Maximize Productivity with Furniture, Steps, Ramps and More for your Office Trailer | ModSpace

Maximize Productivity with Furniture, Steps, Ramps and More for your Office Trailer | ModSpace

So you ordered your mobile office What’s next? Well first you’ll need a place to sit. From complete office furnishings to basic tables and chair, ModSpace has the right furniture to fit your budget and your style. if you opted for an interior rest room, we got you covered with a cost-effective system. It consists of two elements – a water tank and a waste tank ModSpace will calculate and schedule the maintenance services for you. It’s that easy! It all goes on your 1 monthly bill. Need a portable restroom instead? We can place units near your office You have a few choices to access your building. You can add slip-resistant steps for fast easy access Or make accessing your building even easier with anti-skid ramps Expand your outside space or connect multiple buildings with custom decks Again, whatever you choose, it’s added to your lease. It’s one call, one bill. For a professional appearance you may want to skirt the bottom of your building. Skirting acts as insulation, improving energy efficiency and helping to keep the critters out Theft vandalism fire and flood are just a few the unforeseen complications that could impact your ability to work Our asset protection services will minimize your financial exposure, protect your assets and give you peace of mind. Ask us about additional products and services like these ModSpace is always just an email or a phone call away.

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  • aux1z11

    January 28, 2020

    I dont have to pay anything for mine as I bought one of these for 600.00 delivered and it had a brand new heater and ac unit , mine might be a little longer but its older and now it's full of junk and useless, going to clean it out in the spring and make a office in one part a a supply packaging room out of the rest and sell junk online.


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