My Cafe Stylish Equipment

My Cafe Stylish Equipment

Hey, everyone, I’m Ola, and today we are going
to play My Cafe: Recipes &Stories. In this video I’m going to tell you everything
about stylish equipment, so let’s go! All right, guys, so today it’s going to be
short video about stylish equipment, about how much tips it brings, why we need it, and
how to find it and what to with all of that. First of all, we need stylish equipment because
it brings us a lot of tips. If you don’t know where to find it, you can
search for Bank, and then you go to special offer. This is just stylish equipment sold for coins,
which are several cup machines that are sold for diamonds, but they actually are worth
it, because they bring you a lot of tips; and you also have discounts on regular stylish
items like furniture. But please check it when you are thinking
of rearranging your cafe. Most important thing is that stylish equipment
brings you a lot of tips.I have a cafe in mixed style, so now I want to ask Fernando
about the tips here. Actually, American style gives me 5.92% tips,
Chinese style gives me 2.96% tips, Northern Lights style gives me 25.36% tips, English
style gives me 6.79% tips, French style gives me 99.76% tips, and Loft style gives me 3.4%
tips. Now I want to remember Northern Lights style
and its tips. and it’s 25.36%, because I have a lot of stylish equipment in Northern Lights
style, as you see right here. And I will replace it with just regular items,
and we will see how my tips will deteriorate. Everything is back… By the way, if you want to remove your stylish
equipment and replace it with original equipment you will have to actually remove it to the
storage, which is not really comfortable. So, now let’s ask Fernando about the tips… And actually.. Northern Lights now gives me 13.87% tips. 12% less tips for stylish equipment in Northern
Lights style. Which is not cool, guys, so I’ll probably
take everything back now. And now I also wanna check, how much tips
the stylish tiramisu display case can bring me, if I just buy it separately. It is sold for coins, so if you have a lot
of money, it’s not a big deal for you. So now let’s try. So, I have purchased it, it’s right here. And now let’s ask Fernando about the tips
– and, actually, French style now gives me 104.93% tips, which is almost 5% bigger than
it used to be, which is really great, guys, isn’t it? I’m also looking at the stylish three-cup
tea machine, I really want to buy it, and I want to show you how much tips it can bring
you. So, I have finally purchased it, and here
it is, it is so beautiful, bit now let’s ask Fernando about the tips, and now French style
gives me 112.7% tips, which is almost by 8% tips more than I used to have before I had
that machine, but besides it will also make my staff work faster. I know there’s quite a popular question among
you, guys, about the style : which style is considered your main style? Because when you see special offers, you usually
see them just in one style. So, there are actually 2 answers: first, when
you change your style from one to another, the special offer is updated once in 24 hours,
this means that you should just wait until it is updated and then you will see the offers
in the style that you have switched to. If you have different styles, just like I
do, which is actually NOT recommended in the game, and Fernando thinks that you should
just have one style, because it is more profitable then, you main style is the one that brings
you most tips. For me, it is French style. And though I don’t have a lot of items in
French style, (I have a lot more items in the Northern Lights style), but actually French
style gives me a lot more tips. And this is why I see it in special offers. Sometimes you may also see items in different
styles even if you have everything installed in one style and for a long time, but you
have a lot of items. This means that you have actually purchased
everything that you could in that definite style. This is why you are getting more offers from
other styles. Actually this is everything you need to know
about stylish equipment, and thank you very much for playing with me, I hope you have
enjoyed this video. If you did, then please put your thumbs up
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next Friday, Until then, have fun in the game, and see you next time, bye-bye!


  • Cherry

    January 13, 2018

    Hey Olga. Thank you for this video as I was waiting for it for a long time. Well, you say at the end that this is all what we need to know about the stylish equipment but unfortunately many of my questions related to this topic are not answered:

    1) Is the cost of the stylish equipment the same in all styles (without discount)?

    2) Do you get the same tips in all styles from your stylish equipment? If I would have a cafe in lvl 26 with only simple furniture but with stylish equipment (all available items), e.g. a) from French and then b) all Loft, would I get the same tips from those machines?

    3) Can I buy a stylish machine directly upon leveling or do I have to buy a simple machine first?
    Well, I know the answer to this one but it should have been mentioned in the video as many people don't know that they don't have to buy the simple machine and can save a lot of money by buying only the stylish one. The best strategy is to stay at lvl 7 for over a week so you buy all stylish machines and then when you lvl only machines relevant to your new lvl are available for purchase so you can avoid buying the simple machines and focus only on the stylish ones.

    4) Does keeping the simple machines next to the stylish ones influence the tips? The answer is yes, the tips are slightly lower if you keep both types of machines (nonetheless, it is still worth having both). This could have been mentioned as well.

    How about letting us know beforehand what topics you want to cover in your videos so we can ask relevant questions? This could be done on FB. You could also poll us (again on FB) on which topics interest us most.

    Finally, I need to provide some math correction. If you say something increases from 104% to 112% then you don't want to say it increased by 8% but by 8% points. It is easier to illustrate the difference between 50% and 55%. The increase is 10% (because 5 is 10% of 50) or by 5% points.


  • Nini Niniashvili

    January 21, 2018

    Hi Olga!

    I won’t repeat the same thing about how festivals and townships we are matched to compete with is SO UNFAIR!

    One suggestion that I have is that when we contribute spices to Treasury, they should convert to the same value as they are sold. For example, Saffron (for VIP5), costs 33 diamonds… but when I donate it to Treasury, it converts to 10 diamonds….. It would be easier to collect all that outrageously high price for unlocking shelves if the spices actually converted to their “true” value..

    ID : 20039284

  • Susan Lucero

    January 25, 2018

    Hello, Olga, I am looking for your video on how to upgrade equipments but I can't find one. I saw one though that tells me there's an upgrade button and just look for Ann. But my Ann doesn't have such. So aside from those offered at a discount, is there anyway we can upgrade at anytime we need to? Hoping for an answer soon. Thanks Player ID 15729097

  • Pedro Cambra

    February 6, 2018

    No me sale mi bote de avellanas y no puedo avanzar

  • Sneakis

    February 16, 2018

    i want to change my style from english to northern lights but I have alot of stylish equipment in the english style… that is alot of wasted gems if i have to buy all that new equipment in the northern lights style too… the equipment you buy for gems should change depending on your dominant style in the cafée

  • surelis ferrer

    February 24, 2018


  • Mr Yo

    March 2, 2018

    How did you build that???

  • aathish gupta

    April 13, 2018

    Hi Olga I think topping spices can also come under stylish equipment because it earns us more rubies too! Kindly convey to the developers please

  • Jenny Welch

    April 14, 2018

    please please please give us the ability to give each over herbs as a leader it old help greatly

  • Farbin Nuha

    April 26, 2018

    How d you change one style machince to a other style machine

  • Ana Maria

    May 16, 2018


  • Melissa H

    August 2, 2018

    There should be stylish spice containers

  • Humna khan

    November 21, 2018

    Can i get another style special equipment when i change my main stule

  • Jamina Bullock

    February 10, 2019

    My Maple Syrup is in French Style. But my Café is in a English Style how can I fix that?
    Player Id: 26489487

  • Yuki Mae

    February 11, 2019

    Why doesn’t my equipment have an Upgrade Equipment and when I ask ANN, their is also no Upload Button


    July 14, 2019

    hi I'm from Turkey Mustafa can you help me with something?


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