okay so here's the footings going across the front of the house we have the porch it's about 40 feet long almost and then you can see the garage bump out over in the front it forms a set rebar set we are ready for inspection and ready to pour over here's the back corner we're gonna square off I'm gonna square that off with the first floor we go straight up with the second floor and this will be the rear bathroom stairs down to the lower level of the garage entry see all the footings everything's in place [Applause] Casey the lodge bump-out we had it inspected psi concrete now we have another footing in the back here which behind the garage we're going to be squaring off this area you see our rebar is pinned into the wall rebar ground wire and we're gonna it originally call for just a box going across and then coming back to this end here but what we want to do is fill in the whole thing with concrete make it more secure that will lock in the footing of the original garage which you could see down there so it's it's a nicer it's a nicer configuration and more restaurant level the school then we'll start the final four in the backcourt you okay so we walk around the back here the garage ends about four feet from from the main part of the house so we're squaring this off right here and see what's printing it off the walls built now when we go and do a top floor we're gonna go above this whole structure now and what's this area is going to be is there's going to be a bathroom over this area here and what's gonna happen is we will the wall here will get squared off that wall right there will be the partition between the bathroom and then there's gonna be a mudroom inside the old garage because remember we extended the front out now nine feet so we're gonna create a mudroom so you're gonna come in through the garage and there's going to be a door that gets you from the garage into the mudroom and then from the mudroom you'll be able to come up a set of steps and you'll be in the into the you get into the house over there so you'll be going straight across the whole structure gonna be a beautiful animal look over here it's all set we're ready for inspection we're gonna actually just have to put a foundation coating in here once we get that tomorrow we're gonna have an inspection tomorrow afternoon which it's already set up for okay so you can see now garage now we're building this out almost nine feet the new garage will have a 12-foot door I'm going to cut that return wall with the left side of the enrichment garage well we cut that back to the wall separating the garage in the house so this will open that up and the car will be able to drive in to the original garage except it's going to be wider now and we're going to I'll show you what we're gonna do in the back there but as we look across the front this is our lemonade porch and you can see so the garage is going to be across the front here 15 foot 4 inches the balance is going to be a lemonade quart and see the raisins appears off those piers going to crap decorative stone I'm gonna have the happy lor slow flight a slight pitch away from the house no scent they were dirt over here backfill everything later at the inspection school back snow inside there stone inside here level it off get another inspection trains up there one okay so here you get a final look at the foundation in place look how nice everything is all cleaned up we have the piers in place they're gonna get wrapped with stone it's gonna be a step off no railings around the lemonade porch the center area is gonna get filled with concrete and first dirt stone and then concrete we're gonna have limestone shreds around the perimeter and a beautiful stone to complement the siding everything's all set up for inspection we'll get our inspection we'll be able to backfill and then we set up for our slaves let's see how nice everything is coming along here's a look at the garage and you can see we're bumping out the front here it's gonna be a 12-foot door well then you see the peers get a better look at lemonade porch it's gonna be a great sized porch all the way across the front of the house

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