New American Home

want to see how the other half lives here's your chance to go inside a five million dollar Las Vegas show home loaded with the latest technology more than 60,000 builders remodelers architects and other residential construction professionals toured the new American home 2009 as part of the International Builders Show sponsored by the National Association of Homebuilders the first impression is powerful upon entering guests are treated to a waterfall fed by a trough from a spa at the back of the property descending a stairway behind the waterfall you enter a 22 by 16-foot courtyard for a trio of same size video screens hint at what's to come nearby motorized glass doors open to create one of many seamless transitions between the homes indoor and outdoor spaces and here is where we find the subterranean entertainment room as if the 52 inch flatscreen wasn't enough to satisfy owners and guests the entertainment room is fitted with a drop-down theater quality projection screen as the screen lowers of course the shades are drawn automatically connected to the theater and bar an independently conditioned wine cellar with tasting area completes the entertainment Haven back on the main level guests can't miss the most impressive seamless indoor/outdoor transition it's the great room sliding glass panels disappear completely into the side walls to create an 18-foot wide opening just outside the wall is the zero edge swimming pool water in the pool is kept at bay by a one-inch wide perimeter trough the water level can be lowered to minimize effects of splashing swimmers the pool has a sunken outdoor kitchen bar with underwater pedestal seating poolside the rejuvenation or yoga room appears to float on the surface a scene visible from nearly every room in the house orienting the home on a north-south axis allows the master bedroom to draw cooler and direct daylight through the patio doors and windows the owners have an 8 foot wide view of their Zen garden complete with koi pond and trellis outdoor bed platform LED lighting is used throughout the new American home in fact the home features a state-of-the-art energy efficiency package developers estimate it will yield an annual electrical bill of less than $500 sound vibration and ergonomic design combined in the master acoustic bath to provide an unprecedented level of relaxation while in the bath the owner can literally feel the vibrations of music reverberating in the tub the state-of-the-art kitchen can handle any cooking need the relatively modest kitchen puts everything within reach the kitchen has a 36 inch wide refrigerator and matching freezer there are numerous under counter refrigerators and microwave drawers throughout the home a food prep area joins the kitchen the area is fitted with its own full-size fridge freezer wall oven warming drawer and other features the new American home is a near net zero energy home it has both active and passive solar design elements an array of 56 high output photovoltaic panels provide the roof for the outdoor living room the cutting edge panels not only convert direct sunlight from above but also reflected light from below this creates 50% more electricity than conventional solar panels despite its size the home achieved a gold rating using n/a HP's green building guidelines the home's top level the sky deck features a 13 by 18 foot bar area cozy conversation space with flat-screen TV and a fireplace the back and side walls have windowless openings which allow breezes to flow through the space well that's our report on the new American home 2009 the home will remain open for 18 months after its January show if you're in Las Vegas check out this luxury lifestyle home just minutes from the strip want to see more go to builder magazine online it's at the housing industry builder magazine Danielle Ian Associates architect blue heron builder developer Robyn Stuckey interior designer summers Murphy and partners Landscape Architect James F Wilson photographer Aaron O'Boyle photographer courtesy of the Portland Cement Association

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