Goodmorning my friends! I JUST got out of bed and I slept with a braid so it’s a bit chaotic in this area but today I thought i’d vlog again eh.. i’m going to Gothenburg with none other than Rana of course..i’ve noticed that i’ve got a VERY small circle we are planning to go to a place called Palmhuset and check that out.. it looks very nice It’s like a botanic garden and many people do photoshoots there and of course we’re going to look at interior my life is really just the same everyday go out, take outfit pictures and look at interior that’s really all I do, but it’s also the most fun to do now i’m going to get ready, I have to put on makeup obviously and choose an outfit, yea have to do that i’ll talk to you soon tHeRe, oh.. so i’ve washed my face now I actually thought that i’d paint my nails today they are…. not that nice.. they’re super short cause I cut them like that and they’re a bit purple from my silver schampoo so i’m going for a white color today this is just a super cheap and bad nailpolish from a drugstore I think i’ve found a top to wear today for our “photoshoot” in Gothenburg it’s a “renaissance top”, i’ll pair it with white joggers and a pair of sneakers or a pair of boots, we’ll see I cleared out my closet the other day, WAIT right 29/2 I will be standing at a fleamarket in Uddevalla it’s held in “Gallionen”, old Åhlens in the middle of centrum and I will sell clothes CHEAP I have about 17 or 18 movingboxes filled with new clothes that i’m going to sell CHEAP, i’m telling you CHEAP it’s jackets, shoes, bags, tops, trousers, jeans skirts, dresses – a LOT of dresses so if you feel like it, feel free to stop by 29/2 between 10-15 and buy all you want I really want to get rid of it all ok, that’s that! I cleared out my closet and I organized my joggers in such a lovely way I mean look at how nice this is?! I put these joggers the wrong way just to see the “Lounge” logo but i mean?? love it, it’s color coordinated from black to white and yes, I have a lot of joggers, these aren’t all of them yea, it’s the only thing I wear nowadays yep i’ll take these it’s chaos over here but i’ll maybe take these white boots and i’m going to use my new bag from Missy Empire, the joggers are also from Missy Empire when you can’t afford the real shit you can get this this is a knock off of the LV bag you know so this is my outfit for today I have to take a picture of this top for next week so i’ll might as well do it now new posters in the bedroom btw i’ve put my makeup on now as you may see and i’ve put on the top, I have to say it’s not as pretty as I thought it would be but it’s okay i thought i’d do a hairdo today, either i’ll do this hairstyle that I wore another day or i’ll do one of these hairstyles this picture is of @missjoslin, she’s one of my fav instagrammers ever or influencers….on….instagram the thing is when I do a hairstyle like this it just looks so messy let’s try it! there we go the question is should I take the hair and put it back… damn it my ponytail needs to be higher hold on, brb there, I parted my hair on the other side even though I get the biggest bald spot here cause I have no hair here apparently, it’s better this way I think so this is the hairstyle, and this is the outfit this will do… this will dooo damn it’s hot here Rana finished school at 11:30 and it’s 12:00 now so she’s probably on her way home btw, how fucking hard can it be to just i’ve already chipped my nailpolish that I put on like 10 minutes ago before I leave my apartment I thought i’d show you the changes I did here I just put on makeup here so don’t mind this along this wall I put up the cabinets that were under the TV earlier I have to buy one more cabinet cause this wall is longer than the other one and I have to buy some new decorations, these are just things I had laying around the home I moved the pedestal out here , don’t know if I showed you that in my last video and this is the new TV cabinet it’s just regular low cabinets the tv is supposed to go up on the wall and then i’m going to have decorations here as well that’s it.. I don’t know why I put on my jacket? Rana is not even on the way I think I have to take it off, it became hella hot in here uuh I can’t find the time to eat I guess i’ll have to eat in….stronger no, I read stronger on my phone.. I mean Gothenburg, I guess i’ll have to eat in Gothenburg as i’ve said before if you’ve seen my photos on my home account on instagram i’ll show it here almost everything in my home is from the H&M home department i LOVE H&M home, they have crazy nice things and they’re cheap and now I ordered a vase that is.. i’m going to show you it’s 50 cm high in the color off white it’s a bit.. I don’t think it’s visible on camera.. it’s a bit crackled BUT it’s glazed and I want it to be matt there’s a brand that does vases like that called Muubs those vases are SO nice, they’re just crazy beautiful BUT they cost $150 this one costs “only” $75 so I thought, i’ll buy the one for $75 and paint it i’ll see how it turns out.. i’ll keep you updated on my instagram i’m extremely hungry and thirsty right now…just an update we are in this bitch we ALWAYS manage to dress exactly the same R: everytime beige, white and sneakers beige, white and sneakers we’ve just arrived at the… what’s the name again? Palmhuset (the palmtree house) here it is, welcome welcome to my crib what a place guys?! now we just needs to find a place to take photos, we may have a look around at first hello sir, no photos in here sir now we’re going up on this balcony, oooh wow this was nice and oh there’s people here shit this is cool we just took pictures up on the balcony there were two super sweet girls that asked us about what we were doing cause we took the photos near them and they even helped us take pictures of Rana and I, how sweet?! not this girl, no just kidding they were super kind oh wow i’m ugly that one??
R: yea, fun we’re both smiling here the pictures are good but we aren’t photogenic at ALL oh I can go out here? R: yes no, emergency exit.. I don’t think we should take that ♫ Roses really smell like poo, poo, poo ♫ the lighting in here is… what do you have to say about it? it’s so good thank you so much, we’re leaving the building well this was a success! a real SUCCESS none of us have eaten today so.. it’s time ♫ it’s time again ♫ now we’re off to Nordstan and there we will take more photos, and eat and look for dry flowers I may have mentioned that earlier maybe I didn’t, I don’t know we’re going to look for that and look at interior at Artilleriet and then we’re going to eat I hope look how bright it is in the camera even tho it’s so dark irl this bitch is about to do an outfit change ♫♫♫ wtf and we’re at Artilleriet once again sorry we just ate, we were SO damn hungry the clock is 17:30 and that was our first meal of the day so I just didn’t feel like filming or anything i’m back home, i just got home…wow and now.. I only bought one thing from the H&M home store and I bought pampasgrass again.. I already have pampasgrass at two places here in the livingroom-house-apartment I have it in two places here in the apartment but I bOuGht.. wth I can’t speak cleansing I have the terracotta vase that I talked about in the beginning of the video and I want to have a BIG bouquet of dry flowers in that vase like this I could only find pampasgrass today, I couldn’t find any other fun flowers so for now I will only have pampasgrass in it and I bought a branch yes, i BOUGHT a branch it’s one of these branches that goes kinda like this i’ll show you those later i’ll start by showing you the thing I got from the H&M store today, it’s just a small thing it’s two linen napkins that i’m going to place on our kitchen table and then, you see I have a package here cause i’ve ordered a lot of stuff from H&M online this is the package hello that i’m going to open, in here is the vase and also plates that i’m going to have on the kitchen table as well i’m going to have plates and bowls standing on the table just like that, because we never use that table to eat at so this is just for decoration there cardboard why did i tell you it’s cardboard i’m assuming you can see that i think it’s better that i bring a knife so i don’t have to tear everything open the knife is here let’s start with these hehe, two linen napkins i didn’t know whether i wanted white or beige napkins my table cloth is beige and in linen so I thought it may be too much with beige linen napkins also so I wanted white but they didn’t sell the white ones online so I ordered the beige ones, and today we were at H&M home and the white ones was there so I bought them also I wanted 4 napkins so that was great, now I just have two white and two beige but that’s not a problem so I bought those now let’s see what this is are you ready for this?! cause i am not here’s 4 bowls this was actually a very good buy these cost 80 wait that’s not cheap 4 bowls for 80 SEK but these are going to stand on the table i’m going to stack them a bit “off” like…. well, not like this but i’m not gonna stack them normally they are going to be stacked a bit crooked then we have these I don’t have to open all of them for you cause they look the same these are the plates oh I think i scrathed the plate the thing is, we were at H&M today and I saw these plates and thought “hope those aren’t the ones that I oredered” but it was cause they’re a bit small.. I think they look small but, they work i bought a pair four a pair four?? I bought 4 of these plates, they’re very flat with an edge here like this and they’re going to be stacked on the table too and now, to the fun things it’s time for the vase, oh oh oh i’m so excited about this but, like i said.. or did I say it? i think so i’m going to paint it matte this sound is one of the worst sounds ever LOOK hello?! I really like it, i’m going to show you the dry flowers and the branch i bought SO this, this is a “trollhassel” brAnCh… this is a “trollhassel” branch or and “ormhassel” I don’t know which name is right hello?! I love I had an idea that this could be in this vase but it turned out a bit the plan is, like i mentioned earlier to get a bouquet of dry flowers here’s the pampasgrass that’s all that I bought today, I think this looks nice? look yes yes yes I think this vase is a really good option to Muubs that I also talked about in the beginning of the video like I said it “only” cost $75 and that’s half as much as what the Muubs costs how do you even pronounce that brand? is it Muubs? wait what is this this is a tray that i’m going to use for didn’t notice that the camera shut off, it was a brass tray if there’s something you want to know, just comment below as usual if you want to tell me something, just comment below as usual I have brass cutlery that’s also from H&M home that I’ll put on the table as well there we go, i’ve done the things i wanted to do i’ll have to find a place for the branch somewhere thank you so much for watching! have a great day, i’ll see you in the next video! XO you know what? the day isn’t over yet my bf and I are going out hunting i’ll tell you later what we’re hunting the moon is like a night lamp wow it ruins everything damn moon babe, there’s another moon?! OH MY GOD are we allowed to drive here? no it’s not allowed to drive here hello? we are on the hunt for BLOOD, no just kidding we are on the hunt for northern lights we have an app that tells us the probability to see northern lights in the city you live in and right now there’s a 37% chance that you’re able to see northern lights in the horizon so we’re on the hunt for northern lights, we haven’t found any yet we have a compass to our help to find north cause we don’t know where north is how did the hunt go? we’re back , unfortunately we couldn’t find any northern lights but it was a fun hunt now the video is over, thank you for watching i’ll see you in the next video, XO!

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