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we're here at the nari remodel Ohio Show and joining us right now is Debbie Martin from leaf filter Debbie thank you so much for joining us right now I'm really excited to talk to you because I have a relatively new home but a year in and year out I have to go up I have to clean my gutters and I'm not making this story up I went up one fall to clean my gutters and I got stuck on my roof my wife had walked the dog and I was literally stuck on my roof for 20 minutes your product will make sure that I don't get stuck on the roof ever again although my wife probably wanted me up there for a lot longer than 20 minutes yes definitely this is what you could use this would solve your problems the wheat field trips the stump can be installed right on your existing gutter so it's not like the other ones that are all one piece it is guaranteed the last life of the house and that's a great guarantee here is the water alone so what you'll do is you'll have in home consultations they'll go out and they'll look at the gutters and measure everything and basically it's as simple as that and you get the price and make sure that you don't have to get up on the roof again right that is it we have a lifetime warranty we'll never fall money heck here all right now leap filter when they come to this booth I think this is wonderful they get to see the product firsthand with the water coming down yes it is they come and they see it they know Hollins they complete that the only thing that's gonna go through my screen is just water all right and lastly all joking aside I'm 40 got stuck on my roof I was able to come back down but there are a lot of older people that aren't able to go do that and they could really seriously get injured so no matter what age this is a great product so Debbie thank you very much yeah I'll get this so I don't have to get stuck on my roof again you

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  • Susan Aman

    April 13, 2019

    sounds good


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