Meet Judd Builders | The Most Trusted Home Builders in Asheville, NC

GEB builders was started in 2007 we started out as mainly residential we've moved into residential and commercial we have a unlimited contractors license and allows us to do any size of project Jub builders our names on the sign we are very involved people know who we are they put a face with the name so we have a commitment not only to ourselves but to our client that we're gonna do the right thing Kate and I moved here to open bar burritos almost six years ago we were trying to bid out with several contractors on who we wanted to build the store here and the first time I ever met John I knew he was somebody that we wanted to do this and we knew when we got the bids in they weren't the cheapest and they weren't the highest either so but we just fell in love with them construction projects in general are stressful particularly a remodel project where you're living through the remodel so you know the fact that they were so conscientious about the impact that was having on our day-to-day lives made a huge difference for Amy and I and our ability to kind of enjoy the process as much as we possibly could they were very conscious about the fact that you're trying to live here during the process so they made it as easy as possible our ideal client is someone that shares their ideas and their dreams and we have a common goal in sight to give them a good product not look for the cheapest price but the best quality for the best price we tend to have clients that this is their dream they want a house that's a little different than what you may be able to go by as a spec home that level of trust is the same in building a house as it is with a marriage that you're basically trusting someone with your money to build a product that is your dream we've got to honor that level of trust with transparency the thing I liked about the judge from the very beginning was that they were very open they showed me all the cost showed me their billing system it was all very straightforward and that created trust right out of the gate clients trust in us is paramount it there is no greater honor there is no greater responsibility than to be a good steward of their money we take a lot of pride in what we do and doing things correctly and doing the right thing not only in construction but in our daily business being honest and trustworthy is very important to us above and beyond building a nice house we knew that he had a good reputation as far as the quality of work and everything he did but sometimes it's hard to tell someone has integrity also and after meeting him and later actually seeing his finished product and getting to know him you know we realized he had both he was very good man with integrity and also does first-class works and we're very pleased with our clients expect us to have the knowledge to know what products are good for their house and what is going to fit their lifestyle a lot of our clients do not want to be constantly maintaining their house or restaining cedar shakes so they may want the look of a cedar shake but something that they're not going to have to restain in three years so we help them find those new products they're gonna allow them to live life and enjoy their house instead of working on their house we've worked with them on a number of different projects all have been great experiences I've recommended them to two friends who had some more experiences so I can highly recommend job builders both for remodels or for new construction projects if we've had a question about anything just to follow up they're always available to us been wonderful you know they didn't disappear once the project was finished after working with the judge not consider them to be like family to me almost I mean I know if I ever needed anything you know help from somebody he's one of the first people around here I would call on since our name is on the sign becomes more than just a company it's more than just a community it's being trustworthy in every aspect of our lives not just business but it's who we are as people where we go in the future we just again we want to be good stewards of what's given to us we want to be a part of the community we always want to be able to be honest about where your money is being spent just basically continue to hold the same ethics that we do now and we did when we started as we grow into a larger company you

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