– Hey guys, welcome to Travel Feels. Today we’re going to take a look at how to make your iPhone
footage look more cinematic. (“Run Into the Sun” by Duce Williams) ♫ Chains of razors smash
the gadgets like before ♫ Run into the sun ♫ After all these storms ♫ Run into the sun We’ve all heard the saying, the best camera is the one in your pocket, and for most of us, it’s the iPhone. And it’s actually pretty
crazy how good the cameras are on our cellphones these days. It’s not too long ago that you couldn’t even film
24 frames per second unless you had a super expensive camera, let alone slow-motion and time-lapse and all these other things that we have all in this one little thing, our cellphone, which is incredible. Now it’s not going to be as good as a DSLR or anything like that, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that, but it is a pretty handy
tool for certain things. But today I want to talk about how can we make our iPhone
footage look even better? What can we do to make it higher quality and look more cinematic? First off, just like on any camera, you need to film in 24 frames per second. Natively the iPhone shoots
in 30 frames per second so you need to use some sort of app that switches it into
24 frames per second. The app that I use is Filmic Pro. It has just a lot of tools including choosing 24 frames
per second for your videos. On top of that you can control
all sorts of other things like your shutter speed
and your white balance and it just has a whole
bunch of different tools that makes it really handy to use. And it’s actually pretty cheap. I think it’s around $15. I think I even got it
for free at some point. It’s just a really good tool to use. Number two is to use a stabilizer. Just like with any other
camera that you use, you should be using some
form of stabilization. Especially with such a small,
little camera like the iPhone, it’s so light and flimsy, it’s really hard to keep it
really steady and smooth. So you need to use some
sort of stabilizer. And what I’ve been using
for stabilization is the Zhiyun Smooth 3. This thing is really handy. It’s actually one of the
most useful gimbals I’ve used just because it’s so
easy and quick to set up and it just works really well. It has a bunch of different modes that you can use for different purposes, like locking some of the axes. It’s just really handy and I like that it’s so easy to set up. There’s an app that you
can use to control it and do all sorts of other things, like track yourself, it’s actually really handy. And it’s really good
for live streaming, too, for your iPhone because it
can actually go vertical so you can actually be
live streaming using this and get really nice, smooth footage and not have that shake the whole time. So you can literally give this to anybody and they’d be able to hold it steady and you’d be able to do a
really nice live stream with it. That’s something I’m
definitely going to be using the Smooth 3 for. But using a gimbal like the Smooth 3, you can get really nice, smooth motion. It just makes it so much more cinematic when you can hold it steady and do these really cool movements, going from real low to real high, or just spinning around your character or all sorts of things. There’s just so many
possibilities with a gimbal. So make sure you use
stabilization for your phone. Oh, and before I forget,
this episode is sponsored by the amazing people at Squarespace, which I’m super excited about. I’m really happy to be
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today at and use the offer code “Travelfeels” to get 10% off your first purchase. So let’s get back to talking about making your iPhone footage
look more cinematic. Number three, you want to try
different lens attachments. There’s a whole bunch of
different lenses that you can use that make your iPhone
footage look much better, but also they allow you to
get different kinds of shots that you would never be
able to get on an iPhone. Whether it’s a macro shot
or a really wide shot or a more zoomed in shot that
you just can’t get normally. I was playing around with this guy, the Ztylus Revolver, which
is really interesting. It’s an iPhone case that has a whole bunch of different lenses built
into this attachment. You have a wide angle lens, a fisheye, a macro, you have a polarizer, all built into this one thing. It’s super handy ’cause you can switch from one lens to the next really quickly and not have to change anything, really. You just spin it and
choose your next lens. Boom, you’re ready to go. So use some different lens attachments to enhance the look of
your iPhone footage. Number four, actually
take all that footage, put it on your computer and edit it. Put it to music, color grade it, do all that stuff that you normally would with your footage. Just because it’s iPhone footage doesn’t mean you can’t use
it in a professional manner. Just by taking that footage, editing it together to some amazing music and color grading it is going to make your
footage look so much better. I actually really enjoy color grading, so this is something
fun to play around with. And number five, if you’re doing any sort
of talking to your iPhone, make sure to use some sort of microphone, like this Rode VideoMic Me. It just really easily
attaches to your cellphone and you’re going to get much higher quality
audio out of your phone. And this is really important. You don’t want your audio to
be distracting the whole time. It’s a really easy thing to fix with something like this guy. It doesn’t take up much space. Really simple, handy, easy to use. So there we have it, five ways to make your iPhone
footage look more cinematic. Use 24 frames per second. Use a stabilizer like the Smooth 3. Use some different lens attachments like the Ztylus Revolver. Number four, edit that footage, color grade it, make it look better. And number five, use
some sort of microphone for better audio. Guys remember to check out Squarespace if you’re looking for a website and use that offer code “travelfeels” to get 10% off your first purachase. Man, we’re so close to
getting 100,000 subscribers on the Travelfeels channel. I’m so excited. I’ve a bunch of giveaways planned for that when we do reach it. I just want to say a huge thank you to all you guys for
supporting the channel, supporting me. And I just want to keep
making more and more content for all of us to learn together. I’m just really excited
for all the things to come. So stay tuned for those giveaways. Guys, enjoy the film making process and go get some of those travel feels. (“Run Into the Sun” by Duce Williams) ♫ After all these storms ♫ Run into the sun ♫ After all these storms ♫ Run into the sun ♫ After all these storms.


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    So how are you supposed to mount the phone on the smooth gimbal with the bulky lens case?

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    July 6, 2019

    The problem with this video is that all of the tips to get better videos are to all do with money.

    Stabilisers- Really expensive so no one can afford it especially young filmmakers like me.

    Lens- The best quality ones are again really expensive

    Editing apps- Really expensive and need good technology to run it, my laptop can barely run filmora and it’s a bad app for cinema video

    Mic- again expensive

  • Alex Prins Real Estate Agent

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