Larry Hopkins with Five Star Home Remodeling

I think one of the benefits that I have and I can offer a homeowner is that my background first starting in history as a manufacturer's rep allowed me to learn everything a manufacturer is looking at from the standpoint of how a product is installed so that background lends me a vast knowledge of how things should get done when it comes to kitchen cabinetry to decking siding windows railings all these different items that I can perform for you I think it's very fortunate I'm very fortunate excuse me to have workers who have been with me none of them gonna be less than 10 years my plumber an electrician Vinnie and David god bless them they're been with 15 plus years I mean we're an industry where if everybody works together you can put together a project with the least amount of challenges and then everybody's happy we are real people just like you are we offer real values with real results and if that is the type of remodeling professional you want to work with then please give me a call I'd love to earn your business

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