Life In Our New House!! Decorating & Cooking

so if you want to look like this or if you want to look at you so then you don't you can't do that you have to look through this no what do you mean Gabe what's it called what is eaten is it Cookie Monster [Applause] what's you're going easy I need I'll love it is perfect do a mission Furby you how do you ask for things what we just talked about this thing what did I say earlier and I would do it one a little bit later we'll do a mission it's a deal it is not a deal how's this why don't you try that battlefield game you might like it in a little bit you're an Oreo monster that is looking perfect okay do you want anything um let me think a candy cane what I like Christmas I like all Christmas things look at the pretty tree she made is gorgeous Christmas cards being written out that's it can all be thrown away yeah stuff that I didn't realize are you gonna take you me am I gonna take care of you when tomorrow yes I am I am gonna be here I got some work to do around here so I will certainly be here you're gonna help me okay cool you gotta help me [Applause] right now I don't see you have to show me how to play and then you and I gotta find somebody else I think so I will I'll play in a little while I know you're just a little guy jump in jump in there I'll shut it jumping no spider in there jump in there I'll shut it jump in there I'll shut it where show me there's no spiders in there right there me get spider what little web jumping jump in there and here is the final product of course never mind it's not final who knows when it's gonna be done honestly it could take until after Christmas dinner for tomorrow tonight and nine o'clock how long until it's gonna be done how close did you get to my babe I'm trying to see you're watching each one with so bright what yeah you can put what's die in here since we're gonna cook with the onions over there put their dry no I made see this one's oh yeah check out your dinner for tonight where's the chicken first oh well that's you wanna get dinner on barbecue chicken you need some meat yes you do slaving in the kitchen what is that peanut butter what is it where's that peanut butter try banana and peanut butter in peanut bird never have been an supposed to go good so they say anyways Emily banana senthenil right I was just thinking that I hate those so fast she got me this huge bear hello were they going peanut butter presents but there's a certain brand that was Kirk's her close very close I'm so good they're so good I want to try banana and peanut butter split banana with me I want the whole thing Emily tried banana and peanut butter okay sweet take half it's really good until I cut this in half and then fill it yeah yeah she looks great too vegetables beautiful her favourites is on frozen vegetables that's what they pose to be so disappointed you so much oh my god these are the best trackers have you run into onion trackers like opposites and taste a little bit yes Oh China you come over my food mind that Emily's favorite as well or the onion cracker and yeah I want one I only let it you but actually it two things are even a little bit Bobby is to report

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