Main Jeena Chahati Hun || मैं जीना चाहती हूँ|| I want to live By Suruchi Sehgal

Why is my life scared?? Why is loneliness my first jewel? Why is my mother afraid of my birth? Do not know why father’s eyes bow I don’t want gudha nor doll. I want to live, need some freedom. I want to fullfill my dreams. I want my loved ones support. But why my flight is stopped every time? I am an alien, saying that my dreams are trampled. When I raise my voice, this society raises its fingers on dad. With this fear, the daughter’s head bows with shame every time. I am living but on the principles of decorum tradition. I am alive to maintain all relationship. But somewhere, I say this to myself every time. I also want to live. Just need some freedom I want to fulfill my dreams. I need my loved ones support. Didn’t know that things buried in the mind are about to be completed. With the changing time, daughter’s are also going to fly with wings. Daughter’s will also increase father’s pride. Combining their shoulders with boys and lead the nation to progress. I have started living. I will respect the freedom given to me. I am the dignity of the house. I will do all the work just by staying modest. What happens with all my thinking alone? What happens even if I am staying with my dignity alone? My dreams will be crushed once again. This time, if not my loved once, then it’s going to be ambushed by predators. Every time my self respect will be crushed I am weak, with this thinking the society will bow it’s head. In a fast pace of life, everyone will forget in a few moments. Again somewhere else animalism will knock the door Will country’s daughter bear the same pain every day and every night? Predators won’t be punished for the cruelty but the daughters will I still want to live I want safe freedom I want to fulfill my dreams. I want all of you to support me. I want all of you to support me

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