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hey guys Mitch here welcome to craft Academy today we have a project it's a little bit more advanced but super fun to do so crafts along with us and let's start we're going to use these paper mache arrows and the teeny-weeny LED lights from the wreath now to get started there I have two different shapes that come together this one I just painted and then glued on the sequins today we're gonna do the steampunk version now first you have your arrow and some people like to make a template to see where they want to put the holes but I just some people make a template to see where they want to put the holes but I just scribble along with the pencil where I think they might look good I'm not too particular and then you take your craft knife and to make the holes and you just stick it right where you made your little dot with your pencil and give it a couple twists and I just have my last two holes to finish here and there just like that that all the holes are poked for the lights and it comes in ten little LEDs so just space them appropriately then to take the back off I use my craft knife and just along the edges of the paper mache I cut and I have this little section down here left to do and then you can pop the back off just like that and take out this pillar okay then after your holes are cut and your back is off you're ready to paint and for this version we paint it gold so I painted it with just my favorite metallic paint and sponge brush and I got this so after your paints dry that is when you want to put the lights in some people might want to put the licen after they decorate the front so I like to do it before and you just push the LEDs through the little holes on the front and this part takes just a little minute but they usually go right in and if they're loose that's okay we can we're gonna stick a little glue on there just to make sure they stay and when you get those in here the glue will take a minute to dry you can use any kind of glue really just probably not hot glue would not be your best option obviously I get my crafting glue and you don't have to be very clean about it either I just put a big job right next to each bulb just like this you can even if you wanted to I haven't tried maybe you could use a little washi tape to tape the cords down and that would hold the lights in that's another option to try but this actually works really well just a little job with each light then you can take anything like a cotton swab a finger the tip of your pencil I might even just use the end of this you want to just smear the glue around the base of the light a little bit and it dries clear so if it comes through the front it doesn't matter that's all okay and then we stick this like this and I am NOT going to wait for this to dry just for time purposes but it does work rather well just like this and then you have this on the front and I can turn it on so you can see and I'm you can really when it's all dry the cords just fold nicely into the arrow and you can even slide the back back on and just cut out wherever you want to put the battery box I usually on the arrow that goes like this I like to slide it right in the middle here and then I cut out a little hole in the back of my arrow and you can place the back but I am going to leave this off while I decorate and for the steampunk version I just found all of my favorite little vintage embellishments and I just start placing and you want to make sure one really important thing make sure you have a good metal glue it has to adhere the middle and we just take a few pieces and you just start randomly placing the pieces where you think you might like them with the glue and really this is all just a crafters choice you can put on anything you like to embellish these arrows and there are lots of other options you could modge podge you could do you don't have to do steampunk like I did you can do sequins you could do different ribbons you could do you could paper mache other coordinating papers on the front anything that you like makes these super fun and they're so popular these marquee signs now to just even decorate your home decorate for a party and just stick a crown and metal glue will take a second to dry if you really want it to adhere well so just make sure that you really get everything on there really well and then just take whatever other pieces and you just fill in the gaps just keep grabbing your favorite pieces and keep working and when you're done you will end up with something like this so I hope you enjoyed this project today and I can't wait to see you back at the crafts academy have a great day

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  • Carl Bell

    April 12, 2019

    Where do you find the metals? The tiny metals


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