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hi I'm Rebecca Robson with ropes and design studio here in San Diego California today we are doing a photo shoot of one of the projects we finished this summer and I have been waiting to upload this video for several months now I took you through this home right before we were to begin our install I walked you through the house and showed you what we had done so far hey tiny today I'm going to show you a lot of the finishing touches the furniture the accessories the art and in the end you're gonna get to see the beautiful before-and-after photos that David hardik my professional photographer is taking as we speak come with me in all of my projects I like to set the table whether it be in the dining room or in the kitchen in this place I decided to do the kitchen because I thought it was such a neat color scheme we went a lot with the warm Browns and then we added this beautiful turquoise color I found this glass colored glass at a vintage store here in San Diego and then I bought these plates at HomeGoods and I thought they're kind of modern contemporary but had a little bit of a soft swirl to them at the same time and then what I often do is I use two placemats you'll see what this does you ever noticed when you put your your silverware and whatnot on placemat if you tried to sit everything on the placemat your fork your knife your spoon and your glass it just doesn't work it's too tight so by adding an extra placemat below it it gives a texture color interest and more space so I love this little fixture here with a beautiful crystal in the bottom has a drum shade and just look it we even did the old fashioned swag which you don't see very often usually when you swag a light fixture you usually swag it because you don't want to spend the money to have an electrician move your light where you need to I actually did it here because I liked the look it's kind of a classic modern look and it also gives me the ability in the future when this table is knocked down to the smaller size we can scoot the table over hang it directly below that light and it'll be the perfect location so it kind of gave us some flexibility there on and here into the kitchen our beautiful wood paneling cabinetry where our stainless steel refrigerator and appliances are all built-in in this island we did a double og edge and this is in brown Cohiba so what I did this is kind of the overall theme I did the painted island and all the cabinets are all painted but the island itself has the dark granite but on the rest of the kitchen all the way around we've used a gray marble granite actually I think it is it's a granite but it looks like marble this is one of my favorite things now my is again you've seen this recently it just so happened that I did these two projects at the same time and both of my clients saw this tile and loved it so in install number four we used it in the shower and here an install number one we've used it on the backsplash of the cooktop range or cooktop yep cooked up beautiful glass hood allows you to see right through it and then we have these awesome contemporary lights that bring out the beautiful tile and light that up especially at night it's so pretty and I do love this this frosted glass tile because it kind of gives that I don't know kind of spa feeling over as we go around here we have a few little things that still need to be finished like a 6-game switch plate but we actually have a drop down television here you pull this down and you turn it around and the clients can watch TV issues making dinner for her family as we go around here you'll notice how to use this great Korbel design where i wanted to give the client as much countertop space as possible but i also wanted to bring these cabinets down I love it when cabinets sit on the counter but you lose a lot of counter space that way so by this using this kind of I think brilliant idea to make these like a Korbel it gives us the Aaron sand the feeling that we have those cabinets that go down but it doesn't take up the countertop space this is fun to have a farm sink that wraps around on the front she has the two sides beautiful chrome faucet and then you'll see that I have these are actually adjustable shelves in here and they are perfect for all of her kitchen towels and then on this side rolls of paper towels we also have beautiful drawers we have neat little cubbies over here and we just did a lot with this light-colored cabinetry on the front on this side we've got some great drawers for her teas and coffees and you see how are our handles change as they go down another detail over here that I thought was very nice was a pull-out spice rack that we did by her cooktop she's got these awesome handles here and then this is really cool this is a lazy susan but the door goes with it you don't see that very often usually it's doors that hinge and come around and you'll see it here if you get close my cabinet guy even cut this lazy susan edge so that when it lines up it actually looks like the drawers are scored right through that took a lot of thought and craftsmanship to pull off our microwave is here in the island and then the last thing i love-love-love is this light fixture now what is really unique about this to see these ones here that have the light so that these are silver and the electrical runs through that but these right here these are actually crystal they are crystal pieces of glass that fan out and I think it was such a great one because they gave us a little bit of the bling but also kept it kind of clean line a more modern if we go on into here we always like to have a dog that matches our decor that we find that effective all right tiny I'm gonna walk around you we actually move to the fireplace down which I explain to you now listen if you haven't seen they're video where I tell you all the construction things we did you got to go back and look at that here's the link right here to that video so go at the end of this one and watch that one because you're going to be you're going to get more filled in on the details so this is how the built in turned out we did these gorgeous tour share lamps up here that send light up these are all vintage glass pieces with antique glass behind which just kind of comes alive we did a custom iron screen for the fireplace and then we have these darling little Ottomans made picked up the fabric drew it out laid it out with my builder my upholsterer and we have these Ottomans and these are great because this kind of completes the whole feeling in this room of community when they have people over these can be used for people to put their feet up on they can also be used for extra seating and it doesn't really get in the way of the fireplace so much right here you'll see that I had to custom Ottomans made I needed a huge coffee table in here but what are you gonna do with a huge coffee table and it's so much more comfortable if you have something you can sit on and put your feet up so I actually have they're two separate ones and they separate here and you can move them apart if you like to for more functional seating this is a very creative tray that we made at the very last minute during the install when we had some emergency glass and iron issues come up and I'll show you some footage of that and you'll see what we did but we actually made this really great tray out of that and I thought that worked out nicely now I love love love love love these sofas now right now you're gonna notice a very bare wall and the reason for that is Grayson is still finishing the painting when you see the after photos at the end of this video you'll get to see how that turned out we'll have the painting up here but these autumn are these um sofas are so awesome their custom look at I used chocolate piping right here welting on the arms only then we've got these nice high backs it is so comfortable picked out fabrics that would be in her color scheme and brings some warmth into the room but we kept it very light and let me tell you this fabric is microfiber you want microfiber is it's plastic it's plastic with with hair on it it's sort of what it is is the most easy to wash commercial fabric out there and it just makes everything so beautiful because you can have kids and still have light-colored furniture but it can all be washed you can literally take these zip these things off and throw them in the washing machine you can even throw them in the dishwasher if you wanted to although I wouldn't recommend it but yeah I love these and then the other thing is I love love love velvet pillows especially in a family room like this because velvet is so comfortable you can even lay your head on this with your makeup on and you're never even gonna see it it awesome I do it every night so this is a cute little fun ball pillow which we had custom made and what I basically did was I found this fabric and we this is where we started we loved this fabric it had the color scheme for us to have the chocolate the cream and this turquoise teal color and that's what brought everything else together how I pulled my colors and fabrics together we had two tables made those are custom iron tables with glass and then I just think these glass lamps really set this room off beautifully but we had iron screens made that fill in the windows rather than window treatments we used iron and I just think those look really great and they actually go really well with the iron on the staircase this right here is another one of my great pieces of fabric that I chose for this project I love this it's a cut velvet and it has that aqua and chocolate so we use this as a band to run along the drapes and if you look over there you'll see the other leading drape has that same band on it so you'll notice these window treatments don't open close they're stationary but they just add so much color and warmth to a room as they take them all the way up to the ceiling have my crown molding cut right into the sides and run right into it takes it makes the room look taller the two last things in this room piano niche is gone and now we have this awesome pantry made specifically for these guys and the part I like about it the best is the fact that these doors have frosted glass and particularly at night since I licked the insides it takes on this yummy aqua green color and it just brings all of our colors back in together and then you remember me showing you this that this all looks like beautiful paneling through here this is that hidden claw last cool thing is down here the hidden drawer that is hidden in the base mold now that it's all painted you can see how beautifully it turned out and you can see now where David is working on the photo shoot of this house and a few minutes I'll take you through the rest of the house

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