Mobile Home News Report from Factory Expo in Seguin, Texas

who would know Texan manufactured housing better than Texans themselves well nobody of course our sim board is termite resistant here in Texas we have problems with termites you will never have to worry about that so we visited a factory in Seguin Texas to get a behind-the-scenes view of one of Texas's best manufactured homes builder here at capco this is where we build over interior walls as you can see here everything is building a jig we want to keep your home true straight and square not only is the factory tour enlightening it is utterly fascinating to see firsthand how these homes are built the benefit of using both flooring is it this is a true vinyl if you're too want this stuff it actually bounces right back into place so if you were to place your furniture on this and it might be a little heavy once you move it it'll actually finish self right back into place excellent product both floors and of course not just fascinating but impressive according to these Texas home buyers I mean I am real impressed with the construction and how it's done the efficiency and when I go look at the process I look at just that is such an efficient process of having everything in one place and being able to build a home very quickly whether you plan to purchase a site-built home or a manufactured home we recommend you do a factory tour first call one eight hundred 375 1419 to schedule your tour today and how about this if you live out of town after the expo will put you up in a hotel if somebody has a factory tour scheduled at ten o'clock on Saturday warning we say you know if you get out of work at five o'clock that night load the family up even if you get a four or five hour drive gives you a lot of time to get down here check into the hotel wake up in the morning have a great breakfast on us and then come in and relax and do the factory tool rested up without driving 56 hours a day

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  • Claire Gibbons

    April 13, 2019

    Do you have offices in other parts of the country? Nice work…


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