Modern Bathroom Upgrades with Reborn Bath Solutions on The Approved Home Pro Show

good morning happy Friday to you I am here with Vince Nardo and we are in reborn cabinets one of their beautiful Southern California showrooms and today we're talking about bathroom remodeling is that right there yes you know most people think of reborn cabin strictly as a kitchen remodeling company and we're much more than that we also have a division called reborn bath solutions where we specialize specifically in redoing bathrooms and clients homes I love it and today we're gonna go through you know bathrooms are a really popular home improvement right now we're gonna go through some of the major trends that are happening starting with this really beautiful modern shower setup that we have here ma you tell me some of the features here yeah Jordan you know what a lot of people are looking at the doing their bathroom now let's get rid of that dull you know blah white tile that filled into it you know really give it an update make it a statement of their home and their family and what you're seeing here is a nice porcelain sculpted tile we've modernized this unit put in a three wall corner strip minute with three clear glass throughout the entire thing and and taking and hitting the drain if you notice in here the dreams hidden it's a very neat unique touch it kind of makes the bathroom look a little bit cleaner another neat function is to add in an integral seat so where you can actually have a place to sit down shave your legs get comfortable water taking a shower everybody wants that right now some of the other things we do Jordan if we take a look over here is we actually can take the vanities up off the floor now and mount them at the wall level cleaning up the bathroom and make it in a much cleaner space and I know we're gonna talk about ease of cleaning a little bit later and some of the other steps we're gonna check out today but that's an important feature for ease of cleanliness I know it's so hard to clean under my vanity it is you know what let's check out another one this is another great example of you using what you've been saying is those modern trends really letting people showcase their personality in their bathroom show us some more features that we've got went on here this sink drains almost invisibly like that shower that's right so what we've done here this is actually an acrylic countertop it's not actually stone and we've been integrated the drain into the back to give it a nice clean look and let the water flow down and another thing we've done here which is very becoming very popular to take the fixtures up off the counter make it easier to clean easier to get to it and really make a modern statement so thoughtful that you guys are always thinking about how to make it easy for me to clean we do we want you know you want the bathroom be functional get practical beautiful look at these setup and what you're seeing here is another example of tile you know what most people traditionally look at in bathrooms is putting in tile and and with grout and as we all know in the bathroom the grout is the hardest area to clean while it looks beautiful and this beautiful it looks great you have a tiled shower pan and what most people are coming to us with in their bathroom is leaks so actual plumbing issues that's right where the shower pan is actually started to fail and cause the water to leak outside of the shower now while this looks great beautiful and is very common we have another solution that actually helps with this problem now this is what I've been most excited for you to show me events because I'm honest mama I'm not a very good cleaner but this is all easy to clean and it's a perfect installed shower that even I can probably it'll you know Jordan as we saw in some of the other tools that we looked at earlier while they're beautiful functional and fantastic looking people come to us and they look at their bathroom and they go you know it I hate getting my toothbrush out and cleaning my grout because it takes so long it takes long and no matter what you do you always end up with that mildew growth from the corners so what we're looking at here is another division of our company which is specialized specifically in this product and it's our reborn bath solution ok so tell me about the product because I think that's really what the viewers at home specifically need to know this is all one piece it's a shower overlay right so what we do is we come in and we remove your existing tub or your shower pen take it out and throw it away the next thing we do is we install a new shower pan as you see here we actually have a curved shower pan that we can fit in that actually increases the depth of the shower oh and I love this curved door we'll talk about that in a minute and the other thing we do is we then installed pattern pieces over the existing tile that can either be in a tile design a smooth design stone look just as you see here and there's the best part of the whole thing no grout no grout we put a new shower valve in we can add a handheld shower and this whole process is done in one day and what the support of the homeowner is time savings affordability and most importantly they get to use their bathroom in 24 hours that's huge huge so you guys also have a great offer for our approved pump reviewers out there if they want to do about their mean we do Jordan for all the approved home pro viewers that call us today we bring the showroom to your house so they can make other and we're gonna include a free shower door with every reborn bath solutions purchase a free shower door that it's quite the savings to be taking advantage of give reborn cabinets in bath solutions a call today at

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