so, uh, yeah. I think we got a plan! I got my piece of paper Now we just gotta do it. Start with the head kind of in a decent center. The neck kind of comes from behind It has a body section and there you got like the hips and here’s where like the arms kind of come off of. Oh, that’s kinda cute- he kinda looks like a penguin! One step at a time I kinda
wanted there to be a little bit more motion to the head because right now it’s looking directly to the left Let’s have it looking down a little more. Block out a really simplified shape Oh no, it looks like a badger. We’ll find polar bear in there somewhere but like an ear would be here an ear would be there. I don’t need that line. Polar bears are pretty squishy. There we go. Not too shabby! The nose I’m confused about. What does a polar bear nose look like? I’m trying to kind of twist it a little bit. I don’t have an exact reference in this same pose So we’re winging it. The arms are a little bit longer than I think I’ve been drawing them ‘Cause they’re basically just legs in the front right? [Laughs] I want to put the little tail. The aurora borealis come in here somewhere ♪ Oops, no that doesn’t make sense. Where’s the undo button? Can I have a second one kind of coming up behind it, Is that possible? Like logistically, I don’t know. I don’t really draw any back ends of polar bears So this area’s confusing me. Alright, I think that’s where we’re gonna go with that The aurora borealis still needs some serious help. We haven’t even added color yet! In my little thumbnail, I had it like all above the polar bear I’m trying to decide do I want to bring it down? Or keep it up above? If I was gonna do it up above, I probably should’ve pulled the bear down a little. So let’s try – Just like a ribbon in the sky. I’m gonna throw a second one in there too. I don’t know if that’s possible but I feel like it’s just compositionally necessary. This will be a kind of fading out before it gets here So we don’t have that kind of tangent along the top. Lighten our sketch. Go ahead and do the line-art, although I don’t think we can do any line-art on the actual Northern Lights. This was just gonna be the polar bear. I wonder if I can make him smile. [Gasps] Ooh! [Giggles] Alright we got the polar bear. I’m really sketchy with the line- art just because I don’t think you’re gonna see most of it along the edge anyway so it’s mostly just kind of for a little bit of texture inside the bear. Next we need to fully erase, or more fully, if you prefer Now I’m kind of in danger of over erasing sections, which it’s not good for the paper. Uh oh. What if I just do something just supper kind of artsy and just go around the polar bear, is that weird? Think it’s kind of weird. Now that I thought would be down here. I’m beginning to think there’s not really a best solution, there’s just a bunch of weird solutions and I’m just gonna pick onme stick with that and then if we want to make them any smaller I can because I don’t have to go over any of the dark areas yet. It’ll start this purple color. I think I’ll do it on top of the sketchbook in case it bleeds through at all. Just kinda start somewhere. ♪ Hey! That’s somethin’! We’re getting somewhere now! [Chuckles] Just fill in the next smallest section. Forgot we’re actually gonna layer this with another color. To make it look even darker. I’ll just do that at the same time. BV04 Was our very dark purple! It’s very patchy I haven’t – this isn’t really marker paper though, so I can’t expect too much. It’s just some thin cardstock, but it usually works pretty well for like what I normally do which is not backgrounds. Probably also fill in this top section. I might do that later. Thinking of adding in a little bit of blue down at the bottom. ♪ [Markers banging on desk] ♪ I think I’m just gonna go ahead and make the aurora borealis really big with the section that I’ve left out for it and then if we need to shrink it down, we can obviously go over it with the darker colors, that seems like the smart way to approach it. [Nervous laugh] This one first ♪ Blend that out I think with this lighter pink! and hopefully that’ll fade out as I layer the other colors like it did in our thumbnails or I’m concerned Next we need the green. Some up there and then a lot more of it like here I think. Let’s try to do it in like stripes. Kind of imitate the light beaming down. I think if we just keep wearing this lightly, we should be able to get the effect Iwant. I don’t know It’s not looking too hard. But this might be just a process. Oops, see there, we erased too much. It’s not even coloring it for some reason. I’m gonna let it come down into some of the other colors [Markers banging] ♪ I feel like I need a darker blue that I don’t have ♪ ♪ I don’t know that might just not be bright enough or I’ll have to darken up the night bit I have slight concerns about this. I’m just layering them over and over and over again, hoping for the right colors. I think this one’s pretty good because I layered them a lot. So that’s what I’m going to do. Over and over and over again. That’s kind of helping, little darker streaks Put
one right behind the poplar bear, kind of pointing at him ♪ [Tutting] I think the pink is still an issue. I wonder if I could – Where’s my reference? Kinda paint – This is kind of going for it, but we’ll see what happens! ♪ This is not easy. [Blows raspberry] ♪ [Marker bangs] We’ll see what happens. [Laughs] Oh well, I went all in, that’s what happens. ♪ [Markers clattering] ♪ Think this paper is reaching its limit. I’m hoping the stars fix everything policy works here [Laughs] Not sure what to do. What to do? It’s definitely kind of messy, but I’ve never um, It’s definitely my first attempt at ever really painting light with Copic markers before so I mean you know, I’m, tryin’, tryin my best. Add a bunch of dots! ♪ Kinda have them overlap some of this, especially in the darker areas I feel like it didn’t make a significant difference. I mean it didn’t change the way the lights look but it made them like more obvious that what they are if it makes sense. Now,
do I want to have any sort of shading around the bear? Probably. Maybe some just light grays would do the trick. First of all color in the nose, but will probably end up darkening that ♪ I wonder if that’s too close to the background color A little bit of red for shading might go a long way since polar bears are actually kinda yellow looking next to snow. There we go I think I want to keep the bear kind of simple. Don’t want to go overboard. I think that’s it. Unless I want to throw in some of these little stars Not sure they’d work. Now that I’m looking at them but we’ll throw some in here Where do I stick this? ♪ It’s not super visible, but I might throw a couple in just that’s not so random that there’s just one Wow, there’s a really long one. [Laughs] Don’t really want them all in one spot. Some down here and one right here Adds a little shimmer. I wonder if there there’s anything else – Nah, I don’t really think there’s anything else I can use here, I didn’t use this blue pen. Maybe add some fur texture. So it’s not completely flat white. Alright. I think we have reached the conclusion of this one folks. Anyway, [Laughs] There’s my attempt at coloring the Northern Lights with Copic markers. Heavily inspired by the stationary we got in the February Zen Pop box. You can see, there’s the journey we went through, It’s always fun to like look back and see where you started [Laughs] I really want to use this – Could we give him a scarf? That’s mostly what this was. This is mostly inspired by this washi tape Thank You Zen Pop for sending me this box to try out and share with all of you, hope enjoyed coming along with me on The journey of this illustration. I’ll see you guys all next week. I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye!

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