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welcome to no place like home coming to you on pinellas county connection TV the sponsor of the show is the Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County the H FA helps first-time home buyers in Pinellas Pasco and Polk counties achieve their dream of homeownership working through a specialized group of lenders the HFA offers a low rate on its 30-year fixed mortgage and helps with down payment and closing costs also please visit our website and lemberg alongside jane Hills this morning your hosts good morning are you you know for people who watch this they don't know that there's a process to the show every every time we do it so actually I'm having a good morning because I had my coffee well you know I teach it so bad last month about what you're gonna do this with no coffee only they're able to see what happened behind the scenes I wanted to mention one thing real fast before we got started on October there's an event coming up called coffee with a cop and you can go right on to that website coffee with a cop calm its national coffee with a cop day where local officers will be available to have conversations and share their insights and help build communication with the community so it's an awesome opportunity to have a conversation and a great cup of coffee so go on the website and check it out trying to hit something to me I see not everybody I thought it was a cool event I just wanted to share and it's a great that I do because we have a really exciting topic today and it's my pleasure to introduce our guest Roland Bryant who is a retired educator with the Pinellas County School District and more specifically Pinellas Technical College prior to his retirement he was training director for the Public Works Academy for over 25 years which happened to be the very first one in the United States the Public Works Academy provides training for both the private and public sector for Public Works prior to public works Academy Roland started the first plumbing program at Pinellas Technical College where he still teaches the plumbing apprenticeship program in addition to the affer mentioned he also creates other programs in training for the betterment of the industry one such program is the basic home maintenance course which he successfully ran for the city of st. Petersburg for a number of years this course provides the individual homeowners with necessary basic skills very important at the very minimum to maintain their home it's not intended to make them electrician plumber or an AC repair person but it will provide them with things that they can do as a homeowner to maintain their home so this should be an exciting topic and we're so happy to have you this morning Roland thank you for coming it's my pleasure to be here and thank for the invite I look forward to the conversation yes we look forward to having it because this is such a great topic so what do you tell homeowners is the most important part of homeownership that's a great question number one transitioning from renting from paying your landlord to change the light bulb to do it yourself because I feel that if a person owns their home and this is a big investment they'll ever make so home ownership this is now my home my stuff this is my fridge my own washing my drive my car this is my house so consequently I've got to maintain it no longer can I go to the landlord go to the guy who owns the apartment this is my house and that is what I tell them how to make the transition from renting to owning a home and that is so important for the show that that little story about one of our first-time homebuyers had called me up when their water heater went out and come out and fix it as icon no that's on you now and that's a great responsibility that real after this is this is on me now holy smokes yeah that's hard for people sometimes so in your classes do you do mostly first-time home homeowners or do you also get some existing homeowners that maybe didn't know some of these things and that was a great opportunity to learn we get both tell you how it works with the city of st. Petersburg they has this home buyers program so consequently there are those who are first-time buyers and those who are have been renting for a long time or own a home for remodeling for upkeep so we have both kind now for the new homeowners first-time buyer the walk in the door there's I don't want to be here this waste my time but when the class is all over they're glad they came we direct them to first of all if you can take a journey with me from your car to your front steps what do you see in the front yard well I see that my gutters are you'd be cleaned out you talked about how to maintain outside the house how to caulk windows doors and it opening to keep out the rodents that's important once you enter that house you look at the living room you have pitches that are hanging off the wall that are half and half be shown about hang a picture how to patch drywall how to how to caulk around the light fixture caulk ever seen to keep out the rodents continuing to the house who goes to the kitchen in the kitchen you have you know I have leaky faucet I have my cabinets are hanging how do I maintain those kind of things so we teach them about five aspects we talk about landscape you talk about plumbing electrical building and a see a B air conditioning we go with those fat topics so you've mentioned and I'm curious to know because this is actually just very interesting to me that people come in and they say I don't want to be here so how do you get them to understand the importance of all these skills you know how do you get someone from going from I don't want to be here too I'm sure I don't even know what the reactions are running but you can tell me what they are okay yeah but once they realize that this is my house that I can fix this faucet that I can plunge this toilet rather than having to call the the repairman rather than have a call the on the the homeowner I am the homeowner consequently I can fix my toilet I can even call this window that helps in heating cooling yeah I can even fix this leaking dripping faucet how come every drop of water that goes through the faucet you've been charged for it every drop is accounted for through the city so consequently you could save money by fixing the leak fixed in the AC a fix in the caulking and that's important that once they realize that this in my house that I've got to maintain it attitude changes that I can do this you mentioned a water heater earlier and that the pipe on the side of the water heater that that that relief valve that's important that can prevent a heater from exploding there's whoa in my house yes so again the realize responsibility and what happens then I can do this to save my home and save myself some money and what they're convinced of that I can do this I can do this myself and that's when the transformation occurs realize that this is my stuff good case in point under your kitchen sink you have the pasta pan but also it'll leak the p-trap will leak well on the bottom we teach to put in some vinyl stick tile that protects your you land and you would it doesn't run out so leak what a curve and you not suspect and don't know it's leaking but yet that's stick Tyler maintain the integrity of that same base oh and such an inexpensive and simple little thing to do that can save you a huge expensive night right I had one young man called me I said mr. Bryant my arm I'm leaking in the kitchen overs coming from as you go outside look at your window okay when I say I feel like right you need to it and that saved that Wharf and being compromised I can do this yes you can sir once they realize that this is my house and I've got to maintain it the attitude changes and that's the biggest transformation it's and there's so many things – and you were talking about you know gutters and then I was thinking about electrical boxes just I mean knowing what your breakers are for and labeling I mean do you go over that – and we teach them how to recognize the main it man shall solve everything if you're going to repair a light socket a light fixture shut off the main just shut it off you know I had a friend of mine eff name's Bill job for him some years ago he said Rolla no this is my receptacle I said I need to shut off the power he said no and this at the right break I know dick need to cut off no this is the right breaker for are you sure look this my house this is right breaker I knew I should've been done it however I could turn out the breaker and I got my voltage tester out and put it on I put my screwdriver on the regulator and guess what having the power was still on hold so I need to realize that this man shuts off all the power in the house that is critical so again things like that make a difference another point is that we've got a lot of mulch and people put up against the house is that good or bad that's dead that that mulch attracts rodents rats roaches and termites just go through and in a house and up the wall so we teach to keep it back from the house at least three feet so you don't have a transformation from termites into your home from the more so this thing homeowners can do and that is so critical all right this stuff is really important we sell a lot of mulch a lot of mulch and consequently their most going to turn my senior home out of there is impossible and how about fruit trees know that fruit trees and fruit hit the ground if you don't pick it up the rats come into the house it's another source of interest so again we talk about those kind of things and now to plan to write down the shrubbery it is it makes the house look better plus you talk about decreasing flooding erosion and just make the house look better some yourself is cut in the yard you say well where are grass clippings go well you can either compost them but don't put them in this storm drain no that's not good consequently things that we can do as a homeowner to maintain the environment and maintain our own it's amazing that basic courses like this aren't like to drive a car you gotta learn how to drive like basic things like this aren't guaranteed to people who are buying a home and there's so much to maintaining a home you know part of the reason I want to roll it on a talk today is that we're thinking about making this like I said a requirement for our first-time homebuyers because I think that it is so important we recently at the hope Expo which we talked about you know every year I gave out a little tool kits to everybody and they didn't even know what the tools were for a little tool kit screwdrivers hammers pliers and I was just like I was just blown away I didn't even know what to think I backed out we worked with Home Depot and we were doing the program and they would give each participant a tool kit consisting of a apron from Home Depot of course we ever get a screwdriver a crescent wrench a hammer a ruler and a putty knife so why put a knife you can put her those cracks where you hang pictures that you want to move again you show them how to put the anchor in the wall but they gotta change you as a hand drill so they do things themselves two and three of them about maintaining their home that is so important and exciting as well I'm not good at painting so maybe should offer another not obtain entertaining we talk about what a primer does now you can buy priming for the paint you talked about before you paint the outside you want even to wash it down get rid of the stuff on the walls all of the trash the lint you know the dust wash it down at first and then put on the primer and then put on the paint but first you want to caulk it caulk ever opening ever seen Corphish you caulk and you know if someone wants if they're I understand that there's different types of classes you can go to some that are multiple weeks and you still do your short class – how would they get in touch to find out more about this is there a website phone number well yeah you can call the college banana Technical College where I worked presently and eight nine three or 2500 can ask for one of the counselors now what we did was we would get them scheduled through the city of st. Petersburg they would do the registry and give us the list of the the potential students and anyone who got a loan through the city for housing for remodeling that cost of the requirement so they would go through the city the lender will let us know who's coming give us the list of 15-20 people and then we will provide the training now the classes were usually one night we will spend for four hours for a fireman on each topic and we will have four of the instructors we would have myself the plumber I have an AC contractor a contractor for the house we have a horticulture Zone staff so they will come in and teach their topic on landscape plumbing electrical air conditioning and then of course the building – in general so that's how we did it and the website your website also I forget what it is but it's not listed on the bottom of your screen but but do call to school and they will be glad to get you tuned into the right person that is wonderful this conversation flew by and you might see me in a class one day maintain your multi-million dollar home first we gotta work on that but Roland Bryant from Pinellas Technical College we'd like to thank you for having us and we look forward to having you the viewers join me in Carmen next month if you missed any part of the show or would like to view past shows check out our web site or catch us on YouTube I'm Julian Hills I'm Karmen Lemberg Thank You Roland for joining pleasure being here today and remember make it a great day you

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