– All I could think about when I looked at the mirror and saw myself
was, “You’re beautiful.” – Okay, your time’s up and I gotta go. So we’re here at this project and it was a smaller project than we normally do, it was a one-room project. And when we first came
to look at this house, they had all of their books just kinda lined up behind these two chairs, and they had all of their shoes piled up in the other
corner of the living room. So they had a bunch of stuff here, a bunch of stuff piled up there, and it’s a nice, big room, so they wanted to come up with some ways to use it a little bit better. – It’s very relaxing in here. There’s little pops of color everywhere. – And then they had this
section of the room, and it’s kind of broken up
because you have a doorway here, you have a doorway in the front, so it’s kinda off by itself. There wasn’t a good way to use it, so we decided to do a
built-in window seat, so you can hangout in here and read. There’s a ton of storage,
we added some wood, some stained wood, just to
give it a little bit of color, and I was, yep, that’s
what I was gonna do next. – I don’t know what’s in
here, there’s nothing in here. – And then we added some
more storage on the sides. – What it comes down to is,
they had a lot of stuff. – They had a lot of books,
but they had no home For the books.
– For the books, right. I have a home for them,
they’re called the library, and I’d have all my medals and trophies up here over the years. When I was younger, I came in
first place for hand modeling, I have a blue first
place ribbon from that. – So impressive. – Also biggest bubble blown
out of bubblegum at the fair. – Wow. – I know, you didn’t really
know about this stuff about me. – That’s what I’m finding out. – It’s not funny, blowin’
bubbles is a serious business. – Right. (giggling) (beeping) The thing with this room is that it was long and kind of awkward. You had kinda the TV area,
which was kinda weird ’cause it wasn’t centered
on the fireplace, it was just kinda off to the side, and then you have this area that’s kinda separated from the rest. So we kinda designed this so that it’s kind of a separate area, so there’s plenty of room
to hangout back here, and you’re away from the TV. They’re still kind of in the room, and still part of the room.
– But not part of the room. – Doin’ their own thing. So if the seating was
centered on the fireplace, the seating would all
have to come back here, which would put it in the walking space, so we really had to get the seating kinda focused on this side of the room, so we centered the TV on the seating, and kinda left the
fireplace off to the side. We switched out the
tile, rebuilt the mantel, added the sconces, and then kinda brought the fireplace up to the ceiling, so this would all kinda
feel like one piece. The fireplace isn’t really
centered in the room. We were kinda goin’ back and forth between do we put the TV over the
fireplace or do we not, it’s a huge TV, which
Paul is a big fan of. – This here is one of my favorite parts because my client has OCD, so, visually, this is very stimulating for me because she has everything
quite organized by color here. She had her husband,
who was not a fan of it. I am a huge advocate of
it, I think it’s great, and she reads many books or
listens to them on tape, right? – I think she said she just
listens to them on tape. – She did. – Which is why they’re color-coded, ’cause they’re really just for decoration. – It’s true.
– And then this is where he’s hiding all of his TV equipment. – Yeah, so the VCR was taking
up a ton of space over here. Just said to the husband,
we gotta get rid of the VCR, we gotta hide that somewhere. He said that he had a lot of tapes that he liked to watch,
E.T., some of that stuff. I was like, cool man, we’ll just put ’em in there and
you can watch ’em later. – So these built-ins kinda took care of the books and the storage, and also addressed the seating in the room, where to put the TV, but then they still had the problem of
the shoes in this room. They don’t use the front door, they only use the back door. There was nowhere to put their stuff, so we added a built-in
bench with some storage, so instead of the shoes being piled here, now, when they walk in,
they have a place to put it. This little nook was already here, so we just kind of expanded on it, built the bench to come right off of it, continue the molding, and then added a couple
drawers on the bottom, so that they could tuck their shoes away. But yeah, now they’re tucked away. This wasn’t a huge project,
it was a smaller project, and it was just kind of
coming through and looking at, what were the issues and
how could they be solved. – I think we solved those problems. I think she was pretty happy, and she’s now thinking of
other projects for us to do. – She is. – [Paul] But she likes everything in here. Walls, doors, everything has
to have a place in your house. – [Susan] And now everything has a place, and now Paul wants to read more books. – I’ll listen to my books on tape. Or I’ll ask her what they
were about, like I do to you. – It’s true. You send me the same
article like 500 times. – I do.
– ‘Cause you don’t read it. – I don’t. We’ll see you in the next one.

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