Mengatur Lighting Bar Asus ROG Strix G531 – Armoury Create (With English Sub)

Mengatur Lighting Bar Asus ROG Strix G531 – Armoury Create (With English Sub)

Welcome back to my channel In this time, we will try to set the software of my new laptop it’s Asus ROG G531GD Core i7 version As we know in the middle of this year Asus launched one of their new laptop of ROG series it’s Asus ROG Strix G Series like G531GD or others series or the highest caste, namely Asus ROG Strix Scar III or Hero III one of the interesting features of the laptop is the lighting feature usually for other gaming laptops or other series in the same brand it only has backlight keyboard one zone or four zones But in this series, it has a new interesting feature it has a lighting bar under around its case The lighting bar can only be set up by using Armoury Create Which had been provided by asus in their laptop So we can set the ligthing mode of the laptop as we like There are many users of this laptop that don’t know we can set the lighting mode of backlight keyboard and lighting bar separately For example, we only want the lighting bar to light up, while the backlight keyboard doesn’t light up or the backlight keyboard light up, while the lighting bar doesn’t light up it can be happen by using Armoury Create Let’s check the Armoury Create in the laptop The main condition to set off the lighting feature of Asus ROG Strix G531GD either the backlight keyboard or the lighting bar is the laptop must be charged so it must be in AC power condition Next, open the Armoury Create Choose the “Device” menu then, choose “system” Click on the “lighting” menu and then, choose “setting” it will show the general setting pay attention to the second menu the awake menu If the “keyboard” and “laptop light zone” options are checked, Both of backlight keyboard and lighting bar will be on/light up If you want to turn off the lighting bar, you just have to uncheck the “laptop light zone” option If you want to turn off the backlight keyboard, you just have to uncheck the “keyboard” option This setting is turn on the lighting bar, while the backlight keyboard is turn off This setting is turn on both of the lighting features This setting is turn on the backlight keyboard, while the lighting bar is turn off If you want to set the lighting mode Get in to the “Aura Sync” menu and choose “Aura Effect” You can choose one of the lighting effects provided by asus I prefer to use “Color Cyle” That’s how to set the lighting features of Asus ROG Strix G53GD If you want the laptop not to waste energy just turn off the lighting bar or the backlight keyboard or both of them Gaming laptops are designed to be continuously charged Gaming laptop batteries can only last a maximum of 2 hours and even then the power saving feature is already on if the power saving feature isn’t on The laptop can only be turned on for a maximum of 1 hour This is the end of the video. See you in the next video. Goodbye.

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  • si hitam manis

    December 12, 2019

    Bro mau tanya kalau keyboardnya gabisa rainbow wave gitu ya dari kiri ke kanan atau sebaliknya ? Cuma lighting barnya saja ? Terima kasih


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