Living Room Project 3: Red Country Living Room Interior Design

so the first look that we gave you was the really comfy and cozy blue and taupe very relaxing feeling room the second room that we gave you was the purple and olive traditional dressed up room and here again a completely different style we've done a red and orange scheme in a very country style room so you can see that the furniture arrangement in this space is pretty similar to our starting point room where we have two chairs on either side of the sofa and the sofa is up against the window however in this space we turn the chairs on about a 30-degree angle and that just makes the whole area a lot more conversational it also opens up for the flow of traffic we've layered a lot of different patterns throughout this space and used a lot of country different type of elements we've kept it very interesting by hanging the kind of birdcage light fixtures in a very different part of the room where you would typically see them and we've done these built-ins so we've done two built-in closets this is great for families that have a lot of things a lot of DVDs a lot of CDs the things that you don't necessarily want to display even for sporting good equipment this is a fantastic fantastic idea and we've built out these great closets with a bold red door against the neutral backdrop which really gives this space a lot of interest I hope that you like look at number three looking forward to bringing a look number four next week and really hope that this project is showing you what an interior decorator designer can do with your space using the exact same room using the exact same furniture we're giving you completely different looks each and every week for eight weeks

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