Mile High Spirits: We are Craftsmen Perfecting our Colorado Spirits!

we're here in downtown Denver at Mile High spirits this is Denver's distillery and I'm about to have a drink with 20 different infused liquors here this is one of the more unique spots in downtown Denver to grab a craft cocktail my high spirits was actually one of the first here in the country to can of Moscow Mule and calling it the punching needle with seven percent alcohol content the single speak up on you as you can see behind me there's already people hanging out having fun and it's only midday but it is a Friday night so we'll see what happens in a couple hours there's tons of space here in my high spirits with a bunch of lounging area as a pool table stage for the DJ but there's even a huge backyard that has a lot of horn hole to play seating as well as misters in case you get too hot out here next time you're out in downtown Denver with your friends bring them here to my high spirits I promise you they will thank you for it my name is Lynn Farrell's my high spirits and I want you to come down to get a drink please thousand

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