hi welcome to foreigner in the Philippines which seems that there's happy laughing over there early in the morning we're back so they're laughing yes so many said that manang Lina is not feeling well since yesterday it seems it's been a boom it man sure just she's in the back oh she's in the kitchen now yeah so I'm gonna yeah he's holding is not her stomach but I'm going for it didn't I yes so that's what you said they've been here laughing mine over I'm gonna just walk out man I'm glad I don't want to be in the video and then I suspect that my namely nice pregnant so I got a pregnancy test because I've been who sometimes names also paranoid you know sometimes if my period is been a little I'd be laid I got pregnancy test which we bought a few of long ago in a box right we're really so used to get pregnant so now I'm gonna get the pregnancy this good news man aleena it's not feeling well no no I suspect that when Alena is pregnant she thinks Lina is pregnant yeah who knows why because she's been movement I get a pregnancy that's there I'll give one okay well this is gonna be exciting isn't it yeah then you hold that okay well I'll be bubbling only one I like man I'd also so I can I'm here now with the pregnancy test I'm gonna give this amazing dinner this is s-see Drita's castle didn't in a height of human and economic pregnancy Booga now that you see and then excited sit excited get directly delicately 7 on num nigga minguk one is gonna be pleased oh my name jaramana yemeni should lenninger magna go on Anna a morning suit learning dumb a candy bar name ipad 2 ipad 2 ipad 2 running goin anything good venomous woodland any name on / – Aniki idea you got my my did him in at my bar and now we go – hey I'm gonna go makin a we didn't we say member somaye – and a gummy yeah we're very excited good night if my angry nice pregnant so it's a big blessings excited gonna die so we're waiting for my name Lena your systolic look is very excited man and Reena has my name Lena got a one boy when Nick oh boy but then it was Ben it was dead when should labor it so in just in because that time she only before it's allowed to live oranges in the house but now it's not it's not anymore so the manly nice in neighboring just in the back of our house because that's their house before and then when the baby came out I was there I was supposed to sing that time the baby that him so after that it started satanic leg is the only one that man Alina I'm a nanny next child now so if it happens that man Alina is pregnant it's gonna be a huge blessing summer yeah I got another pregnancy test for Nana here who knows man is always a fragment look at my name stomach of nanite pregnant no I made a joke of my night I were talking about Nana the other day and I said oh how about you will be the one to get pregnant man and to us because you got then there are 10 siblings yes yeah I said we didn't get again what my yusuf Electra was in Toccoa no no sir [Laughter] what radio numeral don't go there a bit on a veto sauna hmm well I get it yes it's a false alarm man I mean I just have Cabo hey Nick Abu here a basketball woke up Drive riding and riding with a lot of wind no we call it guys guys throw like there's a guys in Astana yeah so again please like comment and subscribe my name is that what good man I wanna have a good day and gonna survive

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