Mark and Isabel Candelaria show us tips on home design and decorating

well if you like home design and decorating like I do but you haven't done a thing to your home because you know what it can be a little intimidating I'm not going to lie help has arrived for us this morning mark and Isabel Candelaria are here to share their expertise with all of us hopefully you could make this process for us a little bit easier first of all welcome to Sonoran living – thank you yeah okay so I love the fact that you're husband and wife team so is that it do you guys do you mark maybe specialize in one area why is where you have specialized in it in a different area and what is that we have two separate companies I'm an architect architectural firm and she's an interior design firm oh so they complement each other with other people but we love working with each other Wow how fun I love that you live to tell about you're still married that's a good right fabulous we have a lot of fun so because of that you also do some really unique things with some of your friends and your clients and in order to give a little bit of inspiration you've created these these tours out of the country tell me about that why is that a big deal for you it's it was something that really just kind of came across with a client that wanted to do a Tuscan house way back when and we said well let's go to Tuscany and he goes oh great where is that in California somewhere yeah it's in Italy Knoxville Road yeah so off we did our first elite or 15 years ago we're doing our 15th this year that is so cool I think we have a little bit of video of that so if you can roll that for us and so you've gone – to Italy but you're going to Spain we're starting our first Spain tour this year and in fact we leave next Tuesday what is it that you get out of traveling the world Isabel what is that how does that inspire you so much inspiration from the architecture and the history just the beauty yeah the details I mean the craftsmanship and some of those old details and whether we're doing traditional or contemporary design is still the inherent essence of everything so it's it's there I mean there it's like Disneyland that's Disneyland for you guys all right let's talk about inspiration and let's take us inside a home you know we have some before pictures a couple of them this is a project that you recently were Don and what was it about this particular room that that needed to be changed well I mean we started they approached us first was the house that we actually remodeled about 15 years ago and it needs a freshening up there's a lot of houses that have that dark look and they just want us to lighten it up uh-huh okay so so we started with the dark room and and looked at what was inherently there the drapes the dark ceiling and we came in and really started lightening things up and and then they brought Isabella and once we started with this with the room Isabel took over this is the after what was it that I mean obviously it's just lighter and brighter what was and you also were able to help keep some of the furniture that they had had most of their furniture we got a more transitional sofa and a couple of more updated armchairs and we started actually with this beautiful rug form Azadi mm-hmm um kind of a buttercream color that would complement the floor so then we just sort of built up and lifted the rest of the design off of that so that kind of became your your your level of inspiration is foundation that's really a good word do you recommend that people do that and if because I set the beginning we just some people just don't know where to start is that a new tactic for your place okay that's absolutely a fuse if you start and build from the ground up you can't go wrong right right well you know that better than oh yeah yes a good foundation always have to start with a good foundation beautiful rugs by the way I love all because these are all the trendy colors right now as well I'm a lighter brighter taupe taupe over some pops of color here and there some pop of color hair in there – no we're just gorgeous all right there you go that's the walk away right there start with a beautiful rug and work your way up Candelaria design is located at 69 or actually 6900 East Camelback Road that's Suite 400 in Scottsdale here's a phone number to call if you want to learn more six zero two six zero four two zero zero one the website is Candelaria and earthen images is located at 7:05 one East 5th Avenue Suite D in Scottsdale the phone number is four eight zero four nine nine six nine nine the website to learn more Earth and images calm

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