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another huge time-saver when it comes to maintenance is knowing what your top maintenance requests are knowing what your biggest issues are that just are reoccurring whether it's a garbage disposal that's one that's a lot or breaker you know each building might be a little different but if you're tracking work order over a man time you can look back over the last six months and say you know what 80% of my work orders have been this specific issue and then like we mentioned last time you find a link to that video you create a form or something that then as soon as you get that work order or as soon as you get that request from a tenant you send that to them and knock it out of the park without wasting any of your time or sending out vendors that don't need to go out so another huge time-saver by tracking and you know documenting your work orders over time so on my one of my recent consulting gigs if you're if you're managing multiple units like I look over here and like a some of these guys with a lot of doors a lot of times you'll say well we have the software and we do work orders but I even believe how many times have gone in and just found that they just weren't actually using the work orders like giving them to the to the contractor and then using it as the invoice so instead of getting all of their different invoices a lot of times in most software you can customize the work order so it is the invoice and if you're using so there's a difference when using you know the guy that the large company the large plumbing company and then the handyman a lot of times a broader manager we end up with the one man and a truck if you can take care of that for him like here's the work order buddy you email it to him in the bottom of the work order is the invoice and he returns that back huge huge time-saver especially when you're talking about some of the less expensive maintenance guys are good at maintenance they're good at repairs they're not decorated invoicing and tracking things and so if you can make their job a little easier it goes a long way I don't know if that makes sense but I've had a lot of success with that and then putting discs like things in there about if you want pictures and stuff like that taken but anyways on this consulting gig all I did was funny but I they weren't good at email and stuff so I hung a couple boxes on the wall and it was this is where you get input work orders out of and this is where you put them when you're done and it tightened up their maintenance flow a ton I'm working on getting electronic but they needed to see it it's not in the US so it's a little slower and they weren't so this was a new concept as I'm using work orders but anyway the other thing you have to do is find a way to keep things from falling through the cracks how many times you send out a work order and don't find a you don't know if it happens or not so now keeping keeping items from being third-party managers that for those of you managing for other people like Myra who says is going to be the death of her it is it can think he's able they will look at how you handle maintenance and judge your entire operation based on that if someone wants to share any of you self managers who aren't using property management software if you want to share your tool for how you track maintenance go ahead and throw it on the throat on the right and the rest of you I challenge most property management companies don't fully use their maintenance part of their software they just you get you get dependent on one guy you get dependent on one guy or one one lady that's just kind of like oh they do all that but it's not tracked properly it's just kind of a good thing to look at in your business

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