New Hyundai i10 N Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Hyundai i10 N Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Hyundai i10 n line it’s right here with me at Frankfurt Auto
Show 2019 and I’m really happy to present you this new e10 from Hyundai
exterior interior I will try to review it for you and show you as many
information as possible so yeah here are some information if you are interested
you can pause the video and read it but let’s go to the exterior in my opinion
this new i-10 in line it’s much more beautiful than the previous e 10 you can
see the full LED light in the front here also the the main headlamps are LED and
adaptive they are fantastic also the inline here on the side the front grill
the lines of the car the mirror even the mirror looks so nice and beautiful this
will be a very short review I will do a full review in this car as soon as it
come in my country because right now I don’t have so much time but I still have
to show you everything about this car we have even keyless entrance inside
this car this is pretty nice also you can see that 810 logo up here the design
it’s much much much more improved to the previous version also in the back you
can see the signature on the light here in the back we have LED light and also
combination with the bulb light for the blinkers down here the fog lamp
we have beautiful diffuser air diffuser down there parking sensors for free
parking sensors in the back only but we have a back camera here and also up
there we have the brake light and the nice air diffuser up there I like the
design I like the lines of the car look how cool they look those lines I like
the the design of the LED in the back and the car looks
were nice in my opinion I think it’s the most beautiful car in this class I ever
seen until now maybe I would ea1 it’s more beautiful anyway here is the trunk
the trunk it’s it’s kind of good in my opinion here we have 50 centimeter deep
and also under here you have a lot of space there to put your stuff I’m quite
impressed with the space in this new in 10 also going in the back the quality of
the doors it’s also good when you close it and open it big entrance this is
something that I like it for a small car it’s great the windows as well it has a
interesting shape but here on the doors we have plastic as expected so don’t
expect too much quality on the doors here on the side we have a fabric
material sit here in the middle know about center armrest as expected also in
the back of the front seat we have the fabric material I like there in the
front that is no step at all it’s like electric cars
great job Hyundai you have to know that you did a great job with this thing I
like it now the trunk here is no flat floor so you can see here the trunk it
has a little bit of step there just a little bit of step but you can still
take your tires when you change it or you can still carry bigger items this
car is for the city so don’t expect to have a huge space but it’s it’s much
much better than the previous model and it still have plenty of space on my knee
even if you can see the seats it’s a normal position right now this car
impressed me a lot with many things and you will see it in the moment for
example the space here and the visibility on the windows it’s quite
good for a small car and also the head space guys it’s pretty crazy for five
ingress up there for a small car Wow Hyundai i10 it’s great it’s great create
small car even now I go in the middle so easy you
can see there are no step I can stay with the legs together it’s like an
electric car this is fantastic also on the head in the middle four fingers well
really impress me this car impressed me beautiful design
I guess for three people here it’s kind of tight don’t expect just for two
people like I showed you before also we have an armrest there in the front the
same like on the new horse I can id3 they chose to make it small one also
yeah now I want to show you the front of the car and a little bit of the engine
maybe you’re interested to see the engine right there it’s no big deal it’s
a small engine also the rims are very beautiful in my opinion and yeah let’s
go inside anyway big windows at the entrance here good visibility also the
same plastic on the doors but it’s a nice nice design well made plastic
symbol a small storage space here in the tour speaker yeah manually adjustable
seat also the seats look nice we have the end logo here in the middle side
support on the side also down here soft material armrest here yeah
manually handbrake something that I always expected to not see it anymore in
2019 straining aluminium pedals also great I like also those those plants
they look like on the Audi they are the great vents ever I have it on my car
they are great also much of this but take it and make it on the air class in
bed class the steering wheel it’s Qi steering wheel as you know it they make
good steering wheels not the best but very practical very good
I have driving Q nightly 20 and I like it also the stick here we have end logo
there the buttons heated seat there it is staying well to USB port very
or climatic system start/stop button amazing I love the dashboard of the new
e 10 here you have still a lot of space and the dashboard is nice big mirror
great visibility also on the roof mirror here good quality on the roof we have
light of the events are simple nothing fancy start/stop button something that I
like is the new cockpit it has a nice design there even if it’s not full LED
and my favorite thing about this car it’s this multimedia system it’s super
super responsive you can use it as a touchscreen it’s well integrated you can
see how responsive it is I also see it on the new hyundai ioniq and it’s
fantastic this multimedia system it’s great I have to tell you it’s it’s the
best and also got navigation and all that feature I will make another video
with a full review about all that stuff guys
the Globox it’s also huge we have LED light there for a small car like that
and visibility also very very good Sohyun I did a great job with this new a
tent and line it’s gorgeous gorgeous the design is gorgeous the front car the way
they make these lines and the headlamp and LED and all that stuff the grill
looks super good in my opinion they did a great job I think if I have to buy a
small car this will be in my top three small cars in 2019 it looks super good
they make a great great design and anyway guys don’t forget to subscribe to
my channel that was my review with the Hinda e10 please check out my other
videos right now you can see it on the screen check out other videos I have
plenty of new cars from front-foot this year and thank you for watching
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  • Thomas ClemmeZ

    September 12, 2019

    The Audi A1 is not in the same class as the Hyundai I10..


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