Let’s get ready : Choose a tool and draw in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Let’s get ready : Choose a tool and draw in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

First, I will introduce tools and functions needed to create illustrations. To create a new canvas, click [File] menu → [New] and specify the canvas size and resolution. Set the [Basic Expression Color] to “Color” when drawing illustrations. I’m going to select a tool, and draw on the canvas. Select a tool you want to use from the [Tool] palette on the left. Use the [Color wheel] to change colors. Select a color with the circle,
and select saturation and brightness from the square. I’ll choose the [Pencil] tool from the [Sub tool] palette. Different types of pencils are stored here. They each have different drawing styles and textures,
so choose one that you like. When choosing a tool from the [Tool] palette, several other tabs will appear in the side [Sub tool] palette. For example, when you choose the [Pencil] tool, [Pastels] will be in the [Pencil] sub tool group. The [Pastel] sub tool contains tools with different nuance than pencils, so you can use them according to your preference. Similarly, you can select the [Marker] sub tool when selecting the [Pen] tool, or [Watercolor], [Oil paint] and [India ink] when selecting [Brush] tools. Other than the pencil, there are many other drawing tools, such as: the [Pen], the [Eraser], the [Airbrush],
the [Brush] tool (which copies traditional materials), and color blending tools. In the [Tool property] palette, settings of the current tool
like brush size and stabilization can be customized. Additional tools can be downloaded and imported from “CLIP STUDIO ASSETS” . Try looking for materials;
you might just find something you like. In the bottom right is the [Layer] palette. The layers you draw on are all stored here. Drawing lines on different layers makes it easier to edit parts and change colors. Zoom in and out to draw at a comfortable scale with the [Navigator] palette. If you need to correct something, redraw with [Redo] and [Undo] functions. Were you able to operate pen tablet? Once the set up is done, you can get right into drawing. There are more videos where I introduce the drawing process for illustrations and manga, that you might find useful, when learning about different the functions. Make sure to check them out.


  • HallowedWhisper

    March 30, 2018

    How are you’re lines with the pen super smooth, mine are super pixelated and weird on clipstudio. But when I use a different program like Medibang its smooth and nice. Please help

  • omar power

    December 15, 2018

    how to adjust the size of the pen from my real pen just like in photoshop?


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